Monster Hunter Demo, Anyone?

  • Anyone up for some jolly co-op in the Monster Hunter Generations demo?

  • I have tried several times to get into that series. Haven't been able to. Tried Tri, 3 Ultimate, and 4. They just feel clunky, imprecise, under-cooked, and tedious.

  • I love monster hunter and other games in the hunting sub genre. I'm up for some co-op. I'm not sure how the pm system works on this forum but you can find me on steam, user: Sparkman (with the picture of Ike doing the ryu pose.)

    It too bad people think these games as clunky. I would call it very a deliberate combat system, something you have to learn, much like a fighting game.

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    You have to wait until the meat just changes color. Then it's SOOO TASTY!

    I would love to hear someone's justifications for enjoying Dark Souls, but not Monster Hunter. Dark Souls has had such a massively successful marketing campaign, and yet hardly anybody seems to enjoy MH, despite very similar gameplay mechanics that honestly feel much better in MH than in DS.

  • I'd be down to play. I'm a Monster Hunter noob though. Played a bit of MH4 before a bunch of other games came out that took my time. You can hit me up here or you can get to me through Steam: ParkPants (profile picture of zoidberg)

  • I'm also up for it, MH4U was my first MH game and got me hooked. Can't wait till Gen comes out. PM me for relevant information. My steam is: InvReflex (profile picture of a Magic: The Gathering mage, mostly blue) since other people also posted theirs. Hope to play a bit with some allies :)

  • I would be down to play some MH Generations with other allies. I have wasted hundreds of hours in the two previous MH games, and I am HYPED for Generations. If anyone wants to play I am most easily found by direct message on twitter @BeautyBoyzz

  • @Inflorescence Justification? Well, one big one is no camera lock-on button. It's so hard to effectively play any action RPG with no lock on. I feel like the majority of playing Monster Hunter is just fighting to see the action. That's probably why I've had so much trouble playing it.

    I played Toukiden Kiwami on PS4 (which is practically a MH clone at heart), which doesn't have nearly the amount of care put into it that the MH series does, and I enjoyed it a lot because it has a camera lock-on.

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    @Inflorescence Justification? Well, one big one is no camera lock-on button

    There's actually a camera lock-on though.

  • @ParkPants In the new one? I could swear 4 and under didn't.

  • @sam776 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Not Tri), and Monster Hunter 4 introduced the lock on mechanic. The only problem was that the ability to use lock on is kind of hard to find. I think the monster target option is located on the bottom screen through some menus, but I cannot 100% verify. All you have to do is tap the little picture of the monster you are fighting after you have seen it for the first time, and you should be able to auto turn with L.
    I hope this helps.

  • @Uahsoj This makes me extremely tempted to try again.

  • @sam776 Fantastic! To be honest, the first time I played Monster Hunter I HATED it. Then for some reason I tried it out and something clicked, and now it is one of my favorite games. Now all we have to do is convince Huber that it's a good game.