Switch Online Services & Voice Chat

  • @Jamicov I'm not big on the whole 'Nintendo are old thinkers' narrative when everyone else is dead-set on killing local multiplayer.

    PS3-era PS+ is what I want really. It's not like there are any new NES games for them to rotate into. And if it's just a static library SNES, N64, and GCN added in blocks over time then there's no incentive to stay subscribed beyond the cheaper bulk pricing, and we can just drop it at a whim whenever there aren't any new multiplayer games or we aren't interested in playing online. If you do that on PS+ you lose everything you have downloaded or purchased for potentially years.

  • @Haru17

    Oh, I wasn't trying to push that narrative, I was speaking more specifically to the frustration of the whole voice chat peripheral stuff.

    I actually think that the Switch itself and the new online info fights the "old thinkers" schtick you're talking about. The original language of the Classic Games stuff said that we would be playing those old game for only one month before the selection changed and we wouldn't have access again. Now, they listened and have adapted it closer to the PS Plus. I just think that's really cool to see, even if it is kind of a small change in the grand scheme of things.

    I get what you mean in terms of how they're rolling out the games, I never had a PS3 so I've only dealt with PS4-era PS Plus. I just saw that Kotaku got more info on that front. Looks like it'll be just NES at launch, which is a little disappointing, but I'm willing to reserve total judgement until we hear more and the Virtual Console itself is talked about more.

    Feel kinda bad since I strayed away from the original topic, but I think that despite the weird voice chat stuff, everything else in context points to Nintendo straying away from "incompetence".

  • Maybe we should rename the topic to "Nintendo Switch Online service" or something since we're not just talking about voice chat at this point?

    Can't complain about the price, $20 a year is very reasonable, especially if their Virtual Console service ends up being a Netflix-like library of games. From their wording that's what it sounds like, and it almost seems too good to be true.

    Although this probably means that VC is not shadow-dropping at E3 which I was strongly expecting. Still no Mother 3!

  • @Axel yeah the topic really had nothing to do with online services. The $20 actually sounds like it could be a good deal for unlimited classic games. The issue being around voice chat and whether it in itself shows incompetence or maybe the possibility that it really will work.

  • To slightly steer the conversation back on track, there's just a lot of assumptions made here by Nintendo as far as voice chat is concerned. They're assuming that you own a smartphone, that you play with it by your side, and that your phone will be impervious and live forever. I realize they're probably saving money using this solution and that savings is passed down to the consumer (most likely why everyone is bringing up the cost of online service) so I can't really justify this as being incompetent. I also don't see other consoles adopting this model though, because they already have infrastructures that can handle voice chat fairly well - so I wouldn't give it the distinction of being revolutionary either.

    Considering a lot of Nintendo titles aren't online multi-player focused, I'd say the solution makes sense. Is it one I'd personally like to use? Not really. In the end, Nintendo is helping to add to the available options for people to play together online, so I can't condemn them for that even if it's not something that appeals to me.

  • @CGamor7 Well I think the voice chat kind of inherently is tied to online services. I didn't even think about it until now, but you can only use the voice chat if you pay for online in the first place, which is a bit weird.

    Now, can we tell if that weird voice chat dongle is necessary to use voice chat through their app in the first place or is that just for Splatoon? I was under the impression before that it would be essentially be like a Nintendo Skype app that doesn't have to be connected to the Switch itself, but that image says otherwise.

  • @Jamicov Yeah, its not entirely weird i guess for chat to be tied into the online services because most would only use it for multiplayer which is tied to online services anyways.

    The voice chat hardware kind of makes sense. Because you would want the game audio from the switch itself and the chat audio from the app on your cell phone. Im not sure how else you can do that, unless you don't mind having audio coming from two difference sources which i would personally find annoying. Having chat and game audio combined makes more sense.

    @SabotageTheTruth Its definitely not ideal. I would really like to understand Nintendo rationale for this. because, when i want to sit back, whether on the TV or portable mode, I dont want to have my phone attached to me. Its cumbersome. Its one thing to have your phone on a coffee table by you or in your pocket, but to have your phone connected to a head set beside me or the phone connected to the headset and the switch is just crazy to me lol. but I mean at the end of the day if I want to play with friends and have audio ill be forced to accept the craziness that Nintendo has made. At the same time maybe it will all make more sense later.

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    @Haru17 Not having these features built into the console just means that there is an arbitrary limit to the consoles features that will make it difficult for certain games to be played on the Switch, which means less developers will want to develop for the Switch, which means less games on the Switch.

    Like, how would a game like Rainbow Six Seige even be playable? You NEED to communicate in that game, and making the method of communication purposely obtuse means it is unlikely we will see games like that, or any game with a highly competitive skew on the Switch.

