13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

  • After 43 hrs I just finished the game with the platinum trophy. That was some weird shit, you all! I really rarely play these kind of games, but I decided to give this a chance because of the positive buzz around it. And yeah, I enjoyed it mostly. A pretty staggering amount of story and dialogue and it all rose up to some really heavy scifi levels. Miwa-chan ftw! And BJ, too!

  • Welp it's time to see what the fuss is about. Aegis Rim should be on sale now but I don't know if Americans get the same sales as us Brits.

  • Finished it today. Since I can't remember so many complex names, all characters blend together. And since I couldn't follow their relationships, the game felt very boring & unnecessary convoluted. Overall plot is fascinating, but it’s just a fraction of the puzzle.

    But while I can’t feel the meat of game’s story, I still see its structure. And I’m almost certain that if character’s names were simpler, I would fall in love with this game. It’s such a shame when such small and insignificant part prevents you from enjoying something great.