EA Play E3 2017 Discussion

  • 3/10 conference, dunno what the guys were thinking with those high scores, lowered expectations I guess? While it was a step up from last year there was still a ton of cringe worthy moments, terrible scripts/acting and failures. A Way Out was a shining Gem but it was like 40% star wars 40% sports

  • I have no idea why people are bashing EA for showing their sports games, as they sell a lot of them. And honestly, they didn't linger on them as much as they did last year, and those showings weren't nearly as bad. A way out was easily the best thing they showed this year, and has gotten my interest. Battlefield thing was okay, NFS showing was decent, though both could have been a lot better, and the Star Wars showcase had me interested, until they showed the gameplay, which was poorly put together mess. Also, disappointed that they didn't show anything else than Battlefront 2.

    Overall, It was a 6.8/10 conference.

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    • Sports
    • E-celebs
    • Fast and the Furious 9
    • Escape Italian Prison
    • Pacific Rim: The Video Game
    • Star Wars pre-order now starting at $99.99

    2/10 conference

  • Remember when the guy said he spent $1,000 on Battlefront 1?

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    My hype for Anthem is kill.
    Another FpsMMORpgLite

    The game is built around a live service, and through our creative process, we've decided to add more to the disruptive new social designs for our players. To accommodate that, we are moving the launch date for this project into fiscal year '19."

  • As someone who likes to play games with her bf on the couch, A Way Out looks great.
    I'm interested in Need for Speed though I don't think it was showed off as well in this conference as it could have been.
    I don't care about sports games, but hey tons of people do... so it makes sense to show them and it didn't last too long.
    I liked Janina Gavankar doing the hosting for Star Wars and the call out to Boyega's tweet from the last game. 30 minutes for Battlefront 2 was too long I think, maybe they should have shown some clips and then done this seperately. It mostly just made me think they didn't have enough to fill their conference.

    Overall it was a 6/10 for me. Not terrible, not as bad as last year, but not enough games that excited me.

  • I'm not interested in more MMO slavery like Destiny whereas I would have been interested in a new Bioware RPG (especially fantasy-set). A shooter means I'm hard out. I might have given it the time of day had it been a melee action game, but everything changed when the western developers attacked with their BB gun mechanics.

  • @Inustar

    I didn't know/bothered to watch the conference after the 1 hour passed. 30 minutes for a game I'm not that interested in I don't really count towards the conference. To me it ended after the first hour lol.

    And 100% agree with you on A Way Out. Me and my lady are going to be all over that game. There's not a lot of good co-op games out there. Last good co-op games I played with her, and enjoyed was Overcooked and Resident Evil Revelations 2.

  • 5/10 conference for me. As someone who enjoys sports games there wasn't enough to draw me in to rebuy those games. While I like the idea of A Way Out, I don't really have anybody to couch co-op with so I'll probably watch some streams of it. Also nothing really wowed me from the battlefront 2, I plan on checking it out when it releases but it just seems that added more to battlefront 1 and are slapping a 2 on the game.

  • @ducksfly2gether

    You can play A Way Out with someone online also, just in case you didn't know. You don't need to always play with someone locally.

  • A Way Out and the new Bioware game look really interesting, but the conference was rather meh overall for me.

    Battlefront 2 looks cool but I just really didn't have a lot of fun playing the first.. I don't know if any amount of new stuff will make me enjoy it more if the gameplay doesn't change.

  • @Descendant it's one of the reasons I adore Borderlands.... it might not be the greatest game but it was co-op and therefore a hit with us. Overcooked was amazing as well.

  • so didn't watch the conference but FIFA 18 on Switch sounds like it's the real deal this time.

    i personnally couldn't give any less of a shit about FIFA but that's fantastic news 3rd Party Support wise for Nintendo. :)

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  • @Descendant Yeah I saw that. I feel like that game was made for couch co-op in mind and would be best played that way. I might wait to see the price but I'm sure it's a full priced game.

  • A Way Out is the one thing I'm potentially interested in playing from all they've showed, and I have a lot of doubts about that one tbh, so yeah overall to me not good, FIFA I already have 17 and I don't buy them yearly anyways (last one I had was 10) but they also lost any potential of me buying it by putting Ronaldo on the cover.

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  • Personally, the conference was a 6.5/10 (3 stars) and a MASSIVE improvement over last year:

    While I liked the drum corps., I felt it was kind of pointless, ESPECIALLY for the Madden block. Also Madden following in FIFA's footsteps with a story mode... Heh.

    The YouTuber compilation for Battlefield 1 was a let down, but the map trailers look interesting for Battlefield fans (of which I am not).

    ESports.... Sure. If you're in to that (I'm not).

    Fast and Fu... I mean for Need for Speed: Payback (See ESports comment)

    A Way Out is, to me, THE highlight of the conference. Personally bummed it's mandatory co-op, but I like its take on incorporating a new way to playing a game. I really hope it does well early next year.

    The Seed and Scorpio talk was kind of unnecessary.

    Anthem's tease was my other personal highlight, but teasing your IP for another conference is weird when viewed from the EA lens, but KUDOS to Microsoft in shelling out the money to get it on their stage. I'm pretty sure the game is multiplatform, but Xbox needs all the help it can get.

    NBA Live. Worst. Part. of the Show.

    Battlefront II was my most anticipated, confirmed, game for the show and I like the way it looks, it dragged on a bit too much. I do not fault not going Single Player, as this follows the 2015 model where MP is on EA's stage while Sony will probably have a campaign mission on theirs. At least they showed it. And a MAJOR plus how all DLC will be free.

    Super bummed no Visceral or Respawn presence, but happy they don't show anything if it's not ready. Also, the collective time dedicated to sports was SMALL, which I'm grateful for AND it was spread out instead of a continuous chunk.


    Pros: A Way Out, Anthem, Battlefront II looks nice
    Cons: Sports (though it was short) and ESports.

  • It was just OK, but are my wife and I the only ones who know Neebs Gaming?

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