E3 2017 Bets Showdown

  • I'm more hyped for the bets showdown than I am for E3. Seriously.

    It is here! https://youtu.be/KCWUgL3CH1Q

    Ultima Brad v. Cold Blooded? Who will win? Reply with your predictions!

    Betting results! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T3ep-LPlCg

    Opening Showdown (each worth 2 points)
    How many letters will be in the first and last name of the final presenter with the most letters in their first and last name?
    Ultima Brad (UB): 10
    Cold Blooded (CB): 17

    Excluding montages, at what time will Spider-man be shown?
    UB: 7:10
    CB: 8:30

    BONUS: At the end of E3, what will the price difference between Project Scorpio and Playstation 4 Pro? If no price is announced, void this bet.
    UB: $50
    CB: $75

    Degenerate Quartet
    Brand Manager
    For UB: Will the Scorpio controller have any changes other than color and insignia? (wagered 3)
    For CB: Will we see a Belmont during the Nintendo Spotlight? (wagered 3)

    More of a Sports Guy
    For CB: Will Wolverine reveal himself? (wagered 2)
    For UB: Will Crackdown 3 be given a release date? (wagered 3)

    Double Down on Don (worth 2 times 2 (4) points)
    During the EA press conference when Madden NFL is shown, what is the value of X^Y?
    X = However many times the ball carrier makes a spin maneuver
    Y = However many times the ball carrier makes a hurdle maneuver

    UB: 3^3 (= 27)
    CB: 5^3 (= 125)

    For CB: Will we hear Imagine Dragons on Sunday? (wagered 3)
    For UB: Will Sean Laden wear a shirt featuring a video game character? (wagered 3)

    Rainy Day Ian
    For UB: Will a coin be collected? (wagered 3)
    For CB: Will we see a new playable character in a Evil Within sequel? (wagered 2)

    Bets for people at home:
    Will microtransactions be shown?
    Will we see a skateboard?

    The Rojo Caliente Gut Check Challenge (each worth 1 point)

    1. For UB: Will microsoft present a VR demonstration on stage?
    2. For CB: Will Mark Cerny speak?
    3. For UB: Will Dante make a joke?
    4. For CB: Will there be a dragon in the Xbox press conference?
    5. For UB: Will there be an apparent love interest within the presentation for the new Wolfenstein?
    6. For CB: Will Nintendo unveil a new peripheral for the Switch?
    7. For UB: Will Spyro make a non-Skylanders appearance?
    8. For CB: will an original Xbox-era Microsoft-owned franchised be revived?
    9. For UB: Will we see more than 4 unreleased games featuring a double jump?
    10. For CB: Will Krotos acquire a red orb?
    11. For UB: Will we witness the death of a ninja?
    12. For CB: Will Bowser speak a fully voice-acted complete sentence?
    13. For UB: Will the final game presentation of Ubisoft's press conference feature violence?
    14. For CB: Will Michael Jordan be shown in NBA Live?
    15. For UB: Will there be falling snow in the reveal of the new Forza game?
    16. For CB: Will we see a licker's tongue?
    17. For UB: Will any fictional character apologize for keeping us waiting?
    18. For CB: Will Count Dooku be shown?
    19. For UB: If I'm typing out Project Scorpio's announced name, will I have to press the spacebar more than once?
    20. For CB: Will we see any men crying in a video game?
    21. For UB: Will anyone on a bicycle fall over?
    22. For CB: Will Gundahar reveal himself?
    23. For UB: Will buckets be splashed? (Bet VOID)
      No (VOID)

    Final Bets (worth 6 points):
    Cold Blooded:

    Square Enix must announce a new installment of the Chrono Trigger series. Cannot be phone game and must have a musical score by composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

    Ultima Brad:

    Square Enix shadow drop Final Fantasy VII demo at E3, downloadable for everyone. Includes Bombing Mission, Tifa will be in it, Not summon anyone, and end of demo is Release Date reveal.

    (Both lose 10 points)
    Bosman and Huber:

    If there is both a new Onimusha game and a new Mega Man Legends game announced at E3

    Ultima Brad wins:

    Has 5 months to stream and playthrough all of DarkSouls III and both DLCs (not summon other real players to help, can get phantoms (NPCs) to help) and cosplay entire time as Dark Souls character.

