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  • @El-Shmiablo You can. It's just different.

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    @Mbun I think it is just as bad as people are making it out to be. It is less than the bare minimum compared two consoles from two generations ago.

    I mean, it is cool I can take thing on the go, but when I can't enjoy features of a console that even previos Nintendo consoles had, and features that came standard in consoles released a decade ago, I can't help but wonder how ass backwards the development process is at Nintendo.

    It is okay to be upset about this.

    That's what I mean, even the DREAMCAST had voice chat capability and that was back when DIALUP was standard. 17 years ago!

    I'm done harping on it though, I'm sure most people will just use a VOIP on their PCs and thumb their noses at this. And I hope they do, nintendo needs to catch up and give us an actual community hub that can support it's platform in the future.

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    You don't have to do that. The headset part of the equation is completely optional and only if you want to use a headset. You can set your phone down near you and play a game normally and just speak.

    Who plays multiplayer while using their phone on speaker to chat? lol. A handful of people who prefer a completely unconventional way of communicating while gaming?

    I'll just simplify my stance on this. for me to have to have my phone anywhere near me to chat with friends while gaming on my tv or in portable mode, is the most inconvenient way to have chat implemented. I dont see how you can argue that. All anyone has said is exactly that.

    Is this a feature your completely fine with using as is? That chat must be through your phone which ever way you wish to configure it? Im trying to understand your point of view, its like you think its the most normal thing in the world and everyone here has lost their minds.

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    @Mbun said in Switch Online Services & Voice Chat:

    Actually, I take it back. The DS was the best gimmick. Two screens and touch screen gaming flourished in a way I doubt we'll see from anything else for a very long time.

    Implying the 3DS wasn't meant to have 3 screens.
    Someone on the tech team just threw in 3D at the last minute.

  • @Jamicov even the Wii Speak microphone was a much simpler system than the bullshit they're throwing at us now making us plug headphone into the console AND our phones. i shouldn;t NEED to use my phone in the first bloody place just to be able to chat online. not to mention the fact that this will not only waste y Switches battery but my Phones too.

  • @ZyloWolfBane I'm just going to see how it works before tearing into it. I guess what would've been better here is if it was an option rather than the way you had to do it. People don't like to be told they have to try something different. They want what they're used to and comfortable with. That's why it's so hard to convince people to try motion controls even when they're good. People are stubborn and hate change.

    @CGamor7 Definitely the minority right now, but I wouldn't call it unconventional. It works or they wouldn't do it at all. How is having your phone near you while on the go inconvenient? It's one of the few guaranteed objects you'd take with you while out on the go? If you had to take a clunky laptop around I'd understand, but Nintendo isn't wrong to assume people will have their phones with them.

    Nah, honestly I don't like the phone bit. I didn't even own a smartphone when it was announced, but my phone broke shortly after so it gave me an excuse to finally get one. I feel bad for people who don't have smartphones, but being one of people who didn't have one until recently I really felt like I was one of the last people in the modern age without one, so I doubt it's going to wall off too many people who can already drop money on a $300+ system.

    I'm not trying to defend voicechat through your phone. I'm trying to say this completely optional headset they made that works with voicechat through your phone is literally just a normal headset with one extra cord that plugs into your phone which people are condemning as way more cumbersome than that actually is. Having two cords coming off of something versus one doesn't make a huge difference. Then again, half the people throwing a fit over this think you are required to have this special headset and don't even know the intention is to simply have your phone out in front of you.

    @Yoshi Would be good if they released a peripheral that did this without the need to use your smartphone for when you're at home so you wouldn't have to worry about battery life of your phone during long gameplay sessions, but I guarantee you if they did this people would then complain about Nintendo trying to sell them yet another expensive peripheral. I don't think Wii Speak was very successful either, so I don't see it happening.

  • @Yoshi They're not making you do anything. It's your choice.

  • @ib0show either use their extremely shitty system of doing voice chat or go without voice chat for yet ANOTHER gen. yay!

    great options i've got there!!!

