Assassin's Creed Origins (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

  • I absolutely love it. The world FEELS alive and I love Bayek, or at least the relationships he has with other characters. Combat while still nothing to write home about has been improved and is at least satisfying. The animations during combat itself are fantastic though. Can't wait to explore more.

  • what does everyone think of the game so far?

  • @The_Andredal I've started it. Just left the first city and roaming around the desert. Havent had lots of time to play. It's an average game set in a beautiful world. If it wasn't for the setting, not sure i would be playing it. I doubt my feelings towards it will change as I progress. I like a lot of the things they fixed. The combat is weird to me. Don't feel much like an assassin. If you got the time to burn, it's worth playing.

  • I didn't manage to play this for a week for a certain reason, but now I'm back in Egypt. Level 28, just about to enter Krokodilopolis' arena. A marvelous game, I've enjoyed all of it very much. Bayek's story feels good as well as the man himself. Being a Medjay out there. I love that some of the side missions are so tightly connected to the main story, and just in general as well the side missions have been mainly interesting as they cover so much of that culture and world.

    A huuuuge game. I'll be playing this a long time still.

  • @Sentinel-Beach yeah this is the first character since Ezio that I thought was cool. I'm looking forward to the arena.

  • @CGamor7 from what i have seen it looks great

  • I finished the game. Took me about 40 hours, I was lvl 36 in the end. I think this is now my favourite Assassin's Creed. It is really, really good. Practically everything I love in a video game. What a journey. Just wow.
    kind of a sad, melancholic sigh

    And now... the completionist in me awakens. What a challenge lies ahead! I still haven't opened the map entirely, there are huge chunks still black out there, and I'm super eager to find out what the sands hold a secret. And a loooot of side quests. Which I really like! One of the biggest surprises in the entire game was both the quantity and the quality of the side missions. They were always longer than you first would've guessed, which was a good call for the game in my opinion. Really interesting cultural info in these ones, I like it a lot.

    A few words of the final story moments:

    I really liked "the eagle skull from the beach sand" moment, that was elegant and made me smile somehow really warmly. Great moment. And the final image of Bayek's journey was just simply beautiful. Amazing moment. "Jump, papo. Jump." The way things came a full circle, to that moment that felt like it had happened ages ago. Warmed my heart, that one. I love that ending.

  • As the ultimate goal in the game, I'm slowly but surely going for the Old Habits trophy, which means "Complete every location". A huuuuge task, but I enjoy exploring the map a lot. The trophy's being earned naturally.

    However, a question. If I at some point feel that I've found everything but nothing happens, is there some good way to check what's still missing? Kind of a checklist map or something to compare my findings? I mean there are still new question marks appearing in areas I thought were already explored or just empty when I take a new road I haven't travelled before. (I think it's 500 m radius that the ?s appear for you.) So it could be really frustrating if in the end there's still one or two missing after I've checked everything in my opinion.

    Has anyone yet done this? How was it, any thoughts?

  • @Sentinel-Beach said in Assassin's Creed Origins (Xbox One, PS4, PC):

    As the ultimate goal in the game, I'm slowly but surely going for the Old Habits trophy, which means "Complete every location".

    Man, you couldn't even force me to do that. All the sidequests were so boring and repetitive in this game. If it wasn't for how the game gated storymissions with level reqs I wouldn't even have done any of them.

  • Banned

    @suplextrain the only challenging part would be defeating the two elephants, but even then it's not too hard because you get UNLIMITED AMMO for your arrows. What is this, babies first boss fight?

  • @Art said in Assassin's Creed Origins (Xbox One, PS4, PC):

    @suplextrain the only challenging part would be defeating the two elephants, but even then it's not too hard because you get UNLIMITED AMMO for your arrows. What is this, babies first boss fight?

    I mean it's technically doable to beat enemies with skulls on them but frankly the combat system wasn't designed well enough for me to want to sit there hacking away on enemies for 15 mins or more each to kill them and if I get too bored during the encounter and take a hit or two I would die. Even upgrading your gear doesn't really matter, level is the most important factor.

    But as for completion it has more to do with how utterly boring the game is. The story also fell apart towards the end and Aya went from a character I liked to a character I questioned why she was even in the game. It really felt like they wanted to push her as this "strong competent woman that needs to man" type character yet they couldn't have her as the protag because a male protag apparantely "sells better", so they sneaked that in there even though it made Bayek feel more and more irrelevant (and you even questioning why you're playing as him).

  • My "Old Habits" run is making progress. I found a checklist for the locations, which makes this whole huuuge process ultimately more enjoyable.

    What I do is first check that I've visited all the area's viewpoints; if not, go to those first. That way all the question marks are now on the area map. Then I visit those and complete the locations. After that, I bring up that list and check the area to make sure I've not missed anything and then continue forward to another area. Luckily I was pretty thorough already throughout the story and the journey it took me in, so there's actually not that many places left in any area, a few have been "ready" already.

    I just really needed a safety net like this to give a feeling that this is actually achievable. There's apparently over 400 locations, so missing a one or two after the whole process would've destroyed me, not knowing where to look and go.

    There are still those elephant fights, though. Gotta figure out a strategy to survive those. When all else fails, there's always the easy mode, of course, but we'll see.

  • @Axel said in Assassin's Creed Origins (Xbox One, PS4, PC):

    @Sentinel-Beach Can't wait to hear more of your impressions as you progress through it! Especially the quests in one particular region which I won't name so you won't be biased in your feedback ;)

    This was from the end of October, just remembered. I didn't share that much my thoughts from Bayek's journey itself as I could have, but I'm curious about what region you were talking about.

    If I haven't said it before, by the way, thank you for being a part in creating this game! It's my favourite Assassin's Creed and in my top games of the year. :)

  • @Sentinel-Beach Awesome to hear! I'll send you a PM to let you know!

  • @Axel Thanks for that! Good stuff, interesting stuff.

  • The "Old Habits" trophy is mine, yes! Dear Lord, that took a while. But there were so many cool places still hidden in the world, amazing stuff one place after another. The final prize looks pretty neat, too. :)

    Now, next on the road to platinum: learn to drive, win and destroy in the Hippodrome.

  • I'm playing this game for the past week and a half and the one thing that is really annoying me about this game is the quests, the last AC game i played was black flag and i expected the devs to move on from escort quest by now but now they added follow quest, some of them are so bad that after a cut scene you follow the NPC for 3 seconds to trigger another cut scene, i don't if i suffer from witcher 3 syndrome or some of the quests are just bad, on the other hand the world is amazing the combat and story are ok, i guess i expected more from them after taking a year off especially after playing 2 GOATy contenders open world gmmaes in Zelda and Horizon.

  • i bought it recently, i really hope this game is worth the money

  • The platinum trophy, baby! Nice. At this point the clock says 79 hrs in, and there's still sidequests left. I won't be in peace until I've finished those as well. The rest of the gladiator fights and the Hippodrome races are also an option to complete. I left the "Overheated" trophy last, and I actually got an even better final pose from Bayek for the platinum photo than I dared to hope for, standing there in the desert with only the sands around him. What a great game.

  • Popped into AC again last night. The scope of that world is so amazing. Such a beautiful game. I could fly around all day and just enjoy the many views.