E3 2017 Bets Showdown

  • I love love love those betting specials! When can we expect the next one? Gamescom?

    Also I'm glad that Ultima Brad won because I enjoy all the other personas and it would have sucked to see them go! Guess we'll need a new number 1 contender match!

  • Oh great, another Dark Souls stream instead of Kyle and Huber doing the next betting special and getting rid of Ultima Brad's ultimately-bad character...

  • @Axel If Sony/Microsoft do a conference at Gamescom then they will do a betting special. If not we wait until TGS.

  • Did they do TGS last year? I thought they did something outside of the canon.

  • @Haru17 I think it was that thing where everybody were betting and Brad won to become the #1 contender against Huber (at PSX?). (And songs for Brad were written.)

  • There were a few aspects that irritated me about the recent betting specials. I apologize if this is too negative or it contradicts the notion of Love & Respect, but I felt the need to get these thoughts off my chest.

    1. It seems silly to me that EZA would use fictional characters rather than their actual selves that people know and love. Kyle made drama (with the Link to the Past controversy and the Trial of Kyle Bosman) by being HIS ACTUAL SELF, rather than a fictional character. They joked on the E3 2017 betting special that some of these characters would be seen at E3. No, they were not seen at the reactions. The people who were there were THE REAL ALLIES, not their fictional personas. While I loved the shtick when this was fully revealed at the Nintendo Switch Presentation bets special, I am skeptical about these characters because they are rarely shown within EZA content (outside of the betting special). While this is silly, absurd, and hilarious right now, it will get old soon. It will drop to mediocrity and Brad will keep doing his "embarrassing stunts", as Cold Blooded said.

    2. The plot device during the E3 2017 bets of Kyle and Huber wanting to "let them burn" is so superficial and redundant when you realize that Cold Blooded's stakes were to return the bets to the actual Allies themselves (and freeze the characters' timeline). I don't know if Kyle/Huber knew about Blood's stakes before he stated them on camera. If Kyle/Huber actually knew the stakes before filming, the "let them burn" plot line is irrelevant. Kyle and Huber wanted to let them burn, but Cold Blooded's stakes would have frozen all of these characters, making them suffer in redundancy (please don't rant to me about the difference between burns and freezing. Different context, same result). Also, Cold Blooded made some really stupid bets that contradict his fictitious personality. "Cold and calculated"? More like warm and hypothetical, am I right? Why would Mark Cerny speak? Why would Shawn Layden wear a t-shirt at an E3 press conference? Why would Spider-Man EVER be shown 2 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES after the Sony press conference? The fictional aspects of these characters and bets are why I wanted Cold Blooded to win, because these characters will get old after a certain period of time. I want the real Allies to come back (although Kyle, Huber, and Don were both there as themselves).

    3. The first thing that I saw on my Twitter homepage this morning, before I saw anything about the results show, was the EZA tweet about the betting special, and Kristen Rogers (Brad's girlfriend) spoiling the results in a reply by saying "Was there ever any doubt?". Those were the first two things I saw on my Twitter, and that infuriated me. I was trying my dang best to avoid spoilers, but this peeved me off. I doubt that Kristen intended to spoil (I know that she's just supporting her boyfriend here), but this still infuriated me nonetheless. I want Kristen to keep supporting Brad like that, but the timing of it could have been more appropriate to people who do not know the results at that immediate point in time.

    To conclude, I think that the shtick of Ultima Brad and these fictional characters is getting absurd, fake, and contradicting the jolly vibes of Love & Respect for me. I know that a lot of the EZA community loves these characters. I love them too, I am just concerned that this kind of stuff will get old in the long term. In my opinion, it's better to see the same people in bets as the people who are reacting to these conferences. I apologize if my opinions are controversial or too negative, I am just becoming critical of this betting special. But thank you for bringing the real Huber and Bosman back to the EZA bets. If these characters continue in future betting specials, I hope that Huber and Bosman continue to host. They do a great job. I apologize for my negativity in this comment. Love & Respect

  • @jifw52 Your first two points are pretty similar and purely a personal thing which is fair.

    Your third point is a bit much though. You mention you were trying your best to avoid spoilers but you went on a social network platform. There is no such thing as an appropriate time to reply to a tweet. You just have to be wary of that kind of thing in general. It also has nothing to do with the betting special itself.

  • @jifw52 The Betting Special is supposed to be fun and silly, I mean how can you predict stuff like this? The video game conferences are purely unpredictable (besides the normal rule of double jumps). I don't see a valid point in criticizing someones bets when this things are basically random.
    Also the characters are basically new, they haven't even been a year old and almost got destroyed in this betting special if ColdBlooded had won, so I don't believe its fair and valid to be SOO worried that they will be kept for longer than what people enjoy them (which people enjoy them very much, I laughed out loud multiple times XD)
    There is a clear inspiration on wrestling since there IS a literal wrestling belt involved. I dont watch or enjoy wrestling but their inspiration for this in my opinion works really well. We expect to see new characters rise and try to take down the OPPRESIVE RULE OF ULTIMABRAD's NEW ERA!!!

