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  • What are your favorite cancelled games?

    Mine has to be Earthbound 64. I know it eventually came out as the masterpiece that is Mother 3. But I can't help but wish we got a 3d mother game (I still hope we get a 3d remake of Earthbound some day.) Plus there were so many scenes from the trailer that never appear in the final game.

  • I will FOREVER hate Capcom for this.

    Then when Cyberconnect2 offered to work on the game and Capcom said no, it made me even madder.

    alt text

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  • I've always wondered what "The Crossing" turned into, if anything.

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    I was soo hyped for Starcraft Ghost! I had hoped it would be the ultimate agent game! ...then cancelled :(

    alt text

  • On August 12th, 2014, a mysterious company released a "game" on the PS store entitled P.T. They made history.

    Silent Hill is one of my favorite franchises bar none but seeing it lose its way over the years hurt pretty bad. Then Kojima trolls us all with P.T. which actually ended with a trailer for Silent Hills. Not only was it going to be what looked like a return to form, it was going to be helmed by a master trying out something entirely different. And then Konami happened...

    What makes this more painful than other cancelled games is we actually got a chance to play something that set the tone for what the full experience would be, it wasn't just a few screenshots or a trailer or two. At least I'm lucky enough to have P.T. on my hard drive, so I can continue to replay it and dream of what could have been.

    Ugh, everything cutting to white as the logo reveals and that Silent Hill theme kicks in. Welp, this thread has officially made me sad.

  • I never played the first game, but I was interested in this one.
    I know it probably wouldn't have been much like this, but I was and still am in love with the idea of playing an alien bounty hunter.

  • @Inustar
    Back when that trailer came out they also released a gameplay video and it was really damn close

  • @DMCMaster well... now it's more disappointing ☺

  • STALKER 2.

    I was so sad and upset the day it was cancelled.

  • Star Wars. 1313. Enough said for me.

  • @Brannox Oh! I forgot about this one! Which you know, kinda makes me sadder.
    I was so excited for a grittier Star Wars game.

  • Remember when Microsoft had unreasonable expectations from Japanese game developers?

  • I was really looking forward to Argartha. It was also being developed by Adeline Software, the company that made my much loved Little Big Adventure series, so I was rather hurt when I heard it got cancelled.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned had no reason to look as good as it did, and then it was cancelled for a shitty Tron: Legacy tie in game. Brutal.

  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots

    don't forget about Fez 2

  • Chrono Break, Though not officially announced, the name was registered by Squeenix in Japan.
    Also, TimeSplitters 4

  • Steambot Chronicles 2, it's been a decade since then, I still want it, there's still nothing like it, I'm still hoping that someday Granzella will release it

  • I find myself in the minority of this opinion of LA Noire was one of my top 5 games from last gen so when Bondi was working on Whore of the Orient I could not be more hyped. 50's detective noir vibes are so rare in video games. Then it disappeared forever.

    Second would be what Splinter Cell Conviction was originally. It was more Jason Bourne style where you could pick up any object and use it to fight and it had more open world feel and you could blend into crowds and stuff giving it a real rogue agent vibe. But they changed it into the traditional stealth shooter that was pretty meh by the time it came out.

  • @TheTaulbster The idea for that game looked kinda interesting.... but that is not a good title. At all. I personally hate it, but more importantly that's not an easy sell. Imagining them saying that name at a press conference is kinda funny.

  • @Inustar It's an especially bad title because of how easy it is to shorten it up.


    Now that's a title.

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