Allies Favourite Trailers

  • So in honour of E3, I thought I'd ask everyone what their favourite game trailer of all time is.

    Now, a couple rules to this.

    1. Only one trailer. I'd love to see people have to agonize over having to choose only one.
    2. If you can, post the video for it.
    3. If someone else already posted your fave, please feel free to post your second fave. Just mention the one that was actually your fave ☺
    4. It's always great to also give a reason why it's your favourite.

    It's new, sure, but it is my favourite even though I don't even care to play the game. I love the music choice, and I get a distinct feeling of where these characters are and a good idea of what this sequel is going to tackle. It made me hyped for a game I don't really care about.

  • Youtube Video

    Nintendo knew what they had with this trailer. It really sold the game for a lot of people and was the only really good trailer for BotW (imo). When the main theme kicks in at 2:50 I still get goosebumps, despite watching this trailer so many times.

    And as Huber would say, it's honest. You can go do everything and go to all those places in the trailer too.

  • @dramaticslowmo said in Allies Favourite Trailers:

    the only really good trailer for BotW (imo)

    Gives away too much of the story and characters you meet I think. I still prefer the atmosphere, ambiance, and mystery of this Breath of the Wild trailer way more.

    The thing about trailers is I usually forget about them the moment the games come out. I definitely can't remember well enough to recall my favorite trailers of all time, but what I can tell you is the trailers that have stuck with me despite being released ages ago. So here's my favorite trailer as far as I can remember. Sure this is a trailer that's simply an animated adaptation of some of the major events of the game, but not only presented in a way that strongly reflects what the game is like despite not appearing in the game itself at all, but the trailer holds up as the best animated this major franchise has ever been and likely will ever be.

    Youtube Video

  • @Inustar The Last of Us is one of my favorite games of all time, but I couldn't enjoy that trailer for the same reasons; It's a sequel, it's really vague about its premise and I don't understand why the characters are doing what they're doing (something that never happened in the game), lyrics about 'killing my enemies' aren't very Last of Us to me, even Sony said it's far-off so you know they announced it years too early for no reason, and now I have to dodge spoilers for the next like seven E3s.

    @dramaticslowmo That was a great trailer, but it really sucked that it showed the majority of the content in Breath of the Wild. Also it still sounds better than just playing that game.

    My pick is another Zelda trailer whose score isn't in the game itself. There's something about the melancholy build of it and those midi, dirty Twilight Princess horns that's inspiring. The best way I can describe their sound is that it's at once an alarming reminder of a wrong in the world and a call to action to fix it.

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    I remember watching this back then and it took way too long to understand what I was seeing. Only when Trevor got up I was like hoooly shiiit. I was so ready to double dip with this one. The music works just beautifully with all those sceneries, the mood is somehow really pure and fresh, and then you see your trio again, living their lives. I'm with you in a moment, guys! This trailer simply makes me smile every time I watch it, it feels good.

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    I've never played this game and I don't think I ever will in all honesty but something about this trailer really struck a chord with me back during E3 a few years ago. I loooooooooooooove feel-good trailers (if I could post a second one it'd probably be the Sonic Mania pre-order trailer that came out last week honestly) and this trailer is the definition of feel-good.

  • I'm afraid of sounding like a broken record, but there's only one choice for me.

    Youtube Video

    I shouldn't have to explain that the trailer is awesome, because just watch it and tell me it isn't, but for me the moment it came out it was mindblowing. I was on my way to work on the bus, and I was watching the live stream from the japanese event, praying that we would get a release date and that my mobile connection wouldn't fail.

    It was a trailer that made me even more excited for the thing I've waited for the most in my life, and now that it is out and it is my favorite game, I can't possibly pick another trailer over it.

  • @bard91 I almost picked that one. Top 5 of all time for sure.

  • I guess I'm cheating a little bit by including Itoi's message, but I think it's a crucial part of what makes this trailer great. (Sorry about the video, it's the only one that has both Itoi's message and the trailer). Basically, I don't think this trailer is anything crazy good, but, I think the way it was presented is fantastic. If this had been shown at Nintendo's E3 presentation instead of at the Nintendo World Championships, it could have saved the show. There's just this moment, where you think it's about to be Mother 3, but it's not. But at the same time, you still feel hyped because it's this long awaited game, and Nintendo is finally giving it to us.

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  • Simply put, there has not been a bigger shock in my gaming life and I will ALWAYS watch this every reason I get. Regardless of the final product, I'll always have this. To quote a certain trailer enthusiast on a trailer focused show:

    "Let us just pause in this moment, right now. You guys are watching around the world; people on streams, in the theater, people in other theaters. So you can imagine all of these little explosions... Don't think about this too hard, thinking about how everything can go wrong. Don't think about when you're getting this, don't think about anything. Just know 'the promise has been made'."

    Final Fantasy VII: Remake

  • Pretty easy for me.

    FarCry 3 Blood Dragon This is as close to perfect as a trailer can get. Hands down my favorite. It has material specifically made for the trailer, it has gameplay, it is well directed, the tone is on-point and it totally sells you on the game.

    Here are the 4 I'd rank below it.

    Deus Ex Human Revolution I can't think of a single better CGI trailer. Very well directed and sells you on the idea of the game. It turned sceptics around in just 5m11s back when it was first shown.

    Dawn of War 3 Also has an excellent CGI trailer.

    Metal Gear Solid 5 One of the most well directed trailers for a game I've ever seen.

    Rocketbirds: Hardboild Chicken Simple and straightforward, but that's what I liked about it.

  • @Haru17 Well as someone who played the game, I am sure you're right, and those are all fair points.

    Just from an outside perspective it really made it look like the next game was going to be about revenge, which really came across in the trailer. I just really loved the lingering on the hands before you even knew who it was, and the slow reveal of all the bodies in the house.