Describe Your Taste in Movies Using 5 Titles

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - My favorite movie of all time and one that just resonates with me in every way possible. Soundtrack is phenomenal, Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet deliver performances far outside of their comfort zone, and Gondry's directing uses lots of practical camera tricks to really make you feel like you're in a dream/travelling through someone's memories. That ending shot on the beach before the credits roll hits me in a way nothing else can.

    Moonrise Kingdom - Not Wes Anderson's best, but certainly my favorite. It has an innocence and charm to it wholly unique from his other films and a lot of the offbeat humor just works well for me. Wes is known for some beautiful shots and this doesn't disappoint in that realm.

    Beetlejuice - I remember really liking this film as a kid but once I hit my teens, it became a distant memory. For whatever reason, I was hit hard with nostalgia a few years back and wanted to see how it fared decades later. Not only does it hold up, I end up falling in love and have watched it several times since. Some really incredible transformations, a great score by Danny Elfman, Tim Burton not trying too hard, and Michael Keaton just being downright mesmerizing.

    Inception - I know that it's hip to dislike this movie nowadays, but I still love every bit of it, especially all the exposition. It's a movie that sets up rules/mechanics and then plays around with them. I do wish the dreams would be a little more strange, seeing as though dreams generally tend to be, but that dark backstory DiCaprio's character carries around with him is perfect.

    Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - This movie is better than Empire. Yeah, I said it.

  • -Interstellar
    -Batman V Superman
    -Apollo 13
    -Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring

    I tend to enjoy blockbuster cinema experiences with some smarts to keep you thinking afterward. Apollo 13 is the odd one out in that regard, but gosh dang that movie is engrossing.

  • Raging Bull
    Almost Famous
    Before Sunset
    The Graduate
    Mullholland Drive

  • @gwnner that is some good taste, my friend.

  • @naltmank Cheers!!

  • @naltmank

    I also love that ending. I have the Directors Cut BD and I've finally seen the proper ending for the first time ever and I think it's a better ending but the movie overall made the right cuts for length reasons. I drags a bit imo in the Directors Cut. However, I'm a big fan of the musical so I need to watch the long version to get all the extra songs.

  • The Seventh Seal
    Groundhog Day
    Children of Men
    Apocalypse Now
    Upstream Color

  • -Drive
    -The Hangover
    -La La Land
    -Lost in Translation
    -The Breakfast Club

    Some of my favorite movies from different genres. Also by the way i love anything Christopher Nolan or Denis Villeneuve put their hands on

  • Braveheart
    Conan The Barbarian
    Rumble in the Bronx
    Gundam F91

  • Seven
    Inglorious Basterds