Easy Allies Writing Club

  • Writing up some stuff. Will probably have a rough draft early next week. I can't wait to share with you all!

  • I did go ahead and start writing this: Allies in Mysterious Domains

    I'll try my best to include the suggested scenario in the chapter later down the line, but this is just the very beginning, so there is plenty of room for stuff to happen... I mean, not much has happened in regards of story yet :P

  • I'd edit the first post of this thread with the relevant links, or move everyone over to a blog post.

  • @jipostus That's fine, no worries. The prompt is really more of something to help people out if they're drawing blanks. We're all Easy Allies here and if you're writing, that's really all it takes to "join". I've added you onto the main page, by the way.

    @Stormcrownn, good suggestion, I've edited the main post to include the link. I'll keep this post under General Discussion but in 2 weeks when it comes time for a new prompt, I'll shift over to Blogs as suggested with a brand new post.

  • Is this restricted to traditional geek genres, like fantasy and sci-fi?

    I have an idea for a sci-fi-ish story, but most of my work is poetry and modern literature.

  • Nevermind, I see the idea now, you have a prompt and you write on that scenario, I imagine in any scenario. K.

  • @eschatological Yes, sorry it took me so long to get back to you, really any setting is fine. The prompt is recommended but even then, I'm not here to be a stickler and say you have to follow it. Long as we're writing and reading each other's work, that's the main goal here.

  • really like this idea dude/dudette (is there a gender neutral version of dude? dode maybe?). I'm definitely down

  • @Mango Glad to have you on board Mango! Dude works, although dood also is acceptable, given my penguin/prinny love.

  • So, I generally don't share my work before it's finished, and this is a new thing for me, so bear with me. I hadn't thought much about this topic yet until today, and I came up for an idea for a noire-y detective story starring some of the Allies. I've never written "pop" fiction, and I've definitely never written fan fiction, but these are the opening pragraphs. I kind of like it mostly for its small EZA references, so far. This is a very rough first draft:

    Blood and sweat is the currency of the working class, and if anyone was working class, it was Michael P. Huber. Detective Michael P. Huber, that is, but not one of those fancy gumshoes who drank in the middle of the day and tracked down cheating husbands for sultry, middle-aged wives. This private dick was more of the Irish-German variety, apt to pick up a bat and go down the docks to “elicit information” from “informants,” the old-fashioned way. Huber knew that the appreciation for blood and sweat only went so far, though; once the blood became literal and the sweat soaked your clothes through, the cost of the endeavour was often too high. And when the blood came from a thorough beating, the sweat from being chased across town, any detective who cleaned his own suits knew it was time to crawl home to sleep it off. But there was no crawling home in this case. This case had put Mike Huber in a corner, and he knew he had lost for good. There was only one option left.

    It was annoying, though, that this should be the end of the jolly times. The case had seemed open and shut, a bunch of working men conned out of their money in an informal casino, not being paid for bets they won fair and square. No one contested that such an off-book arrangement stunk of shady backdoor deals on its best days, but Mike’s clients had felt aggrieved nonetheless. The casino had had the temerity to suggest the winning bets obtained from various wagers were worth nothing, not even the paper they were jotted down on. It seemed like a simple matter of applying the right pressure to the right shin bone to get the mobster running the casino to pay up, and one thing Huber, P.I. was good at was applying pressure with a certain exuberance. But Mike Huber, on his last case as a detective, had underestimated the casino boss, a German mobster by the name of Kyle “The Final” Bosman. Ugly as a troll under a bridge, this particular ape of a man had earned his nickname by being the last sight of many an unfortunate sap unable to pay the house. He had weaseled his way out of too many deals before, and Huber figured it was time for him to pay the piper. Little did he know how much he would end up owing the house before the night was through.

  • @eschatological I think thats the best part of this "Writing Club" idea, is that you don't need to polish out every little sentence. You can write something and share it quickly. :)

  • @eschatological I'm really hoping Don makes an appearance, this seems right up his alley! Loving it so far though. If you could do me a favor and create a Google doc and provide me with the link/what you want your page to be called, I'll get right on adding you to the main page.

    And yep, you're not alone with the sentiment of it being unusual to share your work. Luckily, we have a very respectful community here so I'm hoping it turns into an interesting experiment that at least gets us all writing.

  • "I want my characters to suffer."

  • Just making sure everyone is alive and well, I got sucked into a Grand Kingdom hole on my days off and didn't log in. If anyone has been working on anything, lemme know so I can add you on.

    Also, I'm not sure if I'm alone here, but calling it a writing club feels kinda... lame. If anyone has any better suggestions for a name, feel free to share.

  • @SabotageTheTruth please DM me to my twitter as soon as possible

  • If anyone has poetic ability, please DM me at twitter

  • I'd like to answer the riddles and try the strength test to join your ranks!

    I'm an indie dev, making my first ever game. It's loosely tied together with an unfinished story. So I think a place where I can write short pieces will really help me solidify the story in my game.

    Anahera: Short stories for an upcoming indie game


  • 4 months late but any chance I can jump in on this? My life was too hectic to finish my Nanowrimo (I only made it about 17000 words in before realizing I wasn't happy with my writing and I was just forcing it), but once my grad school apps start quieting down I really want to jump back into everything. Is this still alive?

  • @naltmank Well, the thread kinda died about 4 months ago so I figured the concept just wouldn't work here. If interest continues, then I'm game for starting it back up.

  • Oh it's not continuing? Bummer.