EZA E3 Coverage info

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    Making this thread to give you Allies a heads up on what will happen during the press conferences for EZA Twitch stream. A post has been made on the Patreon. If you have not seen it or are not a Patron here is the link . Hope this clarifies any questions you might have before the big event this up coming week.



  • Absolutely no issue with this. I'm a patron and twitch sub through Prime, but I'm gonna hide chat during the conferences anyways. there isn't any discussion other than walls of emotes and it scrolls by so fast nobody can read anything anyways.

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    For those who aren't subs, you can still view everything, the video and chat, just not join in the chat.

    This is definitely needed for us mods, as 6000 viewers in chat will be hectic.

    There's always the EZA Discord channel if you absolutely have to text chat with other EZA fans (if you don't sub on Twitch) and it will go off and back into the usual follower mode outside of the actual conferences.

  • Let's be honest, during conferences the allies are focused on the conference. I want to watch them and their opinions on the conference.

    They haven't historically really talked to chat mid-conference anyway. Keeping it readable for them (So they can see what we are freaking out about, or if they missed something) and readable for me, sounds amazing.

    Also, Discord is a smart thing. Their mobile app is fantastic.

  • Commented on Patreon basically what I think of this, but @MCRMJ 's Discord idea isn't a terrible one even if it means having to tab out of the stream to comment for those of us without dual monitors or wanting to shrink the size of the conference window. It might be good for growing the Discord community too, since it really feels like a couple of us regulars monopolize it the way it is now, and I think just about all of us would appreciate the new blood. Maybe the mods could advertise this when we do go sub only, so people are aware of the option?

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    @Mbun we will be since E3 kicks off with EA thats where we will start making people aware of Sub mode