E3 2017 Bets Showdown

  • Cold Blooded's final bet is unbelievable!

  • @TokyoSlim No, I revert back to Buttons

  • @TheHashtag0nist dang. I'm pretty sure we have to go back to mispronouncing @mishakoz name too!

  • Stakes are high this year! Also looooved the video, thanks for putting in all the hard work, guys. Huber and Bosman are just amazing hosts. So jolly. Good vibes. I can't even decide who I'm rooting for this year, I kinda hope Cold Blooded pulls through, but I just love the sick attitude from Ultima Brad xD

  • How many points are the bets in Opening Showdown?

  • @supermaxio I thought they said 2 points each.

  • Side note, this was a really awesome bets showdown. The only thing that i think we don't have now is the bit of back and forth when selecting/revealing team members, reactions to the bets themselves, etc.

    But I think that's better suited for the many moments we have during the e3 streams now, and post-e3, so i don't mind it.

  • @Stormcrownn I did miss the team draft. But all in all, I loved it.

    Also, I think Cold Blooded will win. It will be awesome to see him destroy all the characters in a produced video or something.

    But I will miss Brand Manager. I cant get enough of Brand Manager.

  • @supermaxio I was wondering if they'd keep the persona's between E3 years, or make new ones. I really like the stakes for this year.

    I do wonder how it will go over in the community, if people will really care either way.

  • I definitely liked the betting special, thought I'd give some initial impressions:

    Liked: There were definitely some funny moments in this special (favorite was when Kyle said to More of a Sports Guy about what he was talking about "I can't care", great moment lol). Everyone was doing quite well with the responses I thought, and I loved the introductions to the degenerate quartet. I also liked the Gut Check challenge a lot, a ton of rapid fire bets where your first instinct is what you have to go with, and a lot of good variety there in the bets themselves.

    Didn't like as much: I do miss having everyone in the same room together like the Nintento betting special so that there could be more funny interactions between everyone. Also, I didn't quite like the 3 second rule for the initial bets. While it introduces another layer of strategy and drama, I personally would have rather seen these bets have the chance to get properly thought out instead of how Blood had to rush through just about every time.

    All that said, you can tell that a lot of thought and prep went into the betting special as always and I always appreciate all the effort that goes into them. Looking forward to the results!

  • Well, no matter what happens, BenZilla is safe and that's what really matters.

  • @Will-Schmuck I agree with the rushing, but they did have a lot of bets to get through.

    Hopefully they'll have plenty of breakdown on the bets during the E3 Bets results.

  • Love the Degenerate Quarter segment, i think it great idea to wager points.

    1 questions: what will be the tie breaker?

  • @A7X458 Mario Party Mini game would be killer nostalgic tie breaker. Bring back Slusser!

  • I'm also hoping Cold Blooded takes it. Those stakes legitimately shocked me and as much fun as it is to have the entire gang run wild with personas, I gotta admit nothing compares to Kyle and Huber trash talking each other. Plus, we've had multiple allies stream Dark Souls 3 already, that doesn't really get me excited at all.

  • Add me to the Coldblooded side.
    Those stakes are just way more interesting, though I though he meant everyone's alter egos would go extinct, not just Ian and Jones and Brad? Seems more even that way.

    I liked the wagering on the bets, added a layer of strategy to it.

  • YES. YES. YES.

    I'm rooting for Cold Blooded. Those stakes are THE BEST.

  • @Inustar I also thought Cold Blooded's stakes meant retiring all the alter egos too. But I'm not 100% so I just went by what he said.

  • So if Cold Blooded wins, the entire Degenerate Timeline will be reverted? This is madness!

  • admin

    @Blacki138 It's funny how the contract debacle has caused everyone to take things extra-literally now. The intent was to encompass all of the personas.