    Then again, the fuck was I expecting from a platform that doesn't even have an ethernet port.

  • @Jamicov You don't need the headset at all. It's just there for people who want a headset and not even confirmed for the west yet. People are getting mixed messages from this thing's existence. The voice chat system exists to eliminate the need to carry around a headset to begin with. You just need your smartphone which will probably be on you anyways and your Switch.

    I sympathize with any of you who might not own a smartphone.

  • Want to hear more from Nintendo but I am sure it will be something bad like Hori's

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    @Mbun I have a smartphone, and I have it on me all the time. This does not make this method of voice communication any less obtuse or inconvenient.
    How will voice be handled? Will all game sound be sent through the phone? Most of my headphones with mics are closed, in-ear, or noise cancelling. Will I need to use my speakers if I want to use the voice chat app?

    It is dumb, and the "can't fault Nintendo for trying" mentality is dumb too. I expect more from a console released in this day and age. Nintendo need to try harder, especially after 2 straight gens of complete consumer apathy.

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    If there's one thing the competition pioneered it's online gaming and communication in general. Thanks Xbox! You're basically the modern day msn messenger.

  • @El-Shmiablo said:

    Will all game sound be sent through the phone?

    No, that's stupid. That's why the headphones have two ins, one for game audio, one for phone audio (the voicechat).

    @El-Shmiablo said:

    Will I need to use my speakers if I want to use the voice chat app?

    Speakers or buy a new headset made for it.

    @El-Shmiablo said:

    It is dumb, and the "can't fault Nintendo for trying" mentality is dumb too.

    I guess you enjoy carrying your headsets around everywhere. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    alt text

    I don't think I need to elaborate as to why this is a horrible monstrosity and dumb as fuck.

    Go home Nintendo you're drunk.

  • @El-Shmiablo Cause it has one more cord than headsets you're used to?

  • @El-Shmiablo I'm sick of the Wii stigma purported by so-called core gamers. They made a $250 console with motion controls, less graphics and online, and a mediocre Zelda game at the end. So what? They also released a sick Mario 3D platformer, a next gen Monster Hunter (with sick online), and the most innovative FPS adventure game to date. That's hardly 'apathy' just 'cause the Wii U came after it.

    This thread looks to be turning into a flame war — which I do in some sense appreciate. And while I don't think not having online lobbies for 3-4 months after launch when third parties aren't launching multiplayer games anyway is a big deal, the headset thing is a little more cumbersome than @Mbun suggests. I'm hardly ever going to be using voice chat while I'm playing online in bed, but I am not the kind of person to just play game audio and chat audio ambiently. Both living in a home with other people and knowing the kind of chatter that comes from online gaming chat means that, if I'm playing Monster Hunter online, I'm plugging in the headset so I can have relative privacy.

  • @El-Shmiablo said in Switch Online Services & Voice Chat:

    alt text

    I don't think I need to elaborate as to why this is a horrible monstrosity and dumb as fuck.

    Go home Nintendo you're drunk.

    Maybe it's also their way of controlling how long you play, since the switch undocked and my phone (Assuming this app keeps my phone screen lit the whole time) would last about 2-3 hours.

    Still, when you come to the party 15 years late....you could at least try to not bring the same bag of chips you bought 15 years ago.

    I wasn't expecting much, but geez... If they weren't gonna try then keep pushing the family friendly narrative and skip online multiplayer completely like before.

    Could've at least put out a halfways decent USB headset that people could use when the system is docked so there's more than one option, not everyone has a smartphone yet, and most kids shouldn't.

  • I would assume if you won't listen to the game audio you can just connect the headset to the phone

  • @Mbun I think your kind of downplaying the inconvience this represents. Carrying a phone with you isn't a big deal, but having to take it out and attach myself to it via a cord while also having a cord connected to the switch that is then attached to my head while I sit somewhere is annoying. Cords, cords everywhere! Say you take away the cords then what? I talk on the phone while I'll play? What about the fact that my battery on my iPhone doesn't hold a decent charge at all anymore. how's it work if I have it set up on my home theatre system? Do I have a head piece attached to my phone while the sound is blaring from my speakers?

    Anyways I'm not trying to be argumentative but these are definitely concerns I have. I just don't see it as a comfortable convenient method.

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    @CGamor7 said in Switch Online Services & Voice Chat:

    @Mbun I just don't see it as a comfortable convenient method.

    It's totally convenient!

    $20 / year for Switch online
    $40 - $70 / month for phone service
    Hook up your 3 way adapter!
    alt text

    And boom! You're all set!
    You're now playing and chatting with your Switch friends online.