Assassin's Creed Origins (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

  • @Lotias the problem is I'm not liking what I hear. Ppl are saying it's a good but ordinary game. That there's lots of busy work. Especially to really bring out the story. I know that over all ppl like it, but I know myself. I got bored of witcher, dragon age inquisition, andromeda, and every AC after brotherhood. But that world though! Looks so tempting lol. Anyways I don't mean to complain and I know everything in just said sounds like I should avoid it lol. I just want to be able to experience it. I know for myself this generation has been really hard because game prices went up to 80 dollars and there's so many to play.

    Anyways hoping to hear some more from ppl playing it. Give us some hot takes.

    How are the assassinations quests?

  • @CGamor7 The first one ended up being a duel between me and the target as I botched the job initially. :P So, not very discrete. But the fighting is a lot more on focus in the game in general as well.

    I kinda worry you wouldn't like the game after reading your reasons and list of games you don't enjoy. I mean, yeah, this does feel like a new AC in a lot of ways (and the old as well, the base is there), but a lot of the new things are then things like from the Witcher, which you don't like either.

    The story, I feel, is just beginning for me, and now after the prologue area it'll propably/surely pick up some pace. The narration seems to be working so that it fills up the holes in the past every now and then. Even in some of the side missions you get answers and nods to the story, which I like.

    If you only want to see this world they've created, then maybe you could wait for the, umm, how was it called? The history lesson DLC sort of thing for the game? It's free, if I remember correctly. Not 100 % sure how it'll work, but I understood that it'd give you the chance to marvel the world and just learn about everything in it, all the history and people and places.

  • @Sentinel-Beach thanks! I guess I should clarify that i don't not like the Witcher. I really enjoyed the core of the game. It's was the busy work and the endless markers on my map that burnt me out. I didn't even finish it due to that. I really like RPGs just not when it's all filler. Same goes for all thos other games. Anyways... sounds like your enjoying it. As long as theres story to chase i usually like it. Keep us updated :)

  • @Sentinel-Beach Can't wait to hear more of your impressions as you progress through it! Especially the quests in one particular region which I won't name so you won't be biased in your feedback ;)

  • @Axel lol. Will you be able to share your thoughts in the future on what u did or is that forever locked away?

  • @CGamor7 I can say what I worked on but I'll wait until people have reached it. But I can't really share my thoughts beyond "That was my favourite part" or something :)

  • Met my wife, so that's where I'm now. Amazing stuff. On my way there I saw two of the Seven Wonders of the World in the distance (one far away, the other closer). The plot is surprising because of spoilers, really interested to see what this means at this point, but I'll call it a day for now.

    The map is huge, almost ridiculous. In a good way. I scrolled down south and as it just continued after where I thought it would stop I had to laugh in disbelief with a stupid look on my face. :D This'll take ages to conquer, and it's just what I like. The game's structure is so good, the way it opens up all the time and introduces things and places to me. Wonderful feeling to play this.

    Still, though, a couple of negatives. I don't like the other players' photos on the map. There's a filter for that to hide them, but for some reason it doesn't stick, so you have to choose it every time when looking at the map if you so will. I hope it would remember the choise I made. The other thing is from the same place, meaning those Souls-like notices of where other players died. Really unnecessary, I feel. And there's even a dead body on the ground if you go there, which breaks the magic, as it's just dead Bayek on Bayek's feet there.

  • @ISee nah i am gonna wait and get it cheaper

  • Twitch prime has AC:O loot, just in case...

  • Banned

    Cleared the tutorial area and got to the title screen. It's finally a fun game to play and it only took them removing the Ass Creed from Ass Creed to do it.

    Origins is the best discount generic brand TW3/Horizon I could've ever asked for.

  • I love this game. I'm soon about 12 hrs in, and I have to say that this has climbed up there to compete for my GOTY choice with Horizon: Zero Dawn. It all just seems to click for me when playing this.

    I just met Cleopatra and oh boy, did the plot open up in a big way. Really, really good stuff. I just love this structure now. The world keeps revealing something new of itself all the time, both geographically and storywise. Bayek gets better all the time, meaning I'm way into his character and story, and sure, he's also evolving with the numbers in the stats. The fighting is the best it's ever been in AC games, this totally new style is now so much better. And there's still that assassination stealth, too, like when clearing enemy camps and garrisons without being spotted.

    I almost feel stupid already when praising this so much, but it just feels so good when a game has all the things you like and it does it all so well. Uuuhh.

  • @Sentinel-Beach just picked it up along with Mario. I will update my thoughts on it in a few days. Be prepared @Axel to take the full brunt of my criticism lol. I'm jk.

  • Ok Ubisoft. Like the normal crocodiles weren't enough. I saw what you did, and it scared me shitless. That thing was like a car, a small bus or something. Crocodile Lair, what a surprise when I was just travelling down that small creek, and suddenly it emerged behind the plants. Honestly, that moment sent shivers down my spine.

  • Banned

    Finished Ass Origins.

    Aya is the worst character in the franchise. The people that created her should be ashamed.

    95% of the game is bandit camps and the other 5% is cutscenes. Typical Ubisoft garbage.

  • I absolutely love it. The world FEELS alive and I love Bayek, or at least the relationships he has with other characters. Combat while still nothing to write home about has been improved and is at least satisfying. The animations during combat itself are fantastic though. Can't wait to explore more.

  • what does everyone think of the game so far?

  • @The_Andredal I've started it. Just left the first city and roaming around the desert. Havent had lots of time to play. It's an average game set in a beautiful world. If it wasn't for the setting, not sure i would be playing it. I doubt my feelings towards it will change as I progress. I like a lot of the things they fixed. The combat is weird to me. Don't feel much like an assassin. If you got the time to burn, it's worth playing.

  • I didn't manage to play this for a week for a certain reason, but now I'm back in Egypt. Level 28, just about to enter Krokodilopolis' arena. A marvelous game, I've enjoyed all of it very much. Bayek's story feels good as well as the man himself. Being a Medjay out there. I love that some of the side missions are so tightly connected to the main story, and just in general as well the side missions have been mainly interesting as they cover so much of that culture and world.

    A huuuuge game. I'll be playing this a long time still.

  • @Sentinel-Beach yeah this is the first character since Ezio that I thought was cool. I'm looking forward to the arena.

  • @CGamor7 from what i have seen it looks great