Lost Sphear (PC/PS4/NS, 23rd January)

  • The demo underwhelmed me. I can't find the right word for it, but it feels like they're overreaching. Trying to be too ambitious with the limited resources and talent that they have to the point where everything feels sloppy or unpolished.
    Like they want to do this epic story with an elaborate combat system (with mech suits), an overworld, the restoration mechanic, etc. but all of it feels underbaked. They should've reined it in a bit and focused it more on just a few things.
    The presentation was also a bit meh with the most basic UI design, characters fading in and out of conversations (while moving around), etc.

    I get the feeling that this will underperform in terms of sales.

  • @suplextrain that sucks to hear. One of these companies needs to throw everything they have at a classic style RPG. Your probably right, their ambition exceeds their ability and resources. I would personally love to see a JRPG done to the depth of older games (my preference being FF7-9) with pre rendered backgrounds. Oh yeahhhhhh.

  • Just tried it too, and also couldn't be bothered to finish it. It's just not a good demo, they throw you in at the deep end and bombard you with tutorials and different gameplay mechanics all at once, without any context, it's not engaging at all. It doesn't mean the full game will be bad, but I feel like they've done themselves a disservice by shaping their demo this way.

    I was already on the fence about this game since there's so many other, more appealing JRPGs around, and this has just pushed the game to the very back of the line for me.

  • Personally I'm probably more interested in the Romancing Saga 2 remaster that comes out this friday over Lost Sphear.
    I want to support the LS devs, but it's hard to justify when you don't even have an interest in playing their game.

    @CGamor7 said in Lost Sphear (PC/PS4/NS, 23rd January):

    @suplextrain I would personally love to see a JRPG done to the depth of older games (my preference being FF7-9) with pre rendered backgrounds. Oh yeahhhhhh.

    Bravely Default (and the sequel) did this really well in my opinion. Probably one of the best examples of classic styled JRPGs done today.

    alt text

  • i hate that the only way to get a physical version is to order from squares site

  • Im not crying!...sniff.....

    Music is incredible! Trailer.... ehhh... needs a little work...

    All the same tho, the game itself looks kinda cool for running around in some less than interesting environments...

    If you like music that makes you cry... this game is for you haha!

  • As an I Am Setsuna apologist, I was pretty excited for this game. Now that I've played the demo, not so much. I like some of the ideas on display, like rebuilding parts of a broken world and being able to switch to mechs in combat ala Xenogears. But the system they have in place to manually position yourself to maximize damage output feels finicky and annoying, the writing in the dialogue in the demo was pretty mediocre and to top it off, the game costs $70 here in Canada.

    It's hard to get excited when just a few months ago Square Enix themselves already put out a way more appealing demo for Octopath Traveler, a game that will scratch the same oldschool RPG itch but seems like a better game in every way.

    I'm pretty bummed about it, but I won't be left wanting, with big RPGs like Xenoblade 2 and Ni No Kuni 2 and even the Romancing Saga 2 remaster this week. I love the mission statement of Tokyo RPG Factory, but I think I'm going to have to give this game a pass.

  • I ended up ordering this game simply because physical copies were only available via direct from Square Enix but now that I've played the demo I'm kind of regretting it.

    I didn't think I am Setsuna was bad but I just wasn't really into it either, it was very....somber and not really exciting. It also crashed on me during a boss fight and it caused me to put it down and just never look at it again.

    So I tried the demo for this today and I'm actually falling asleep WITH an energy drink trying to play this, I felt no excitement in the gameplay...the designs, the graphics, just.....nothing.

    I'm not really sure I want to get it anymore, meanwhile Romancing SaGa 2 comes out on friday which I've been eagerly awaiting since it came out on mobile and rumors of a vita port were made known, and I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more into that, and for much less money.

  • The reviews are starting to come out. Seems to be trending towards a 7. Its about what I expected. I'll probably pick it up for the switch as I've been waiting to play traditional JRPG.

  • Given what I felt from playing the demo and the couple reviews I've read, I'm afraid it doesn't do enough for me. I'll wait for Octopath. Curious to see what Brad (if he's the one reviewing it) thinks of it though!