Guild Wars 2 EZA Guild

  • Hi guys,

    anyone playing Guild Wars 2?
    Smb interessted in starting a EZA guild? Nothing too serious.
    Although conquering a guild hall an decorating would surely be fun. I have never been part of a big ingame guild and what better community to choose than the allies.

    Or ist there a guild already?

    And how knows...maybe we get an gw2 expansion this year ^_^ #hype

    Let me know how you feel about it.


  • Hey,

    did you have any success finding or starting a EZA community guild in GW2? Maybe now that the new expansion launched, there are more people who are interested in something like this. :)

  • Banned

    Guild Wars 2 would have to be completely rebuilt for me to have even a remote interest in playing again.

    As a huge GW1 fan, GW2 is probably one of my biggest gaming disappointments ever.

  • I just went ahead and created an EZA guild, in case anyone is still interested in some jolly cooperation. I'm playing on the EU servers though, Aurora Glade to be precise. I'm not sure if or how that works for players on the US servers.

  • Is anyone still playing GW2? New expansion will be live in few days and Im looking for a strong team to start a new game :)

  • Banned

    Pretty sure the game is dead, at least to most people here.
    If you are looking for an MMO that is popular with Allies, FFXIV is the way to go.