Switch Online Services & Voice Chat

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    @Mbun It is 2017 and Nintendo's newest platform requires a phone and special adapter to use voice chat. It is clearly relevant, as Nintendo are clearly still developing inside of a bubble.

    What scares me is that the bubble seems to extend to even their own internal development. Like I already pointed out, how the everloving fuck do you do voice chat right on a handheld from 2 generations ago and manage to fuck it up on your main platform 15 years later.?

  • @El-Shmiablo said:

    requires a phone and special adapter to use voice chat

    Wrong, it just requires the phone.

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    @Mbun Oh so the app automatically integrates the voice and game sound together?
    That is great, if that is the case.
    But it isn't.
    So back to square one.

  • @El-Shmiablo You don't need a mixer or a headset at all. Just set your phone down next to you and talk. That's the whole point of this damn system since they didn't want to require people to carry a bulky gaming headset around on the go with their Switch.

  • @Mbun But they advertise a device to connect to a bulky headset and the switch which can only be used when the switch is portable, from my understanding.

    It's a mess really.

    I guess the only saving grace for me is I've absolutely no interest in playing nintendo games online. Of course, that's their fault too but still.

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    @Mbun oh boy I sure do live open air microphones. Hearing myself echo through another person's speakers (and vice versa) is my DREAM!

    Also, what year are you living in? I use my earbuds for gaming. Whats all this bulky gaming headset shit?

    Oh, you mean like this?

    alt text

  • @Mbun said in Switch Online Services & Voice Chat:

    Just flip on Pro HUD and you're good to go. Gets rid of all the junk that's already communicated to you through other means.

    I mean how clunky it is. For example having to manually go into the menu to select a new weapon every time it breakes.

  • The regular UI of Breath of the Wild was fine to good until you started doing dungeons and it turned into freaking Guitar Hero's star power stuff. It would be nice if they had added a way for people to view the mini map, use the hero powers, and not see all the glitter. It's also sucky and poorly designed that there are two pause menus like every open world game these days.

    I have never used PS4 voice chat in three years of owning one. IGN's Peer Schneider speculated that the app is to save battery in portable mode, which makes sense to some extent. I wish the Pro controller and Joy-Con grip had regular headphone ports though. That was like the single best feature of 8th gen.

  • @tokeeffe9 @El-Shmiablo The headset is a licensed third party promotional tie in for Splatoon 2. It looks like a headset that's in the game, and it's completely optional for those who want a headset now. They'll probably release less dinky ones later and if not I'm sure more third parties will jump on that. I've also heard that headset's mixer isn't very good, (which makes sense, because the headset is dirt cheap) so you might want to wait for a better one.

    @suplextrain said:

    having to manually go into the menu to select a new weapon every time it breakes

    You don't though. Just hit the D-Pad to select a new one. You can even do it with shields, bows, and arrows. Only armor requires going into the menu to change.

    @Haru17 I don't have a problem with anything, but the two pause menus thing could've been better yeah. It's the smallest complaint since the menuing is so fast though, and the alternate would've been flicking through even more screens to get to what you want if they combined them, so it wouldn't have saved any time versus opening the wrong one, then opening the right one.

  • @suplextrain nah man it's fine. just use Discord or Skype....... Like we've all been doing FOR THE LAST DECADE!!!!!