Bethesda E3 2017 Discussion

  • This is the conference I'm least excited for, but it's e3 so I'm watching this stuff!

    Since I'm not huge into most of the games that are likely to appear, the only thing that would wow me would be a new IP.

  • @Inustar im with you on this beside elder scrolls and fallout other bethesda properties arent my thing but they may surprise me tonight. im gonna be useless at work tomorrow

  • @FF7Cloud Starfield will be announced. It will be elder scrolls in space. Please be excited.

    There is no evidence to back up my statement lol.

  • It's a strange world we live in when people are more excited for EA than Bethesda.

  • @CGamor7 if it's true I will be pretty excited.... as long as it shows improvements over Elder Scrolls and fallout. I'm not willing to let them get away with just showing Fallout in Space. It needs to have improved character models and animations.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Well... it's the power of Star Wars.

  • Banned

    Are you ready for Todds wild ride of paid mods?

  • Welp, The Evil Within 2 has my favorite trailer of E3... so far.

  • Okay, so why did that need to be a press conference? It was pretty much all recorded stuff.

    Nothing wowed me, all stuff that was expected and the new games were ones I don't play. My BF will love Wolfenstein though.

    As a press conference it's a 4/10

  • Man that was disappointing...

    Only cared about Evil Within 2. Wolfenstein's trailer was poorly edited in my opinion. I feel like I should of cared about it, but that trailer was just all over the place for me.

    I would give this conference like a 4.5/10. Maybe a 5.

  • @Faaip said in Bethesda E3 2017 Discussion:

    Please please please announce Elder Scrolls VI


    Well Evil WIthin 2 looks really cool. I still need to play the first though

    Pretty disappointing conference overall

  • Well, this was kind shit.

  • As a conference it felt hastily thrown together. Obvious they didn't have enough to show to warrant one, but not having one would make them look bad, so they made the most of it.

    In terms of games, Wolfenstein II, day one. Loved the previous game, no doubt this is going to be awesome. As for Evil Within 2, I can't say I'm pumped since I didn't play the first one, but that trailer was intriguing to say the least.

  • Where was the rumored new IP?

  • I have to give this a D- at the highest solely due to paid mods. The only reason it isn't an F is because of Wolfenstein and Evil Within 2.

  • Super hype for TEW2, but the trailer was awful imo. It, to me, didn't have a very good pace and it felt disconnected from the first game.

  • Lol, I liked it. Wolfenstein looked like really weird, political Nazi-conquered 1970s America. It seems like the most interesting shooter story since the first Bioshock, hopefully it really goes whole hog and makes a statement instead of just having the issues around the periphery like a Far Cry game.

    And Zelda skins whatever, but an alternate control mode (that's not just shouts thru Kinect) gives me a reason to play Skyrim again on Switch. I'll be interested to see what else is in since this version seems a little different, but it's a port at the end of the day.

    Bethesda is a small publisher, and everything they mentioned is out seemingly before November, so I'm satisfied. Strange to launch two games in one month, but we'll hear about 2018's games next E3. Elder Scrolls is one of my favorite series period, but I knew not to expect that this year from Howard's comments last year and the publisher's proclivity toward short marketing cycles.

  • Overall kinda boring, only 2 new games (3 depending on how you view Shyrim Switch) and paid mods...yay (Although that could be a way of getting mods with custom assests on PS4)
    But hot damn am I sold on TWE2 and Wolfen 2, and they come out a few weeks from one another, madness.
    You'll be crapping your pants one week, the on a adrenaline fuled Nazi kill fest the next.

  • Every time a trailer started I was hoping for Todd Howard's new IP. I was really excited to see their new game. New IP 2018 second new IP 2019 or 2020 then Elderscrolls after 2020 sometime most likely.

  • Having never played the first Evil Within and Wolfenstein, it made me put both of those on my list of games to get to.

    I know that the overall feeling is that it was bland, and I tend to agree, but I think as a conference it was nice that they seem to acknowledge that the rest of the stuff going on wasn't much. They didn't spend too much time on any of the small stuff and they didn't stretch the conference to fit a hour, they just let it end after 40 minutes.

    Yeah, still a weird showing, I like that they focus on getting everything out within the year, but I'd give it a 6/10.