Box Peek - Kyle Bosman's puppet show extravaganza

  • So freaking hyped. Does anyone know if youtube would let them change the thumbnail to something more eye-catching? I think the "Box Peek" logo at 0:31 might be a better choice than the current "text on brown," but I also don't know jack about this stuff so I could be way off base.

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    This was much much more than I expected! my hype shot through the roof! I hope they dont end up stressing it. I really want this to be as good as it can be! Also I guess as I expected it to be black and white made this seem even more awesome.

  • Amazing intro. I honestly can't wait for these episodes.

  • If you want any "insider" knowledge about the creation of Box Peek, I really recommend watching Kyle's new(er) full playthrough of SSX. He gets into all sorts of interesting details and how much thought and passion he's put into the project really shines through. That teaser made me excited but listening to his desire to make this good... I really feel like we're going to be in for something special here.

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  • Can't wait until our hero encounters the kooky opponent that sneakily plays with his box upside down so he can peek out of the bottom instead of the top.

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    Great, now I have to watch that..

  • I still don't completely know what Box Peek is all about, but that teaser is fantastic. This is intriguing.

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    I still watch the video on a daily basis

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    It was shown during the concert last night and I honestly loved it. Going to watch it properly later

  • I love it! Such a silly, creative idea. The humor is on point, too.

  • Honestly one of the best things I've watched in a while. It plays on all the silly tropes of pokemon style anime in a clever way.
    I was a wee bit worried how the paper cut outs were going to work, but I was pleasantly surprised that it worked as well as it did. Great gag at the end too.

    9 out of 10. Mostly because I think it will get better.

  • The work that must have gone into this really shows, and the result is just fantastic. The whole thing feels so polished; after recovering from my initial surprise that this was actually a show (and not just an elaborate prank), I was worried it might just be a spoof of anime tropes but while there are obvious nods, everything is so slick and tightly choreographed that nothing feels forced, it just flows naturally from start to finish.

    In short, I both loved and respected it, and am now afflicted by a physical inability to wait for more episodes!

  • I watched Box Peek Episode 1 last night during the concert stream and I thought it was great, and I see a lot of potential for the series in the future.

    When the mysterious box man at the end whipped around with his cape, and the music swelled up and the live crowd cheered, it made me emotional, I'm not sure why. I'm very happy for Kyle that it turned out so well. I don't recall seeing this combination of paper cut outs and puppetry used exactly like this, and with the great VO work and music, it came together nicely. Bravo to all!

  • Was a great concert, totally worth going live every year if you can. My big ugly head is even on screen for a second during the opening.

  • Just had a funny image in my head of Jordy VS. Snake... That would make for a fun crossover haha.

  • Just so I have this straight, he is going on a box peek adventure but doesn't know anything about box peek because it's banned where he lives.
    Also did he get a defective boxporter that seems to work fine anyway because it looked like it had his name on it.

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    @deimosclay I guess we will get to know further into the series! But Im assuming that the defective controller will do something big later.

  • @deimosclay I sorta assumed he WILL be going on a box peek adventure but that's not why he left his home in the beginning.

  • The amount of effort that when into this is astounding. Kyle really knows how to make a great show.