  • @jifw52 Ooooh, spicy! I really appreciate your honesty and acknowledging that your comments may be too negative. That is very considerate, and all opinions are welcome in my book.

    1. It might get mediocre, but EZA is so creative and I'm sure they will construct something we all enjoy. I really enjoyed this betting special. I will always go for a Bosman v. Huber betting special, but its refreshing to see new persona characters jump in too. I think if the current and yet to be punished bets (that you can find in the other bets thread) will result in some great entertainment from the real allies personalities.
    2. The higher stakes the better, and conflicting narratives shouldn't be an issue. I say, let the creative liberty be as large as possible to allow for bigger and bolder choices. They are improvisors, they will take whats given to them and make it work. Have faith in your allies, they wont let you down.
    3. Its the internet, if she didn't spoil it, someone else would. Its also Twitter... Bosman avoided it completely because of Pokemon SuMo spoilers. Thats why I love this forum so much because we have spoiler tags and most of us use it.

    I'm not trying to attack you here in any way what so ever, just stating my opinions in relation to yours. Your grievances are still valid, I just dont think its as bad as you might think.

  • When I wrote that message, I was a bit heated. When I went on Twitter this morning (it was the first thing I did after I wake up), I had no idea that the bets special results were uploaded. But you're right, it's my fault for not doing a media blackout during betting results week.

    (can someone show me how to use the spoiler tags, please? I know that most of forum users use it; I've been here awhile. I just forgot how to use them)
    I remember people on the forums saying that they were refusing to post their calculated betting special results to avoid spoilers, and I wanted to watch the betting special without much spoilers.

    I think that part of the reason why I was heated is because the Ultima Brad character brings out these kind of irrational feelings. Brad plays the villain archetype very well, but I just don't like the character (I mentioned the reasons in my previous post).

    I apologize for lashing out my anger. Not all of my criticism was constructive, and I feel bad for doing that. I am doing better now, and I will do my dang best to not express my anger this much in the future. Thank you all for your responses to my comment. The betting specials are still awesome, I was just initially disappointed this morning. Love & Respect

  • I think this was probably my favorite betting special yet as far as entertainment value goes, but I gotta say, and I've seen this brought up in a few other places, the competitors needed more direct involvement with the degenerate quartet. The highest weighted bets outside the final bets were basically nothing more than "how much faith do you have in this Ally," and not directly betting on E3 itself.

    In the past, the team bets were weighted the lowest and there was involvement in selecting their questions. I understand that playing it safe with low bets would have been a viable strategy that neither Brad nor Blood went for, but even at one point, it'd be effectively worth 2, which is as much as the opening numerical bets. And the bottom line is still that we're not here to see bets on whether easy envelopes get randomly drawn or not, we're here to see bets on E3 conferences.

    Aside from that, some good changes overall, and the questions themselves were almost all on point.

  • @jifw52 Just go to a new paragraph and have the following before your text ' >! '

  • @jifw52 Hahaha :P No problem man, it happens. That's how you know that a character is a good heel :P. He is actually really good at it, it almost comes TOO natural XD. I always laugh when he comes in and Kyle and Huber lower their heads a bit like when a classic TV super bully arrives at the school yard. We are all nerds, losers and geeks to Ultima Brad.

  • @jifw52 There is also a "crossed out eye" icon in the text editor with all the bold and italic icons that will give you the spoiler setting. It took me a while to figure out its limitations. just post with it and edit the post to see how it works.

  • There is something that I'm wondering. There's a whole kerfuffle going on about the Imagine Dragons bet from Benzilla. I believe that the bet should still stand (as it was in the results show), but I was wondering: did all of the Degenerate Quartet know that these bets were only for the press conferences? That wasn't made clear to the audience. When Benzilla made that bet, he might have thought that Imagine Dragons could've been played sometime during the entire day at an E3 event, not just the press conferences.

  • @thisnameislame I agree, in terms of "game balance" those bets were way too valuable. Just one was enough to make the difference between winning and losing. They pretty much change the system for every betting special so I'm guessing we won't see this type of scoring again.

  • Evil wins again. Another Dark Souls stream...

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  • Well I really enjoyed the Betting special. It was fun and Kyle and Huber did a great job hosting, and Ultima really knows how to be the classic villain ☺
    That being said I'm sad Cold-blooded lost, purely cause I don't care to watch a Dark Souls stream and I thought his stakes were far more creative and interesting. I really hope to see more creative stakes in the future since I think they fall back on streams as punishments too much.

  • @Inustar Agree... and a what? A 50 something hour game?? That will be like 20 streams at least -_- insane

  • I'm only upset about the Dark Souls stream. What a dumb bet. I expected better from Ultima. He also has to play the dlc. Boo.
    Edit: i like the lore and the betting special.