Party Games

  • Even though I am a mostly solo player, I do have a bit of an obsession with Party Games. What are your favorites, and what makes a good Party Game?

    My personal favorite is Nintendo Land. This is probably a very unpopular opinion, but I thought it was much better than Wii Sports. The visuals were so charming and all of the games were addictive. Metroid Blast and Donkey Kong's Crash Course the ones I played most often since they can be played solo. But Mario Chase and Animal Crossing Sweet Day were also super fun to play with a group.

  • We always hit up the old standbys, like Smash Bros, but 9 times out of 10, my friends will demand a few rounds of WarioWare. Both the GC and Wii versions are a blast, and you get completely new microgames since the control schemes are so different.

    Lately we've also enjoyed brief bouts of Towerfall: Ascension, Starwhal, Mount Your Friends, and Push Me Pull You. I always try to keep an eye out for party games, especially ones without complicated controls or tactics. That way, my less prolific friends can still participate and do well.

  • Jackbox!
    Nothing beats a few games of You Don't know Jack or Drawful, or Fibbage. Works especially well when having people over who aren't big into video games.

    Otherwise, fighting games usually are fun.

  • Back in my "wild and crazy" days, whenever we'd host a party, our living room would have a fighting game set up, Marvel vs. Capcom and Tekken always seemed to be favorites. With the winner staying and loser giving up control, it actually led to a pretty exciting backdrop for the rest of the events.

    Back when Rock Band was a thing, we'd hook up an XBox to the projector at the movie theater I was working at and jam out on the big screen as well. Good times.

  • Jackbox has been our go to often since it is perfect for any group.

    Snipperclips has become a recent go-to party game. If you want to make everyone hate each other, and you've got a way to readily play PS2 or Wii games, then Dokapon Kingdom is fantastic!

    We probably go with card games more than video games when it comes to parties though.

  • I don't like Naruto. I don't like fighting games. The Naruto fighting games are very fun for parties.

  • Only game that would fall close or in that category that I've played in recent years with others. Is NBA 2K.

    The franchise is still pretty big for anyone interested in basketball. And a go to when guys in particular, gather up and want to be competitive indoors.

  • I like that all of us have left out the Mario Party series. Love it or hate it, it's always gonna be entertaining. Especially if people hate it.

  • Nintendo Land is the only game other than Smash Bros my friends and I play every time we meet up. It has no right to be as fun as it is

  • -Overcooked
    -Guitar Hero / Rock Band
    -Wii Sport
    -Tower of Ascension

    Basically, you need simple coop and/or competitive games that anyone can pick up. Games where the action appear on the same screen tend to be a pretty good fit.

  • Wow, I love Nintendo Land too.