Pokémon Direct 6/6 at 7 am Pacific

  • @Doctor-Professor Feels very dirty. It's another Pokemon cash grab, no better than CoD at this point.

  • Overall, that was an Ultra let down. I hope E3 has more to show but I don't expect much honestly. Their "conference" is only going to be 30 minutes long after all.

  • Haru17 said in Pokémon Direct 6/6 at 7 am Pacific:

    For speculation, a next gen Pokemon 'Stars' Version has been rumored for a while now, dating back to when we were still calling it 'NX' if I remember correctly. What is this Direct about if not Pokemon Stars?

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  • @Mbun Don't you yell-laugh at me. It was Pokemon Stars after all, Stars itself just wasn't what we were expecting. And to be honest, Pokemon hasn't done a third, definitive version since Platinum, so we should have seen through that rumor.

  • @Haru17 I should've quoted that as "The Internet" instead of you, because that's more who I'm laughing at, the gullible internet who believes this same nonsense that's happened three generations in a row now. Knew it was fake as hell the moment I heard it, and I feel bad for the people who thought it must be true "cause those people never get leaks wrong!"

  • I was more expecting a remake of Diamond/Pearl than what is basically Sun/Moon 2. Also, a port of Sun/Moon this time is a little different compared to the past few times people expected it. They have a hybrid console now and a mainline Pokemon game on it would insure it's future for a long time. I guess they are waiting for more stock first.

  • @Haru17 but you didn't.

  • @Rayne5 That's the point I was making.

  • @MistahShowtime Yeah, a DPP remake would've been more welcome.

  • Allies, I wanted to rant about this. But is it even worth the time and effort? Instead I'll say some good things at least.

    Pokken coming to Switch is a good sign. Port as many of the Wii U games as you can.

    Finally, Gold/Silver VC! Brandon Plays Pokemon II BABBBYYYYY!!! He has no excuse now! That's all the hype you need.

  • @RayneSol I would rather just rant and be pessimist tbh, the franchise that I love is doomed to perpetual mediocrity and Nintendo is more than happy with that, today's direct was as clear of an indication of this as we have ever gotten.

    Also I believe Brandon had said he is not interested in doing more Brandon Plays Pokemon

  • @bard91 :(

    Yeah, all you said is true. They know people will pay up and the numbers will be high no matter what so it's like a free pass to put the least amount of effort into the games. There's so much they could do with the games. Especially with the Switch. But i don't want to speak ahead, we know nothing about a Switch Pokemon but i wouldn't be surprised if it's the same run of the mill. Loving the franchise since the beginning makes it feel worse.

  • Not really surprised by these announcements, or lack of announcements, depending on how you look at it. I've been itching to play the 2nd gen again, so I'm happy to see they're coming to the eShop but... why so far away? I feel like Nintendo could have garnered more positive press if they would have shadow-dropped it today and then mentioned the enhanced editions of the other games they're releasing in the future. Making people wait months to play an 18 year old game feels weird to me.

    Keep being that big, dumb elephant Nintendo, love ya.
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  • @RayneSol said:

    Finally, Gold/Silver VC! Brandon Plays Pokemon II BABBBYYYYY!!! He has no excuse now! That's all the hype you need.

    Except how freaking difficult 3DS capture is and that he's already been spoiled playing Sun/Moon, so going back now would be a brutal shock to the system. That said, I'd love to see him do it. Not sure any amount of convincing in the world could get them to however. Brandon Sun Kyle Moon got kinda ruined by them rushing to review the game though, so least that would be one thing they wouldn't have to worry about with this. Even if he doesn't make a series around it, I hope Brandon plays it.

  • to people saying this was a massive let down and such, it's more that this is another case of all your expectations being way too high.

    we are literally less than a week from E3 when Nintendo drops this Nintendo Direct on us. it's obvious they clearly announced this stuff now to get it out of the way now so the spotlight could be focused on all the actual NEW titles coming to Nintendo Switch next week like Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors and Xenoblade 2.

    it's too early for a Gen 4 Pokemon remake, and it's also too early for an entirely new Pokemon game on switch. it just makes total business sense to make a port of a Wii U game and make the most money they can out of that on the new system that's actually selling where the Wii U sales were disappointing.

    as for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, sure it'd be awesome if they were on Switch instead. but you guys are actually moaning about this not being Pokemon "stars"? in other words a literal rehash of Sun and Moon again? i like that they're taking the Black 2 and White 2 direction here and just using the already existing world and creating a new story with it Sun and Moon like they did with gen 5. it's better than just literally rehashing the exact same sun and moon story with a different legendary on the cover.

    overall, while this Direct wasn't the best Direct and nothing to get hyped over, it wasn't a bad Direct either and we're lucky we even had this Direct only a week before E3 so we get a small tease of new announcements now with the Big announcements coming next week.

  • @Yoshi Personally, it's not the fact that it's not Stars (which wouldn't necessarily be a rehash of Sun and Moon) it's a couple things. One, yeah, it's not on Switch. It's disappointing, but I'm also kinda willing to let it slide because I'm 90% positive a Switch game is coming, whether it's Stars, a Sinnoh remake, or something else.

    Two, I'm not as sure as you are that this is the Black and White 2 approach as you are. I could be wrong, but the impression I got was that the alternate storyline (or however they put it) is more of a Crystal/Emerald/Platinum situation, exactly what you don't want, where it's the same story with slight additions, which is what I imagine Stars would be. And while I like all those games, I think I'm just gonna wait it out. Based off of what we know so far, which is admittedly not much, I'm probably gonna end up skipping Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

    Might get Gold or Silver again though, I think it'll depend on how I feel when the time comes, haha.

  • @DeweyDTruman Yeah I was really hoping for Crystal. The one version I never played.... It sucks.

  • @Yoshi said in Pokémon Direct 6/6 at 7 am Pacific:

    it's too early for a Gen 4 Pokemon remake

    It's been 11 years since the originals. It was 12 years since the originals for the Gen 3 remakes. It was 10 years since the originals for the Gen 2 remakes. Also, GameFreak is pretty good at developing two games simultaneously and doing yearly release. They don't take years off often, and they took one off before Sun/Moon.

    The problem with Ultra SuMo is that the original SuMo ran like ass on the aging 3DS hardware, and it's not necessarily a sequel like BW2, instead an "alternate retelling". The stuff they showed us was basically nothing, versus the first BW2 trailer being packed with new characters, locations, gym leaders, etc. The fused legendaries on the cover is the closest this game looks to BW2 right now.

  • @Mbun Do we know what Ultra Beast that Solgaleo and Lunala are fused with? Is it Necrozma?

  • @Mbun Oh definitely not now. I would expect more toward the end of the year. I'd prefer that actually. You do bring up good points about the capture and they now have a lot more on their plate than last year. But I just mean now that it's present on the eShop there is more of a chance then ever before. The hype had me getting ahead of myself of course XD.