What are you an Expert of?

  • I'm more of a jack-of-all-trades type myself. Some people say I'm really good at several things, like Physics, Programming and Drinking alcohol, but I don't feel like I'm master at anything. I know I'm not the best at anything really, and I don't strife to be. As long as I'm good enough, and I'll be able to do whatever I need to do, that will do.

  • I wouldn't consider myself an expert in anything really..

    I would say I'm highly proficient at playing drums. I've been playing for around 15 years but I'm far from an expert compared to others

  • I'm knowledgeable enough in Computer Science, electrical engineering and physics to know that I'm very ignorant in the subjects, the nature of my job where I work with experts in various areas ratifies that all of the time.

    Magic The Gathering is the one thing I could say I have a near expert knowledge of, being fairly proficient at playing it, and having enough knowledge of most of the eras, even the ones I didn't participate in.

  • I am an expert at not being an expert at anything. You may think that actually isn't a talent, but to be lacking in so many areas takes a level of skill most people can't comprehend.

  • I'm an expert of Kek.

  • Weirdly good at identifying voice actors...
    Used to be knowledgeable on anime and jrock/Jpop but that is lapsed...

  • Aside from games, I would say I'm most proficient with Cajun cooking and emergency medicine, and I'm working diligently towards expertise in both.

    I also know way more about Pokemon, Monster Hunter, and the Souls series than is likely healthy for any individual.

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    Actually Im quite good when it comes to the lore of Halo. I got most of the books, spent way too much time on the halo wiki and played through the games quite a few times!

  • Anime industry in the US. Specifically when it comes to US blu-ray/DVD information and US licenses. That and Final Fantasy XI.

  • "Expert" is a pretty relative term because it's always defined in relation to the people you're around, but here are some things that I'm confident I know more about than anyone else on this forum:

    • Postmodern philosophy (and its historical antecedents)
    • Waacking and vogue dance movement, history, and culture
    • The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World film
    • High school policy-format debate
    • Draft strategy in Magic: The Gathering
    • LGBTQ+-inclusive sex education
    • Performance art history, methods, piece construction, and execution

    These are all pretty niche interests, but if anyone else is super knowledgeable in one of these categories I'd love to talk (or maybe have a showdown for supremacy could be fun? Who knows)!

  • Good at tech stuff (working in IT more then 11+ years)
    Good at playing MGS on PS1
    Good knowledge about beer

    probably more thing that I never notice

  • While I don't consider myself an expert on most things, there are a few areas that I take pride in being very knowledgable of.

    Physics, Astronomy and Engineering (That's what I have degrees in)
    Star Wars (I consume most of the Star Wars related media that comes out)
    Harry Potter (Proud Ravenclaw over here)

  • Pretty knowledgeable on law enforcement related matters. On both police and corrections. Due to work experience, college studies, and other sources. But I'm not at a point that I'll label myself as an expert. Even if I do lend my professional experience in related discussions. This line of work also carries into my personal life. As I frequently talk to people who are emotionally and mentally unstable.

    Video games are also something I have always been good at. Not MLG level for a number of competitive scenes. But maybe with the amount of time I spend on Destiny. Perhaps I can get even better in the sequel.

  • well as a job im a mechanic

    im trying to learn a second language right now

  • AC/DC (the band), and the Nintendo 64.

    In other words, nothing useful.