Pokémon Direct 6/6 at 7 am Pacific

  • Nintendo's Japanese website announced that there will be a Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct tomorrow at 7 am Pacific only 8 minutes in duration.

    For speculation, a next gen Pokemon 'Stars' Version has been rumored for a while now, dating back to when we were still calling it 'NX' if I remember correctly. What is this Direct about if not Pokemon Stars? What is the benefit of announcing a game days before E3? Would such a game feature new pocket monsters? How big would the graphical jump be? Would it include a remastered Kanto as has been alluded to? And perhaps most importantly of all, will Pokemon, Monster Hunter, and Splatoon 2 in addition to the Mario & Zelda year that we've known about since January carry the Switch hype to a fever pitch?

  • I'm putting a lot of money on Pokken Tournament Deluxe for the switch. There was a Japanese retailer that had a blog post with an arcade stick compatible with Pokken Tournament Switch.

    Details on the new Pokeland mobile game, maybe a second mobile game.

    Maybe a small tease for a switch Pokemon port. I doubt it'll be a special edition or new version, they can still double dip on the insane sun/moon sales by simply releasing it again.

  • @Stormcrownn or maybe its the next game, and that game double dips on 3ds

  • @Bigdude1 too soon. Sun and Moon came out like 7 months ago. I don't see them releasing it along with Mario this holiday.

    It's too profitable to save that for next year.

    Pokken Tournament Deluxe would be a really successful move.

  • @Stormcrownn they were releasing main pokemon games annually for a while now, sun and moon was the first time there was a gap

  • @Bigdude1 That is true...

    My hope is that it's Aloha region but 1-2 years after, Theyve built those empty construction sites into full gyms, other new stuff.

    Along with having the full Kanto region, like Silver/Gold. Capitalize on the Pokemon Go gen 1 craze.

    Maybe Pokken Tournament is this year, and they tease a 2018 Spring or Summer Pokemon release.

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    Introducing Pokemon insert letter!

    This new entry into the series is just like the previous one only with slightly more 3D graphics. Also, we added 100 more monsters. 10 are good. The rest are meh.

  • @Art T'would be wonderful to see a larger leap in gameplay or graphics, but alas... I play them all and enjoy each of those little iterations. Not sure if that says more about them or me.

    Also, I don't remember who said it, but Pokemon: Eclipse sounds like a much better title to me.

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    @Billy "Eclipse" sounds like it could have interesting story potential.

  • @Billy @Art Pokemon Golden Age Arc

  • Pokemon Yellow sequel

  • @Mbun
    So at the end Gary sacrifices his friends and family to become a demonic Pokemon trainer in order to defeat Ash once and for all?
    Only for Ash to survive and become the Red Pokemon trainer?

  • 3DS to Switch isn't an incremental leap in graphics, lol. It's like going from before the Gamecube to after the Wii U and constitutes the biggest leap we have seen this generation.

  • @Haru17 Mayhap... It depends on whether it is an improved-resolution port or a complete redesign of the assets. It's not that a port wouldn't look fantastic on a tv. In the end, it would still be a top-down-ish camera view with relatively small environments. I'm just excited about a future for Pokemon where the locales take a drastic leap forward to the same level as something like Super Mario Odyssey.

  • @Billy I though that the rumor was of a true remaster, but I agree: I would't buy a simple port. Pokemon games as they're built are too disposable, so I'd finish Sun and Moon on 3DS rather than drop $60 on Sun 2 and Moon 2.

  • @Haru17 I haven't really looked into any of the rumors, so I have absolutely no idea. I guess we may very well see tomorrow morning!

    I just think it'd be weird to blow any kind of huge reveal so close to E3. Maybe whatever it is will be playable at the event? I guess Nintendo marches to its own beat, though. More power to 'em.

  • I think it's going to be Pokken Deluxe, touch on mobile apps, and then tease for something big at E3. Hoping for something cool, though.

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    @Haru17 said in Pokémon Direct 6/6 at 7 am Pacific:

    3DS to Switch isn't an incremental leap in graphics, lol.

    You know, now that you mention it, Super Smash Bros look almost identical on both.

  • It's probably some more mobile phone crap.

  • All I know is that Koei Tecmo says they have an announcement for tomorrow as well and I saw someone guess Pokemon Conquest 2... If they annouce that for 3DS I am buying day one!