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    tfw When I'm more excited about old Xbox games.

    Original Xbox BC and Cuphead were pretty much the only things that got me excited. However, I'm not getting my hopes up on the former. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the best titles like PGR 1 & 2, MechAssault, RalliSport Challenge 1 & 2, JSRF, Unreal Championship, and the original Splinter Cell trilogy were hung up by licensing issues.

    And when it comes to Splinter Cell, the emulation would need to be FLAWLESS, as the unique lighting engine is the entire game. The original Xbox is home to a lot of unique graphical effects, actually. Good enough will not be good enough.

    And of course, without Xbox Live compatibility, the value of this announcement drops by 75%. Xbox Live was added back into the Phantom Dust remaster without access to the full source code, so anything's possible, but given how Microsoft's treated other old games/franchises like Perfect Dark, Halo, and Conker... -_-

  • Soooo... which ones of these were all multiplatforms? The language was kinda weird, like the guys said. Asking because of The Last Night, basically. That game looked pretty fantastic in its brief showing.

    AC Origins looks really good, I love those sceneries under the Egyptian sun. Shadow of War was also YES! material, I love how much the orcs talk now, so much deeper and wider than SoM which I already loved. Anthem looked like a great Iron Man simulator, but multiplayers just aren't for me.

    And since nobody ever answered, where was Kyle, do we know? Is it Keighley business?

  • Literally the only exciting thing about the M$ conference is that Xbox Original titles will be added to the BC Library.

    Xbox Done. lol

  • @Sentinel-Beach Launch exclusive is timed exclusive, Console launch exclusive means it's out on PC, but comes first to Xbox consoles before others, Console exclusives are already on PC, but come to Xbox. As for Kyle, you can see him from time to time at Keighleys stream

  • I really liked the conference, and it definitely got me interested in even just getting an Xbox One S.

    The specs talk kinda annoyed me a little bit. I thought they were taking a weird tone for a console that's not even starting a new generation and will be outdated in at least 5 years when the next generation kicks in. The shirts the had saying "I witnessed the most powerful console ever" or whatever got on my nerves too, I thought that was a little gross.

    A couple of the trailers were a little long, or fell flat for me, most notably the State of Decay 2 trailer. Minecraft was a little off too (although seeing the Switch appear first in the Microsoft conference was pretty funny though). And while the speaking was cut down a lot from previous years, I think some of it could've been cut even more.

    Also the "world premiere," "console exclusive" voice before almost everything was a little jarring when they were going trailer after trailer.

    But they showed a lot of really cool games. Cuphead, Metro, Shadow of War, Ori, all looked good, but especially Sea of Thieves and Anthem I was super into. I don't have an Xbox, and not all of them were exlusive, but they definitely still had me engaged the whole way through. I'd give it an 8.5/10.

  • Overall, I feel Microsoft had a solid show, with necessary spots that could NOT have missed. I see this as a 8.5/10, 4/5 conference personally:

    While it was quick, I feel there was too much talking about the specs for the Xbox 1X. But that's just me. $500 is not surprising, and I like the size. But if you have an Xbox One, particularly an Xbox 1S, there is no real reason to purchase this. Especially with PC compatibility AND all current Xbox Ones will work with the games showcased today.

    Forza's pretty. But not for me.

    42 games huh? Impressive. But most of those are in an ID @Xbox montage aren't they?..... Yep....

    Metro Exodus: YES! This looked PHENOMENAL! Loved the vibe and I'm curious to see more.

    Another Assassin's Creed, another pass for me. ALTHOUGH: I think implementing RPG mechanics and being able to control an eagle and your arrows seem engaging for fans.

    The entire segment of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Deep Rock Galactic, State of Decay 2, The Darwin Project, Minecraft, the talk about how everything yet to be released for Pre-Order, and DragonBall Fighter Z was the lowlight for me. Nothing appealed to me, but to the credit of the show's pacing, each section was quick.

    I don't have any real thoughts on Black Desert

    The Last Night looks AWESOME. I'm real curious to see more and I wonder what kind of game it is.

    I didn't see much of Code Vein due to buffering issues (Quite angering), so I can't speak about it. I'll watch it later.

    The Artful Escape looks fine, but unappealing.

    I really enjoyed the Sea of Thieves' narration during gameplay. I'm a tad bummed that the release isn't exact, but no date, no delay, so I'm good with it. I would be more excited, but I trust no person, so I'm probably not going to play it. Which sucks because I see so much potential fun in it.

    Tacoma and Super Lucky's Tale was fine I guess.

    Cuphead and Crackdown 3 FINALLY getting release dates was CRUCIAL. I'm a fan of Terry Crews, so Crackdown 3 ACTUALLY sold me a little bit. Not much, but for what I was expecting, I'm happy to see both show well.

    Ashen - Two words: Spiders. Nope.

