Assassin's Creed Origins (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

  • Finally finished the few remaining side quests from the main game, there were like six of them left. "Incoming Threat" was a neat idea, it serves as a prologue for the Hidden Ones DLC. The mission was added to the game along with some update, a free sample of what's to come, kinda.

    And so yeah, I purchased the Hidden Ones. The game's just so good.

    About the Season Pass still. It contains Horus Pack and Roman Centurion Pack, 6,95 € each. There's like an outfit, a camel, two bows and a shield per pack. A crazy price for such things, I have no interest in them. So I'll skip the Season Pack and just buy the two bigger story DLCs separately.

  • The Hidden One outfit looks really good! Nice. We're moving towards the more traditional assassin outfit, which fits the story well. Now I'm also actually keeping my hood up (which I didn't pretty much at all during the main game), as it looks better as a whole and just goes along with the tones of the DLC's story.

    The new area seems fitting for this. Pretty compact and kinda small, that's totally suitable for this kind of thing. Just came across with this huuuge fort, I'll leave it for tomorrow and head for bed.

  • @sentinel-beach Discovery Tour sounds amazing, I need to try that, unfortunately I started replaying The Witcher 3 so I haven’t had time to dig deep into the beautiful world of ACOrigins yet. The devs got a bit more time than with the other games but I still don’t understand how they’ve been able to create such a big world with so much details, I feel like this will be the peak of what open-world games has to offer.

  • The Hidden Ones completed. The main and side quests, all the locations and the trophies, too. A good package, not surprisingly I liked it a lot. During the adventure I filled my skill tree, too, finally (and even have two points left to spare at the moment). The side quest The Shadows of the Scarab was especially to my liking.

    And hey! The Curse of the Pharaohs arrives sooner than I thought! On March 13th. Damn, that was nice to find out. No rest for Bayek, I'm absolutely getting it. Really interested to see how it works. Is the atmosphere actually scary and how the mummies act, for example.

  • The game got a new patch today. Among other things, and like with The Hidden Ones before, once again there was a free new mission that acts as a prologue for The Curse of the Pharaohs next week. "Lights Among the Dunes", this one's called, just finished it. It did its job and got me intrigued about just what exactly is waiting in Thebes and the Valley of the Kings. I just hope that

    Ubi uses the new enemies in a more subtle fashion in the DLC itself. Now they were constantly spawning pretty much all the time, and that doesn't exactly make for a scary atmosphere or build tension.

  • i finished the game, i don't know if i am gonna do the plat for it, but i really liked it. It started a little bit slow, but the ending is really good

  • I played about three hours now The Curse of the Pharaohs. It was actually 20 euros, but it does have much more content than in Sinai. The map is much bigger with Thebes and its surrounding areas, there'll be so much to see and discover. The main quests are long and there's so many side quests and question marks again. Holy shit, I love this stuff. The level cap's now 55, and there are even totally now skills to unlock again.

    I really like the way the story has started. There's this slow build towards something more ominous and sinister that you can sort of feel constantly. Good stuff. And just now the game surprised me BIG TIME. I mean, I never expected anything like this:

    Aaru! What the actual F. A new world map inside of Nefertiti's tomb. Somekind of afterlife, a big yellow field of reeds. And there are minor places and even a side quest(!) here as well. This just blows my mind. Absolutely perfect. And this is the place to gather those new minerals to improve the weapons again, cool.

  • As somebody who hasn't touched an AssCreed game since Black Flag, how has the current day side of the story progressed? I'm not expecting anything like Desmond and the old crew, but I was one of the few people that actually liked that stuff.

  • @el-shmiablo In Unity and Syndicate it was really minimal (can't remember Rogue's that side), things didn't really move at all. And again in Origins there were maybe four or five short sidesteps into the current day, but now it at least felt like something could be starting with this one. One familiar face even made their return.

    I liked all that stuff too, it gave a nice scifi touch to everything as well as this overarching roof for everything.

  • @sentinel-beach Rogue's kinda tied into Watchdogs a bit. Was really just a continuation of Blackflags

  • I really recommend this second DLC for all the fans of Origins. The Hidden Ones was a (good) snack compared to this one. This thing's huge in comparison! So many quests, and they're mostly very good and interesting. Especially the main quests work really well together with the story around this one MacGuffin, but the side quests, too, are fun to do to pace out the playing. They're shorter and serve a different purpose. But the whole package of the DLC is just really neatly put together.

    The boss fights are this time actually pretty tough. These guys aren't playing around. The main game was pretty easy from beginning to the end, and there's still this sense of power fantasy when Bayek murders garrisons of soldiers, but these boss fights really make you concentrate. Long HP bars and attacks that chop you up really quickly if you get hit. Better get some XP every now and then and level up Bayek and his weapon arsenal. Luckily there are lots of those quests everywhere.

    Damn, I like this game. I've noticed that I wonder every so often that maybe Origins should've actually been my GOTY. (Now it was #2 behind HZD.)

  • I'm only about halfway through this game but I really love it.
    I have an iffy history with AC having played 2, 3, 4, and Syndicate but never finished any single one. I always love the worlds, but something always stops me like the characters (AC3) or the combat (all of them).
    So I went into Origins because I love Egypt, but I expected to stop a couple hours in, but I'm still loving it. I really like Bayek as a character, and I appreciate the changes in combat, so if I suck at stealth I can fight my way out. I also appreciate the modern day stuff not overstaying it's welcome, though I think it ties into the movie? And I am surprised they want to remind people of that snooze fest.
    I think this might be my first finished AC game!

  • Uuh, I hit the level cap 55. Of course right after that I went and upgraded all my favorite weapons, bows and shield to the same max level. Now we're talking!

    It's just a shame that so many of the pretty rare legendary shields have that "sleep on block" ability attached to them. I'd be okay with it, but visually that blue fog effect around the shield when using it is just super ugly, I really dislike how it is presented like that. Boo! But hey. Luckily I still had something really cool in storage which I put into use now after growing tired of my pretty basic round shield. From way back, Green Mountains I think, I have this square-shaped shield with gold colours and a cool-looking red lion face painted on it. There's also a nice crack on the top side of it, which gives it a lot of character. "Bleed on block", not even bad.

    I'm almost done with the Curse of the Pharaohs. The map is completely studied and opened, every place discovered. Side quests are practically all done, and the main quest is heading towards the finish line. Really interested to see what the last one of "those places" looks like.

  • All's done. After 120 hours and both DLCs at 100 %, too, it's time to say goodbye to Bayek and Egypt. An astonishing game, I really, really love that world and its stories. The way Ubisoft had managed to implement all those gods and that mythos to practically everything was really what brought everything together so well. You could see the statues of the gods everywhere and see them being worshipped. Their names came up naturally in practically every conversation with all the different people you met on this huge journey. It all made the world feel very much more unified and believable. There's literally history behind everything, and that is what I love. A wonderful way of being able to finally experience that time in history that so often fascinated me when I was a young boy. Thank you, big time.