E3 2017 Bets Showdown

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  • @jifw52 Hahaha :P No problem man, it happens. That's how you know that a character is a good heel :P. He is actually really good at it, it almost comes TOO natural XD. I always laugh when he comes in and Kyle and Huber lower their heads a bit like when a classic TV super bully arrives at the school yard. We are all nerds, losers and geeks to Ultima Brad.

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  • There is something that I'm wondering. There's a whole kerfuffle going on about the Imagine Dragons bet from Benzilla. I believe that the bet should still stand (as it was in the results show), but I was wondering: did all of the Degenerate Quartet know that these bets were only for the press conferences? That wasn't made clear to the audience. When Benzilla made that bet, he might have thought that Imagine Dragons could've been played sometime during the entire day at an E3 event, not just the press conferences.

  • @thisnameislame I agree, in terms of "game balance" those bets were way too valuable. Just one was enough to make the difference between winning and losing. They pretty much change the system for every betting special so I'm guessing we won't see this type of scoring again.

  • Evil wins again. Another Dark Souls stream...

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  • Well I really enjoyed the Betting special. It was fun and Kyle and Huber did a great job hosting, and Ultima really knows how to be the classic villain ☺
    That being said I'm sad Cold-blooded lost, purely cause I don't care to watch a Dark Souls stream and I thought his stakes were far more creative and interesting. I really hope to see more creative stakes in the future since I think they fall back on streams as punishments too much.

  • @Inustar Agree... and a what? A 50 something hour game?? That will be like 20 streams at least -_- insane

  • I'm only upset about the Dark Souls stream. What a dumb bet. I expected better from Ultima. He also has to play the dlc. Boo.
    Edit: i like the lore and the betting special.

  • I have to agree with the notions above: the stakes are simply not interesting at all now after this win. Which is a bummer, as the show itself was entertaining and all (as usual). Now I'm just not anxious to see what happens to the loser, which has usually been the case in the following days and/or weeks. Might check out Blood's outfit but that's it.