  • @Yoshi Or just use Discord like everyone already does and most likely will continue to do.

  • @Mbun Discord doesn't recognise my laptops inbuilt microphone for some weird reason. i use google hangouts instead.

  • @Yoshi Strange. Yeah, my laptop I got from a friend has some weird quirks too. Try looking up drivers for your model of laptop. You might be able to fix it. That's what it took to get the memory card reader on mine to work.

  • @Mbun Ive mentioned it before but having my phone out with me isn't an issue, its meant to have with me for phone calls and text if needed. it's the idea of having to use it along side my gaming that I find cumbersome. Whether that be connecting a head set via cord to two devices or having two audio sources (chat from phone, audio from tv or switch) while I'll play. Even just having my phone sit next to me while being on it's not something I want. I also don't think it's fair to say ppl are freaking out. I mean for myself I'm just stating what I don't like about it. (You don't need to respond to this, we've talked lots about it already lol).

    In the end it could just be a feature I don't use. Your right about ppl not liking change and maybe this is something a lot of ppl might be able to adapt to. Especially ppl who already live on their phone.

    The difference here could also be how I view my phone. for myself I don't use my phone like others. That's partially because I'm a different generation (mind you there's still plenty ppl my age that can't put down their phones), but i also don't like being on it constantly. I know for some that isn't an issue, especially a generation that has been using smart phones and tablets their whole lives. I see ppl use multiple devices with dual monitors and several apps open while doing school work, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Nintendo is feeling comfortable with this. Maybe they caught on to something, especially because of how the Japanese interact with their phones. I would be curious to know Japanese views of the voice chat system, or even just ppl that use their phone as a constant extension of themselves everyday.

  • Eurogamer also gave their impressions http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-07-19-nintendos-new-online-service-looks-like-it-could-be-every-bit-as-bad-as-you-feared

    As much as I'd love to, I can't see any positives to this approach. I tried to remain open-minded and optimistic about this app because I figured they could add all sorts of nice touches - and they have, with the stat-checking, store access, etc. I'm sure they could have features like that for every game and it would be sweet.

    But in terms of voice chat / friend interaction, this is as backwards and pointless as ever. I don't see how anybody would use their app over the dozens of better alternatives.

    Let's hope they take the upcoming feedback shitstorm into account and improve this.

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    @Axel How can they improve this without rereleasing the entire console?

  • @El-Shmiablo They can at the very least improve it for some people but maybe not everyone.

    Have the voice chat app on the Switch also and allow bluetooth headsets to work with the device.

  • @El-Shmiablo I mean improve the app itself, it has a lot of obvious flaws right now but it could still be turned into something cool.

  • I can't imagine how someone at Nintendo thought that this was a good solution. It shouldn't have been any more complex than plugging in a headset to your Switch, so why the added peripheral and forcing you to use a phone?
    I can't see Nintendo solving this for free, so they will try and sell an updated Switch down the line with this added functionality.

    I skipped the Wii and WiiU. Things like this doesn't exactly make me want to buy your Switch either, Nintendo.

  • @suplextrain Plugging a headset into your joycons that you're waving around and are strapped to your wrist or a pro controller that doesn't come with the console and you have to pay seventy extra dollars for isn't an elegant solution either. This wasn't a terrible idea on paper for what they were working with. They just screwed up their app. They could still patch and fix it, but I'm not holding my breath and it's not ready for Splatoon 2's launch tomorrow, so this is a failure. I'll still use their app for Splatnet 2, but sticking to Discord for voice chat.

    But as easy as it is to criticize Nintendo's failure here, if you at all give a crap about their online structure and presence, you should at least be happy they're finally cutting the bullcrap excuses and trying. Just let them know where they're going wrong with this, so they can improve for next time, because even a dumb failure here and now is better than what they were doing before, nothing. Hoping after all the negative press and comments next time they get it right.

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    @Axel The fact you need an app at all in the first place is what makes this method inherently broken.

    I just don't understand how they did this right on the fucking DS but managed to completely shit the bed on their main line console released in the year 2017.