Describe Your Taste in Movies Using 5 Titles

  • (Animated Films Included)

    Pick the 5 films that best describe the range of what you enjoy in a movie.

    For Me:

    -Kiki's Delivery Service
    -The Trouble With Angels
    -The Incredibles
    -Howl's Moving Castle
    -The Shawshank Redemption

  • -Ten Skies
    -Pan-American Exposition by Night
    -West of the Tracks
    -Les Rendez-vous d'Anna
    -Singin' in the Rain

    Not my 5 favorites really, but I feel like that covers the aspects of film that interest me the most.

  • Ladyhawke
    Court Jester
    Howl's Moving Castle

    All movies, I adore but probably not my five favourite, though I never can rank movies over all. I just tend to know top 5 of a specific genre, but it changes too often.

  • Army of Darkness
    Brain Donors
    Hudson Hawk
    Return to the 36th Chamber

    Some goofiness, horror and some of my favorite kung-fu. And if you look closely, only one of these doesn't fall under the genre of "comedy" in one way or another. :)

    So far, these lists show a lot more difference than the TV lists did...

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    Star Wars - Episode V
    Sprited Away
    Lucky Number Slevin
    Top Secret

  • I tend to focus more on technical quality (rather than genre preference) in movies than in any other medium, but I guess these show my tastes well enough. Not necessarily my top 5 favorites, though.

    -Children of Men - Well-executed sci fi, well-directed action
    -Raiders of the Lost Ark - The perfect adventure movie, pure entertainment
    -Hot Fuzz - Comedy that relies on direction and scripting more than improvisation. Also great action.
    -Inside Llewyn Davis - Great soundtrack (not technically a musical, but I'm letting it count as the musical on my list) and it comes from the Coen Brothers
    -Spirited Away - Gorgeous animation, soundtrack, a strong lead character. It also nails every single emotional beat. Not my favorite Ghibli, but I'd say objectively Miyazaki's best.

    • Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (I count all three as one, because I always watch them together (The extended editions of course), but if I had to say one, it's Return of the King. These are my all-time favorite movies.)
    • Hot Fuzz (One of the greats IMHO.)
    • Aliens (Perfect blend of Sci-Fi, Horror and Action. also, the First movie I have ever seen. I was 4 years old :D )
    • The Expendables (This is a popcorn-flick made just for me, I can turn my brains off, and enjoy the action.)
    • The Dark Knight (I do like "comic book movies", and this is one of the best. Sorry Marvel, this just is in the top for me, although the next three would've been Marvel (Deadpool, Avengers and Iron Man, in that order)

    • Raiders of the Lost Ark: Arguably my favorite movie of all time. One of the most perfect action/adventure movies in my opinion. I even credit it for inspiring my lifelong love of history
    • Fellowship of the Ring: Honestly these top 3 might be my 3 favorite movies.. LotR in general is wonderful fantasy/adventure and is based on my favorite books. I like Fellowship the most as its closest to the books and the beginning of an adventure is my favorite part.
    • Star Wars: Don't think I need to say much about why Star Wars is great, but I've loved it my entire life.. I can't even remember a time before I knew Star Wars.
    • Alien: One of my favorite sci-fi and horror movies.. its rare that one movie can be so strong in both areas so I think its a good entry for both.
    • Paths of Glory: I picked this one to fill my history/military slot.. while it doesn't focus on the history too much, I think its one of the best war movies ever made

  • True Romance
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Groundhog Day

    • Rocky IV (really the whole series)
      For the 80s cheese, the over-the-top machismo, the America angle, awesome cheesy 80s songs. In regards to Rocky I and II, drama, and happy/romantic vibes.
    • Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom
      For my quench of not only extreme violence, but extremely messed up scenarios that are contextualized to make them even more messed up. Tons of torture, sex, spontaneity.
    • Scarface
      Senseless violence, awesome music, crime flick, machismo, women, Cubans, Italians, Colombians, and a consistently dark and gritty feeling.
    • Hercules (Disney 1997)
      Danny DeVito, amazingly catchy gospel music, love and romance, very cute.
    • The Pit
      Not my favourite movie by any means but it captures the "fuck shit" type movies I love to watch. Kinda mediocre movies (often horror) that have a crazy premise that is almost hilarious in nature. In this case, some ugly weird looking kid who gets picked on, tricks his baby sitter into getting naked a few times and pushes the kids who treat him badly into a pit.


    Little Shop of Horror's (the musical)
    I mean what isn't to like? Campy premise of a talking plant that eats people. A bunch of comedians singing. Motown inspired music. Crazy and unique set design.

    Music music music. Teenage angst. He gets the girl. Punch dancing.

    The Big Lebowski
    Larger than life characters caught in the middle of something so bizarre that you can't even believe they made a movie about this. Great music, and amazing aesthetic.

    • Shrek
    • Shrek 2
    • Shrek The Third
    • Shrek Forever After
    • Princess Bride

  • @ib0show The taste of every movie connoisseur

  • @ib0show I can't agree with your list. Everyone knows Puss in Boots is easily top 4 Shrek Cinematic Universe

  • @Ringedwithtile I didn't rank the movies, I'm just describing my tastes. This is not a competition or a rank.

  • @GoTaco said in Describe Your Taste in Movies Using 5 Titles:

    Little Shop of Horror's (the musical)
    I mean what isn't to like? Campy premise of a talking plant that eats people. A bunch of comedians singing. Motown inspired music. Crazy and unique set design.

    I think the original ending (THAT THEY FILMED) is better than the one the ended up using, but I freaking love that movie.
    I almost put Hair on as my musical of choice, but I figured Inside Llewyn Davis let me slip in the Coen Brothers, so I switched it out at the last second.

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - My favorite movie of all time and one that just resonates with me in every way possible. Soundtrack is phenomenal, Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet deliver performances far outside of their comfort zone, and Gondry's directing uses lots of practical camera tricks to really make you feel like you're in a dream/travelling through someone's memories. That ending shot on the beach before the credits roll hits me in a way nothing else can.

    Moonrise Kingdom - Not Wes Anderson's best, but certainly my favorite. It has an innocence and charm to it wholly unique from his other films and a lot of the offbeat humor just works well for me. Wes is known for some beautiful shots and this doesn't disappoint in that realm.

    Beetlejuice - I remember really liking this film as a kid but once I hit my teens, it became a distant memory. For whatever reason, I was hit hard with nostalgia a few years back and wanted to see how it fared decades later. Not only does it hold up, I end up falling in love and have watched it several times since. Some really incredible transformations, a great score by Danny Elfman, Tim Burton not trying too hard, and Michael Keaton just being downright mesmerizing.

    Inception - I know that it's hip to dislike this movie nowadays, but I still love every bit of it, especially all the exposition. It's a movie that sets up rules/mechanics and then plays around with them. I do wish the dreams would be a little more strange, seeing as though dreams generally tend to be, but that dark backstory DiCaprio's character carries around with him is perfect.

    Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - This movie is better than Empire. Yeah, I said it.

  • -Interstellar
    -Batman V Superman
    -Apollo 13
    -Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring

    I tend to enjoy blockbuster cinema experiences with some smarts to keep you thinking afterward. Apollo 13 is the odd one out in that regard, but gosh dang that movie is engrossing.

  • Raging Bull
    Almost Famous
    Before Sunset
    The Graduate
    Mullholland Drive

  • @gwnner that is some good taste, my friend.

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