    Having a Life is Strange trailer seemed like a good play for Microsoft, but I don't think they secured exclusivity, so it feels hollow. Shadow of War on the other hand showed REAL well. It's not my kind of game, but it was handled great.

    Ori and the Will of the Wisps. This was my JAM. LOVED the onstage Piano and the first Ori is such a beautiful game. I'll get this, but again, I have inner demons to confront regarding the giant spider. Why do developers love spiders in their games?!?

    OG Xbox Backwards was THE announcement of the show for me. If the 1X can play OG Xbox, Xbox 360, AND Xbox One games. Wow.

    Personally, Anthem. Looks. Awesome.

    I'm riding pretty high on Microsoft at the moment. Sure I won't purchase the 1X, but that, for me, was a really good show.

    Pros: Metro Exodus, The Last Night, Sea of Thieves, Cuphead, Crackdown 3, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, OG Xbox Backwards Compatibility
    Cons: Battleground to DragonBall Fighter Z, too much talking, and the expected $500 tag

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    Will you be selling your PS4 to buy an Xbone X and rebuy all those multiplatform games so that you get the BEST version possible?

  • @Art Best versions of all XBOX games outside of the Backwards compability program are on PC, because all Xbox One games are now on PC. So best option for best versions of all games are to have PS4 Pro for it's exclusives, and High-end PC.

  • Well I thought it was a great conference , if for no other reason then there was less talking and more games. Might not be super into the games, but I give them credit for showing more this year. I don't own an Xbox though so I wasn't as invested.

    Assassin's Creed has sucked me in again based on location and time period.
    Cuphead. Will it actually come out this time?
    The new Ori game gave me the feels...
    That Lucky tales game tricked me into thinking it was Conker for a second... I was sad... but hey, a new platformer! Looked cute.
    I will love the Anthem game. I wanna see more, sure, but I enjoy Destiny and this looks better and has a more interesting world. Mass Effect is my fave series, so I give them benefit of the doubt on things.

    This conference was 8.5/10

  • 3 out of 5 for me (5-point scale, no decimal)

    • Sea of Thieves continues to impress. I need this in my life.
    • Metro looks gorgeous.
    • I still haven't finished Life is Strange & that trailer got me.
    • Dragon Ball Fighter Z!!!
    • Anthem looks neat but Destiny launch taught me skepticism.
    • Terry Crews!
    • Crackdown 3 looks fun but nothing really stood out.
    • Darwin Project disappointed me.
    • State of Decay 2 was okay.
    • "Console launch exclusive" sounds a lot like "not really exclusive".
    • $499 Xbox One X is a no-go for me.

    Microsoft needed exclusives and they seem to be improving on that front. Even so, the combination of $499 and "console launch exclusive" leads me to the conclusion that they didn't do enough to justify the One family as a whole. I'm fortunate enough to own an Xbox One (the white, fat VCR looking one), but after this I'm still left feeling like my PS4 is my primary console (I remain uninterested in the Pro as well).

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    You mean to tell me you guys can't afford half of a thousand dollars on a luxury item?

    I thought this was AMERICA?

  • @Art You do realize that there are many people here that don't live in America...

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    @jipostus South America?

  • For example, I live in Europe, Finland to be specific. And it's 3am on monday in here

  • In the end their actual exclusives shown were:

    • Super Lucky
    • Forza
    • Crackdown 3
    • Sea Of Thieves

    Everything else shown in general or during the montage were games that are already on PC, games that are multiplatform like Anthem, Ass creed, etc. Or they're timed exclusives hence the creative corporate spinning of the phrase LAUNCH exclusive and a bunch of indie titles that might possibly be owned by them but have no benefit for having a 4K system as they look like retro games.

    And these were all supposed to sell the XB1X? I say not.

    Maybe more people will buy a XB1S, but I don't see the point in the new one, at all. And that price? LOL

  • @Bigdude1 my current PC Card is a 660 Ti. I would like to maybe start playing third party games on PC because they'll look beautiful and I don't have to pay for online.

    I don't think switch will have much new stuff. So maybe a GPU would be better. Opens the door to more stuff.

  • @CGamor7 said in Microsoft E3 2017 Discussion:

    @Bigdude1 my current PC Card is a 660 Ti. I would like to maybe start playing third party games on PC because they'll look beautiful and I don't have to pay for online.

    I don't think switch will have much new stuff. So maybe a GPU would be better. Opens the door to more stuff.

    A new GPU would open the door to the same games and MORE. I would hope more people see the light on this.

  • Much better than I was expecting from Microsoft. Still not sold on an XB1, but at least I didn't walk away bored by it.

  • What's going on with crackdown? I was expecting to see cities being destroyed. Nothing like what I was expecting from the power of the cloud description they gave years ago.

    Also does anyone else think the new console looks like a updated PS2?

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    I like how you can level up in Ass Creed. Finally a reason to kill all those random cannon fodder guards that serve no real threat.