EA Play E3 2017 Discussion

  • I'm confused, so they're having this then their conference Sunday? I was reading they teased BioWares new ip and will show more at Sunday's conference.

  • @CGamor7 at microsoft's conference

  • A Way Out looks good!

    And yeah the new Bioware IP called Anthem will be shown off at the Xbox Conference tomorrow.

  • @Sieghardt ohhhh okay.

    Watched some of the trailers. Looks like some good stuff. Anthem and the prison game look cool.

  • I gave EA conference 0/10

    Sports games, NFS feel like scripted, Star wars battlefron 2 looks terrible, a away out looks good until it reveal as coop only.

  • @Black-Cell

    I love that A Way Out is co-op only. Makes that game feel very unique to me. NFS CG interruptions did seem a bit odd, but I don't want to judge it soley on that just yet. It looked fun to play.

    I'm not interested in Sports games, but it's there for the many people that do. And the new Bioware IP has me intrigued.

    Unbiased I would give the conference a 7/10. It's definitely the best EA Conference in a long time, if not ever.

  • I thought the press conference was a step up from last year, but still very oddly paced. I thought the sports block was fine for the most part. Madden was fine, I feel like the Men in Blazers spiel for Fifa might be iffy for some, but as a soccer guy, I really liked seeing them. I thought NBA Live showed really badly. They tried to show some new feature in a slow-mo shot instead of actually gameplay and then proceeded to show a trailer with no real gameplay.

    A Way Out seems really cool, interested to see how it demos at the show if it's playable. Need For Speed is a series I was never super-invested in but I thought it looked interesting at least.

    I'm indifferent towards Anthem until we see more at Microsoft, although I'm definitely excited to see what Bioware's up to.

    Battlefront II looks like a massive upgrade, but I thought the actor coming out to speak wasn't necessary, or at least was a bit too long for my taste, and we didn't really need that dev diary before the trailer. And the big demo for BF2 was good, but I think they should've made it more clear that it was the end of the show. I was still wondering if they were gonna come back to the new Star Wars games through that whole thing.

    No Visceral/Respawn Star Wars was definitely sad, but I'm holding out hope that we still might see them at Microsoft or Sony (more likely Sony I think).

    Fresh out of the conference, I think I'd give it a 6.8/10. I felt it was so oddly paced and structured, but it wasn't as bad as last year.

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    I think it was a step up from last years EA Play... but it still wasnt that great.

    My outtakes were: Battlefield 1 DLC, sport, sport, sport.... spooort.. NEED FOR SPEED!!! YAAAS! Could be a cool game to play! ......sport... sport... zones out ....JOSEF FARES! ..... BIOWARE!? Anthem? that could be quite cool! ...Oh star wars! ...30 min? meeh.

  • It was better than last year but they still have some way to go. They just spend far too much time talking about things that really can speak for themselves.

    In terms of speakers, I thought Josef Fares (Hazelight director) and Iden Versio (Battlefront 2 actor) were great, in particular the latter.

    Games wise, Need for Speed looked good, I'm intrigued by Anthem and A Way Out looks fantastic. I'm so in on that last one.

    Glad we've got arguably what will be the worst conference out of the way

  • Need For Speed looked surprisingly fun. That Burnout-like crash slowdown is already old though.

    A Way Out could be good.

    BF2 looks fun but I didn't need to see much more. Also I had a bad feeling they were going to show too much of the secrets within the plot and sure enough they did.

    Everything else was just okay. Ending with an ad for a mobile game that's already been out for awhile was awkward. Still better than last year.

  • A Way Out was a 8.75/10
    High point of the entire conference.

  • 5/10 conference.
    Highlights: A way out looks fun, Anthem teaser looked intriguing.
    Lowlights: Bad pacing, bad speakers, still too much talking, no Battlefront 2 single player showcase.

    Can't believe Kyle said that they've set the bar high. I'd be surprised if we'll see a weaker conference by the end of the week.

  • 3/10 conference, dunno what the guys were thinking with those high scores, lowered expectations I guess? While it was a step up from last year there was still a ton of cringe worthy moments, terrible scripts/acting and failures. A Way Out was a shining Gem but it was like 40% star wars 40% sports

  • I have no idea why people are bashing EA for showing their sports games, as they sell a lot of them. And honestly, they didn't linger on them as much as they did last year, and those showings weren't nearly as bad. A way out was easily the best thing they showed this year, and has gotten my interest. Battlefield thing was okay, NFS showing was decent, though both could have been a lot better, and the Star Wars showcase had me interested, until they showed the gameplay, which was poorly put together mess. Also, disappointed that they didn't show anything else than Battlefront 2.

    Overall, It was a 6.8/10 conference.

  • Banned

    • Sports
    • E-celebs
    • Fast and the Furious 9
    • Escape Italian Prison
    • Pacific Rim: The Video Game
    • Star Wars pre-order now starting at $99.99

    2/10 conference

  • Remember when the guy said he spent $1,000 on Battlefront 1?

  • Banned

    My hype for Anthem is kill.
    Another FpsMMORpgLite

    The game is built around a live service, and through our creative process, we've decided to add more to the disruptive new social designs for our players. To accommodate that, we are moving the launch date for this project into fiscal year '19."

  • As someone who likes to play games with her bf on the couch, A Way Out looks great.
    I'm interested in Need for Speed though I don't think it was showed off as well in this conference as it could have been.
    I don't care about sports games, but hey tons of people do... so it makes sense to show them and it didn't last too long.
    I liked Janina Gavankar doing the hosting for Star Wars and the call out to Boyega's tweet from the last game. 30 minutes for Battlefront 2 was too long I think, maybe they should have shown some clips and then done this seperately. It mostly just made me think they didn't have enough to fill their conference.

    Overall it was a 6/10 for me. Not terrible, not as bad as last year, but not enough games that excited me.

  • I'm not interested in more MMO slavery like Destiny whereas I would have been interested in a new Bioware RPG (especially fantasy-set). A shooter means I'm hard out. I might have given it the time of day had it been a melee action game, but everything changed when the western developers attacked with their BB gun mechanics.

  • @Inustar

    I didn't know/bothered to watch the conference after the 1 hour passed. 30 minutes for a game I'm not that interested in I don't really count towards the conference. To me it ended after the first hour lol.

    And 100% agree with you on A Way Out. Me and my lady are going to be all over that game. There's not a lot of good co-op games out there. Last good co-op games I played with her, and enjoyed was Overcooked and Resident Evil Revelations 2.