Bubsy's Back!!!

  • I am rec''ing an new show ''Must Skip''. Bubsy will be the first game nominated.

    Sorry so much salt......then again i am just as hyped as Huber about everything else so please forgive me!

  • @Sheria Bubsy has had several games, and even best of them can't be considered good. And @Mbun, I agree that Bubsy is annoying character, with no charm or anything truly unique about him, this is why I wonder why on earth some people decided to bring him back from the depths of gaming hell. That said, I'm willing to see what reviewers are saying about it, though I'm not expecting much.

  • @Sieghardt The last proper Goemon game came out in 2005, and was japan only, and good. But insted we get Shaq Fu and Bubsy, FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • I apologize for the negativity of my previous comment. There's absolutely nothing wrong with liking Bubsy. I guess in the right hands he could slowly get morphed into an interesting character. I just personally hope his new games are more mechanically sound than the old ones, because it's harder to enjoy a character that's already strange when their game is jank city on top of it. Good luck to the devs. Hopefully there's some reason and passion behind their decision to acquire and use this specific character over others.

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    There's gonna be a Mario, Bubsy, Shaq Fu and two Sonic games this year.

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  • @jipostus You are technically correct, this could be good.... It's just an odd choice for a company to spend money on. But everything old is new again.

    But just that little dialogue, that voice... it was like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  • Here is where I admit something that makes this community shun me - I like Bubsy 2.

    I remember playing the hell out of it as a kid and getting pretty far. Oddly enough, I booted it up last year and I was still remembering things about its level design - not something I can say for most games due to my terrible memory. I agree that Bubsy 3D was a stain on everything and the first game was just strange, but the second isn't as bad as everyone says, especially considering most people hating the poor cat haven't even played his games.

    Will this be successful? Nah. His attitude is very "90s" and likely would attract the same people that a Gex sequel would - weird people remembering bits of their past. Needless to say, I'll probably get this.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Bubsy's Back!!!:

    Here is where I admit something that makes this community shun me - I like Bubsy 2.

    Well so long as you don't like Bubsy 3D. (tank controls in a 3D platformer? eww)

    I've no real stake in this one way or the other, never really played any of the Bubsy games. (if they go on sale on Steam though I might decide to give them a look at)

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  • Did we unwittingly wished a new Bubsy into existence?

    Knack 2 feelings here