Pokémon Direct 6/6 at 7 am Pacific

  • @Art That's because that 'leak' was faked: 3DS models running at a higher resolution.

  • Looking forward to this!

    Although as some of you have said, if it's just an enhanced port of Sun/Moon, I won't be getting it. I'll need some meaty new content to buy a new Pokemon game, I'm a bit burned-out on the series these days.

    Pokken Tournament Deluxe I would get in a heartbeat, it's one of the few Wii U titles I skipped, so I'd love to give it a shot.

  • Well, should've seen that coming :) It's cool, but it's hard not to be a little disappointed.

  • I was expecting little, and it was even worse than what I expected.

    "sigh" ... I don't think the day will come were I can be truly excited for this franchise.

  • i missed pokken on wii u so thats cool

    ultra sun and moon i have no interest in

    im Disappointed were not getting Chrystal too

  • Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on 17th November

    Pokken Tournament Deluxe on 22nd of September (+5 New Pokemon!)

    and Pokemon Gold/Silver coming to 3DS Virtual Console!

    Exactly what I expected, although we didn't get very many details about the Ultra Moon/Sun. They said its an alternative story happening in the same world, and it has new pokemon that didn't appear in the 3DS titles.

    Pretty excited. I knew they wouldn't release a single version and they would double dip again.

    I don't know why any of you guys expected a HUGE new pokemon title this year. The switch is going to need huge graphics updates which will definitely take the extra year.

    Also, they have plenty coming out this year. There's a lot of reason to simple wait for 2018 for a big pokemon game.


  • Gold and Silver is nice, but of course they don't include crystal because that would make too much sense.

  • @Stormcrownn In hindsight, it's exactly what I knew to expect. However, sometimes you let yourself dream a little.

    And it'll be nice to have Pokken Tournament, since I never picked it up for my Wii U. But I haven't even really hit up the post-game content for Sun/Moon, so it's a toss up whether I'd get Ultra versions at this point. Sometimes even a small addition may strike me to the heart and persuade a buy from me.

  • @Stormcrownn They did announce a huge new Pokemon game for this year: the Ultra versions of Sun and Moon. People reacted and started crying doom because it was only for 3DS, but those games will sell quite well. Moreover, Pokemon announcements are always the most boring things imaginable, with barely more than a cover shown until E3 proper. At least we know that there will be a new story and actual new Pokemon (which I presume are different to just the legendary forms).

  • Kinda excited about Pokken as I missed that, also excited about Silver & Gold getting a VC release as the battery in my original is dead.
    Kinda disappointed that US/UM is 3DS only, but who knows maybe something is being saved for next week.

  • @Haru17 You're right, this will sell very well. And the development costs should be relatively low since the framework is already there. All that money will then be funneled towards future projects, so this is still an exciting thing for those dying for a Switch title. If you're not excited for another 3DS version, think of it as a fundraiser of sorts. It'll take a long time to get a Switch game rolling, but at least it's more likely to be a brand new installment instead of a Sun/Moon iteration.

  • Yeah, I'd be shocked if we saw Alola on Switch now. It looks like Stars was just a rumor and it's going to take them a while to remodel those 800+ Pokemon in current gen 3D. After which they'll release them as Pokemon Gypsium and Cobalt or what have you.

  • @Haru17
    There's no denying that US/UM will sell well, hell if I remember right B&W2 sold better then their original releases.
    I just find it odd that no Switch version was announced (Thus with the combined power of Pokemon and Monster Hunter granting Nintendo a licence to print money) then again like I said its possible something will be announced at E3 for next year, As everything covered today is for 2017

  • All makes sense, and I'm happy to be getting Pokkén! Looks like we'll be quite a few picking it up so I'm looking forward to that!

    What they've shown and said about Ultra Sun/Moon isn't particularly exciting, so as of right now I'm not planning to get it. I also haven't exhausted Sun yet, and honestly can't be bothered starting a new game unless it's a proper new Gen.

    A main series Pokémon game for Switch this year would have been overkill, they're already going to struggle to satisfy demand with their current line-up, it would almost be a waste to release one this Christmas. Better to wait until next year with an installed base of 20+ million, then it'll be worth it.

  • Nintendo, you sure know how to harsh my pre E3 buzz, lol. Should've expected as much. I'll never learn, haha.

  • As @Axel has pointed out, besides the development time, the real reason The Pokemon Company hasn't announced anything mainline for Switch yet is likely because they don't consider the platform to have a large enough install base yet. The announcement so close to E3 was probably to avoid cannibalizing ongoing Sun and Moon sales as much as possible.

    Youtube Video

    For the benefit of hindsight, may I present to you the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire announcement trailer. This game let players revisit one of the most vibrant locales in the series with 20 cool new mega forms and a legendary recapturing mechanic so generous I had to call Scottsdale.

    The reveal trailer tho? Box art and text.

    I'm not saying that you should get Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon — they would have been a hard sell for me even on Switch. I'm just saying that The Pokemon Company feels the need to announce things out ahead of E3, that more will be shown next Tuesday, and that if you need a pocket monsters game that's more than 'more of the same,' Monster Hunter Stories comes out on 3DS this fall ;)

  • @Haru17 I'm still not sure if the rumor was false though, I think something still might come in the future, but possibly not ready, probably for the reasons you said. So it may not happen this year, but I still believe!

    Pokken Tournament DX I'm actually super down for, I never had a Wii U and I was always intrigued by Pokken, so I'll for sure buy that at some point.

    As for Gold and Silver on VC, Johto is one of my favorite generations, so I might buy into that, but I'm still optimistic about the Switch VC someway somehow (That's its's own separate pipe dream though).

    Ultra S & M is a no go for me. I think I'm good on that front. That announcement kinda ticked me off.

  • How about UltraNO.

  • UltraSun and UltraMoon is very disappointing, and it makes me feel kinda ripped off by Nintendo. There won't be enough differences to warrant buying it, but at the same time I now have the clearly inferior version. It just feels dirty, as is the Pokemon way.

    And @DMCMaster, I wouldn't be too sure about these ones doing as well. Sun and Moon were a lot of people's first Pokemon games, and I doubt new players will be as willing to buy a game that looks what they already own.