Are any of the EZA Steam Curators?

  • Quick question: just curious if any of the EZA guys are "Steam Curators" (so i could follow them for recommendations).

    (or if not: would anyone recommend a particular curator? I'm only following Yahtzee on there, and it feels like i'm doing it wrong. not finding many new games i'm into)

  • Sorry for the late response to this but I don't believe any of the allies are curators.

    In fact I think that is on the decline as a whole. I just remember other outlets talking about it and it didn't seem to have any real impact.

  • admin

    I was looking into it earlier this year and decided it wasn't really worth the trouble. If anyone else wants to do it, that's cool, but I really didn't need another task to add to my checklist every time a review goes live.