Pokémon Direct 6/6 at 7 am Pacific

  • @Haru17 Pokemon is that one franchise, that one where the install base does not need to be present for it to be considered. Pokemon is what brings the install base. They are currently working on the Switch game. There was that post from Gamefreak or whoever about hiring. That's very little to go on but to me it's enough to say that hopefully they will do more with the Switch title. Also those other console games are spinoffs, most if not all made by developers that are not Gamefreak. These days I wouldn't mind another team stepping in to help GF with a mainline title though.

  • @Musou-Tensei YES. This is what I've been saying now that they have the Switch power to do so. It won't be as big as BotW's Hyrule though as most of the console's memory would go to the 800+ Pokemon character models and animations but it could still work in a big way.

  • @Art Are you from the future? Or just naturally that pessimistic?

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    @RayneSol Both

  • @Art I knew it! I hear you though.

  • There's simply too many 3DS's sold. The Pokemon Company counted on those sales when making their FY2017 financial preparations.

    There's only what, 4m Switches in the world? They can't keep them in stock throughout the rest of the year anyway. Where's the benefit on Nintendo's side or the Pokemon companies side sales wise?

    They'll have 16 million more units next year. They're putting Fire Emblem on the switch next year, so I think it'll be the year of the 3DS ports. Monster Hunter XX is next year right?

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    @Stormcrownn What's the benefit?

    Remember when the 3DS originally launched and it had shitty numbers until Pokemon released?

    Nintendo could exponentially increase their console hardware numbers because Pokemon is a hardware seller. That's the benefit.

  • @Art You realize they are selling out of Switches right?

    Releasing Pokemon this year wouldn't increase their hardware sales at all.

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    @Stormcrownn And they could be selling even more.

  • @Art I mean...no. They couldn't. They literally don't have them on shelves, and won't get many more on shelves soon. Japan is basically being told wait until next year.

    Side note, the Pokemon company doesn't care about selling switches. they care about selling copies of pokemon.

  • @Art they really couldn't there was even a report recently mentioning that they couldn't increase the production yield, since one of their chip suppliers is unable to meet an increase in demand for a particular part, and they are prioritizing Apple as a buyer of this chip since they use it for Iphones, so it seems like there's literally no way to increase their supply.

  • @Art Exactly. That's what I'm saying. I specifically remember the 3DS not doing well before 2013. I bought one early that year after the announcement of XY. As for the stock issue, that's straight up a Nintendo problem that they shouldn't have from the get go.

  • @RayneSol Comes down to the costs initially. Lots of businessy stuff, but if scaling up production early costs them a premium when making contracts with the factories (rushing the equipment, getting the supplies/etc) then even the loss of not having enough at launch could be very profitable for them.

    The parts for things like the Switch are in stupid high demand anyway right now. If they're really making a profit off of the hardware, then they would care a lot about keeping those production costs down.

    Also, they know no one will care once they get their hands on one.

  • @Stormcrownn Yeah it is a much different situation that the 3DS. I'd rather the first new Switch Pokemon be a Generation 8 next year than the Ultimate games anyways.