E3 2017 Conference Ratios

  • @Haru17 Thanks! it is some work, but I love E3!

  • This is AMAZING!

    Super happy to get this information cause you're never really sure when you're watching it. Sometimes I think a conference had more gameplay then it really did purely because a couple things left more of an impression on me. Having hard numbers for these things is just great, especially breaking it down further to show what kind of non game things are happening.

    Thanks for all your hard work. It's super appreciated!

  • @Inustar thanks! I do think it brings and interesting perspective to the conferences

  • It's really interesting to see my opinions justified by the stats. Men In Blazers talked for too long, about Hunter. I think if they had just gone straight from Ronaldo and then queued in the trailer without saying Hunter's name, it would have been a cleaner segment as a whole.

  • Damn, that's bad, no wonder I hated it so much.

  • I don't think you should ever have less than a majority focused on games so 46% is already kinda rough, but when you consider that almost all of it was just a one game demo at the very, very end that makes it seem a hell of a lot worse. Granted, that's about what I expected outta EA but still.

  • If you take out the the almost 19 minute Battlefront 2 demo the Games percentage of the show drops to 28.6%. So almost the same as the previous year.

  • @TheTaulbster Yeah, I just thought about that, considering last year it wasn't part of the press conference you mustn't have counted it, huh?

  • @Hazz3r Yeah I did not include the Battlefield 1 thing last year because it seemed to be a consensus from everyone that it was it's own thing after the conference was over. Not sure if the BF2 demo being in the conference helped or hurt EA

  • Updated with all conferences now

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    @TheTaulbster First of all, let me say Welcome to the forum! (if yet a little late). This is a really interesting thread! I have never been super good with numbers and statistics, but seeing it mapped out like this really brings a new perspective to the press conferences. Also see that you are the master of spreadsheets! Would of loved to see lists like these on the last 2 years of conferences as well, but this is great!

    This also shows that I have an idea of how much each press have of gameplay, trailers and talk compared what it actually was. I wonder what makes it happen

  • Love these statistics, very nicely presented here. Thank you very much, it's fascinating to go through all the conferences in my mind again while reading these charts.

  • I feel like 80%+ Games is how it should be, but no matter what companies will have a drawn out and rhetorical laden E3 conference whether they have something to justify the time or not.

    If you're going to be 30+ min and only have a 50% Games showing, then just do a Bethesda-type video (but not on a stage).

    Great use of statistics OP.

  • Thank you guys! I do think 75+ should be the goal. Not only does it cut out the crap we don't need but also makes for a quicker faster show. Microsofts show was just exhausting by the end of it. While it wasn't perfect I think Sony is pretty close, last year's conference was nearly perfect.

  • This is wonderful, I'd love it if you went back and did it for some of the most infamous E3 shows. I recently watched Nintendo's conference from 2008 again. It's so bad, but is love to see it broken down in a chart. You could even introduce a section for "cringey" gameplay demos.

  • @benoit489 I'll def do it for following conferences like PSX and what not

  • @TheTaulbster So was Devolver's conference not technically an E3 conference, in a similar way the PC gaming show isn't?

  • @Doctor-Professor I was just going off of the main big publisher conferences, the way I saw it their "conference" was more of a parody as opposed to actually trying to show off games.

  • @TheTaulbster

    Yeah, I'd agree. Sony showed mostly games this year but it didn't pack as much of a punch that you'd expect from so many games being shown.

  • I think part of the problem with Sony's conference was that they announced two remakes of games that have already been remade, buried actual announcements like Monster Hunter in the middle of their show, and showed that God of War and Hashtag Spiderman weren't as interesting when we'd already known about them for a year.

    If they wanted to have an emotionally affecting conference like last year they could have lead with Detroit, dropped the choices rewind stuff, and not pulled the punch with that murdering cop-executing riot scene by cutting away. They could have opened with Spiderman and ended with Monster Hunter or that Supermassive game they kicked out of the show. And of course, they're paying to have those lame CoD and Destiny trailers in their show, and I don't know if that's even their audience or not.