Microsoft E3 2017 Discussion

  • The conference doesn't start for another few hours, but I wanted to go ahead and create a thread where we can discuss predictions, hopes, dreams, real-time reactions, and post-conference analysis about today's events!

    I'll start off the pre-discussion with my hopes that we get updates on many projects like Crackdown 3, Below, Cuphead, State of Decay 2, and Sea of Thieves. Also, I hope to see quite a bit of new IP, especially since we are guaranteed Anthem from Bioware.

  • @Brannox Microsoft is going to be interessting. Of all the conferences I feel like it has the highest range of possible outcomes from failure to success. Hopefully they have some surprises ready for us. Scorpio is probably going to be 499 as expected.

  • Cuphead is Microsoft's The Last Guardian. The longer it takes to come out the worse reception it'll eventually get. At this point, if they don't announce a release date I just don't care anymore.

    I don't want to see another gameplay demo for Sea of Thieves, just a slick trailer that maybe shows off some things we didn't already know and gives a release date.

    A new Ori game has leaked, so I guess we'll see plenty of that.

    Please don't talk about HoloLens unless you're going to reveal a release date for a consumer version and a price.

    I'm expecting Scorpio to be $500/£450. They've said time and again that it's for enthusiasts, and I think this is in an effort to prepare the public for a high price tag. I don't think this is wrong either. Their target market is people that can afford 4K TVs with a decent refresh rate in 2017.

    The setting of Anthem has put me off. I really need them to sell it to me in this press conference.

    The biggest thing is that Microsoft really needs a big game to help sell the Scorpio, and if that's Anthem then I'm going to be really disappointed. I just want a new Microsoft first party IP to be excited about. I want to play something from Microsoft in the next year that has me chomping at the bit for next years conference, because at this moment in time, I watch Microsoft's conferences out of habit, not because I expect to be blown away by a game that makes me go all fry.jpg.

  • I feel like regardless of what the games are shown, or the capabilities of the hardware, the price is going to sink or swim this conference.

  • Ginger haired host of E3 just maybe leaked the price for Scorpio, if it's true MS just shot themselves in the foot.....with a rocket launcher

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    @DMCMaster Is it a rocket as big as FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE US DOLLARS?

  • So, Geoff Keighley just tweeted an hour ago that unless anything changes, Scorpio is going to be $499.

    I really think this is a reasonable price but I fully expect there to be backlash.

  • @Hazz3r
    $500 for a 4K machine with (as of this time) no games....that's gonna be a hard sell.

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    @DMCMaster Don't worry, people will pay FIVE hundred dollars for Halo FIVE.

  • @DMCMaster

    Well, it has the entire Xbox One library. They just need to explain what it's going to make better, similar to how Sony's PS4 pro conference thing explained that, with actual examples. Better yet, showcase cool new gameplay features that are only possible on Scorpio.

    I also really hope that they've nailed the look. People don't like dropping $499 on an ugly piece of technology.

    You know, it's a true 4K gaming console, with significantly more under the hood than the PS4 Pro (priced at $399). I think any lower and they'd be losing money.

  • $500 is an extremely tough sell. I never had any interest in getting it since they don't have any exclusives but I was still hoping it'd be competitive. At that price, I'd love to know the expected sales for them as it's surely going to be much lower than the Pro, never mind PS4.

  • I'm most excited for this press conference and I don't even own an Xbox One. Competition is great for any marketplace and of "the big three", they seem to be trailing the most, so hopefully they bring something truly exciting today. That exciting thing either needs to be tech that pushes boundaries (not just in graphical fidelity) or new IPs that offer something vastly different from what is available currently. Hopefully they don't stick on the Scorpio for too long. Give us those details sure but then show us some innovative games.

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    I hope they show off a new Conker game for the Scorpio. FINGERS CROSSED!

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  • Will Scalebound rereveal itself?!

  • @Hazz3r
    Which again, not alot of major games on X1. To me personally there are only 2 games worth getting on X1, Rare Replay and Killer Instinct (Which id have to drop an additional $200 for a fightstick). Cuphead looks awesome but its delays have dwindle my enthusiasm for it, although that could change later today. Scalebound looked awesome till it was cancelled, an We Happy Few had my attention, till it was revealed to be another first personal survival, at which point that dropped from my radar faster then a Zeppelin made of led.

    I just want something from MS that makes me go "Thats it, Its time to buy a X1/Scorpio"

  • @DMCMaster said in Microsoft E3 2017 Discussion:

    I just want something from MS that makes me go "Thats it, Its time to buy a X1/Scorpio"

    Couldn't agree with you more.

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    @DMCMaster said in Microsoft E3 2017 Discussion:

    I just want something from MS that makes me go "Thats it, Its time to buy a X1/Scorpio"

    Take your pick.

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  • @Art The console sounds sweet. But none of those games make me want one. I'd want it for third party games.

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    @CGamor7 Then why not just get a PC?

  • I'm still expecting a $450-$500+ Price point, they spend a half hour justifying that, show nothing new. Possibly mention crackdown 3 and sea of thieves. And show off Anthem as if it was their own game (It isn't).

    I hope there's plenty of Booing for the price point too, cause honestly....just go get a PC, you're already going to be playing against PC players on the windows 10 cross play anyway. Why bother with a console?

    Oh and then let's not forget the overuse of the word experience and True 4K and all those Teraflops