Assassin's Creed Origins (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

  • @Lotias you will get tired of it lol. I'm honestly worried about the same thing. I was excited but then watching ppl run around in an open world doing random things and clearing bases gives me flashbacks to all the times in several other games I've done this before. I honestky think im traumatized by open world games abit. The setting is cool and the changes are welcoming but modern AAA open world games all follow the repetitive and ultimately boring structure.

    However, I'm going to get this. I hadn't played one in a long time and this at least looks hopeful and the setting looks really interesting. Once I get bored which I'll ultimately will, I'll rush through the story and trade it in for Mario most likely.

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    @CGamor7 I would say that I got a bit of a fatigue on open world games at the moment. As I've said in other threads, it feels like over the past couple years its been like games have gone open world just for the sake of being open world. I kinda miss the scripted more story heavy games now. I will prolly wait for some more solid reviews and then consider it. At the moment Im actually kinda hyped for Need for Speed... even though that too are indeed open world.

  • @Lotias Lol Yeah, everything wants to be open world. I picture a NFS side quest where your asked to go pick up bread, milk and eggs at a convenient store. However when getting there you realize their sold out of eggs and bread, so now you got to drive across town. However, a police Chase ensues and the simple task of picking up a few groceries has now turned to high octane thrilling experience of a side quest. After you complete your request your rewarded with breakfast that will increase your driving stamina for an hour which youll need to do more of to keep the stamina items coming, or you can buy ybe loot crate. Open world games!

    I miss more story focused games too. I don't see why game devs don't make an open world game that takes place in a smaller and more focused area allowing for freedom and more complex game mechanics. Get rid of the clearing bases, vast amount of empty spaces and other boring tasks and set up a world where everything has purpose and meaning. Things you choose to not explore in the world could impact story branches and so forth.

  • @Lotias I saw at least one giant creature in one of the trailers, but I'm not watching everything. Going in mostly blind is always preferable, imo.

  • I literally just thought about these statues from AC2 earlier today. Awesome to see some info on it.

  • @CGamor7 wow, I absolutely forgot about that. Would be awesome if this is indeed somehow included.

  • I will wait if it turn out to be good. black flag was only good game. let see how it will turn out.

    was watching some videos and im not much impressed.

  • Huber's review is here!

    Youtube Video

  • Damn, this seems perfect for me! Just watched the EZA review and read Eurogamer's one, and I'm hearing all the right things. Egypt itself being glorious, the main character is good, and the story works really well. Then there's all the secret tombs and stuff like that. And I'm hearing good things for long-time fans concerning the overall AC mythos and even the modern day part of the story. And both EZA and EG teased about something pretty amazing and unpredictable after the campaign missions and the story is finished. This is all good.

  • Started playing. Combat feels better, still a bit clunky though. PC performance is pretty good (so far), but my CPU gets hit hard sometimes.

  • Went to a store right when it opened 45 minutes ago (10 AM) and got the game for PS4. Uu, I'm hoping for a great day with this one.

  • @Sentinel-Beach
    It's downloaded onto my PS4 HDD, not sure if I'll get a chance to play it though (working 3am to 11pm is just so much fun)

  • The start feels very rushed so far...
    I have no idea what's going on, who I am or with whom I'm interacting or why...

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    Would love to hear more thoughts from people after you all have played it some! Im currently on the border of if I should buy it or not. Hope you can help me decide :3

  • Couple of hours in now. As always with AC games, there's so much to process and digest in the beginning that it all feels overwhelming. I agree that plot-wise the game starts pretty weirdly, it jumps over some really significant-sounding stuff and suddenly you just start to play. I'm thinking, though, that this is a long-ish prologue and we'll get that flashback sooner or later. Whether it'll be playable or cutscenes, I don't know.

    Starting in Siwa seems to be a good call considering the size of this oasis. Still, even in here, it takes time for me to fully realize just what's going on and what everything does. Luckily the side missions help a lot, as doing them really helps to get your bearings. It feels like peeling off layers of Siwa one by one and getting more into the world in a neat way. My circles get larger slowly but firmly. And it's great that the side missions seem to be well-connected to the world, plot and its happenings. Even little things there, but they still feel connected to the bigger picture.

    I don't mind the new fighting technique, it just takes some time to get used to, I'd say.

    And the world in general is something really fresh and new. Egypt and its deserts, with settlements here and there. This'll be great once it gets really going.

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    @Sentinel-Beach That sounds really promising. Is it similar to the other games? I stoped playing AC games after I had finished 3 as I felt so filled up with the games. I have touched a little black flag and the London one, but yeah, I never felt like a AC game since would give me a "new" experience in a way, kinda the same reason I stoped playing CoD games.

  • @Lotias The game, so far, feels like a strange hybrid between Witcher 3 and Assassins Creed. The combat is improved and a bit "inspired" by Dark Souls, just a lot more clunky. Still, a step up imo. Can't say much about the story or quality of side quests atm (just not enough time spend with the game). Every Side Quest so far was in the "fetch/kill quest" territory: Kill those bandits and their leader because they've stolen our supplies, get the medicine from the shipwreck because those people are wounded etc. Not a big problem, imo. But also not something to write home about.
    The eagle is a fun addition and I enjoy using him and the atmosphere is great. Running around ancient egypt feels good. Graphics are nice and can look gorgeous sometimes. Character models, especially normal NPCs stand out though and some animations and facial expressions are wooden.

  • @Lotias ugh... I'm feeling the same way. I have it pre-ordered. I'm suppose to pick it up today. I'm feeling like just getting Mario instead. I really want to see Egypt and explore those things. If this was a different time period it would have been an easy pass. But the world looks so good! I don't know what to do, I'm freaking out! Not Really Lol, I'm just not sure what to get.

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    @CGamor7 Haha yeah exactly like me! As I said it feels best to watch some reviews and see what other people say after spending time with it.

  • Okay, so the Siwa area really was a pretty long prologue for the game, like it felt the whole time. I took my time there, a number of hours, finished all the side quests and got to lvl 7 before taking on the main quest there. Once I dealt with that, the narration really found its gear, picked up some speed and everything makes so much more sense now. This truly feels like a grand adventure that's about to begin, and Bayek's quest is one that I'll eagerly fulfill. I have a really good feeling about this, this is just the thing for me, I know it. Uhh! :)