    Cold Blooded wins:

    The ice age will come. This timeline will be frozen. Ultima Brad will cease to exist. Cold Blooded, Unrepentant Bosman, Punished Huber, Benzilla, More of a Sports Guy, Brand Manager and Rainy Day Ian will go extinct. Betting Specials revert to Michael Huber vs. Kyle Bosman


    Ultima Brad: 12 points. Cold Blooded: 8 points. Ultima Brad is the undisputed, undefeated EZA Bets Champion! This timeline will not be frozen, and word from Cold Blooded is that he has thawed for a while. So, Daniel Bloodworth will stand in his place to take the punishment. He will cosplay a character from Dark Souls (to be judged by Kyle Bosman) and stream the game. Will post the links to the punished bet here and/or on the main EZA Bets thread.

  • All I know is they are waiting as long as possible to avoid leaks to ruin the fun. I am very pumped too. Depending on what the bets are and how its structured I would love to get a community bet tracker going to see who answers their bets the most accurate.

  • @Tragosaurus Tracker is a good idea. There was a predictions thread for last years. Team Cold Blooded or Team Ultima Brad? We will just have to see!

  • Holy sh... Those stakes!

    Cold Blooded bringing it!

  • I'm ready to defend my shared title from the last special

  • @TheHashtag0nist if Cold Blooded wins, will The Hashcat survive the ice age?

  • Cold Blooded's final bet is unbelievable!

  • @TokyoSlim No, I revert back to Buttons

  • @TheHashtag0nist dang. I'm pretty sure we have to go back to mispronouncing @mishakoz name too!

  • Stakes are high this year! Also looooved the video, thanks for putting in all the hard work, guys. Huber and Bosman are just amazing hosts. So jolly. Good vibes. I can't even decide who I'm rooting for this year, I kinda hope Cold Blooded pulls through, but I just love the sick attitude from Ultima Brad xD

  • How many points are the bets in Opening Showdown?

  • @supermaxio I thought they said 2 points each.

  • Side note, this was a really awesome bets showdown. The only thing that i think we don't have now is the bit of back and forth when selecting/revealing team members, reactions to the bets themselves, etc.

    But I think that's better suited for the many moments we have during the e3 streams now, and post-e3, so i don't mind it.

  • @Stormcrownn I did miss the team draft. But all in all, I loved it.

    Also, I think Cold Blooded will win. It will be awesome to see him destroy all the characters in a produced video or something.

    But I will miss Brand Manager. I cant get enough of Brand Manager.

  • @supermaxio I was wondering if they'd keep the persona's between E3 years, or make new ones. I really like the stakes for this year.

    I do wonder how it will go over in the community, if people will really care either way.

  • I definitely liked the betting special, thought I'd give some initial impressions:

    Liked: There were definitely some funny moments in this special (favorite was when Kyle said to More of a Sports Guy about what he was talking about "I can't care", great moment lol). Everyone was doing quite well with the responses I thought, and I loved the introductions to the degenerate quartet. I also liked the Gut Check challenge a lot, a ton of rapid fire bets where your first instinct is what you have to go with, and a lot of good variety there in the bets themselves.

    Didn't like as much: I do miss having everyone in the same room together like the Nintento betting special so that there could be more funny interactions between everyone. Also, I didn't quite like the 3 second rule for the initial bets. While it introduces another layer of strategy and drama, I personally would have rather seen these bets have the chance to get properly thought out instead of how Blood had to rush through just about every time.

    All that said, you can tell that a lot of thought and prep went into the betting special as always and I always appreciate all the effort that goes into them. Looking forward to the results!

  • Well, no matter what happens, BenZilla is safe and that's what really matters.

  • @Will-Schmuck I agree with the rushing, but they did have a lot of bets to get through.

    Hopefully they'll have plenty of breakdown on the bets during the E3 Bets results.

  • Love the Degenerate Quarter segment, i think it great idea to wager points.

    1 questions: what will be the tie breaker?