Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta

  • Good afternoon allies!

    I have taken part on the Four Job Fiesta for the last 3 years and always have a blast and come away with a few new stories to tell.

    As the official website describes it, "The Final Fantasy Five Four Job Fiesta is a challenge play of FF5 where players get one random job from each of the crystal sets in the game." Simple as a concept as that may seem, it opens up a lot of very interesting gameplay avenues for what may be the best implementation of the job system in a Final Fantasy.

    The biggest thing about the #FF5FJF2017 is that it generates donations for the charity Child's Play; last year alone the Fiesta raised $19,323.61. (it's already raised 6858.75 this year)

    I have already signed up for my pre-registration and hope to see other allies do the same. This is the only way I've played FF5 and after seeing the different jobs and how easily broken the game can be with certain job combinations, I don't think I'll ever play it without the Fiesta rules.

    Here is the official website for the Fiesta:

    Love & Respect,


  • I'm gonna do this because I haven't played V in AGES and this could be a crazy little blast.

  • Still doing this. Got a Pure Chaos roll of Thief. This, is hard... but I've almost got that second crystal...

  • Anyone else still keeping up with this? I had to give up on my last attempt, and finally decided to go back to it this year.