Devolver's "Press Conference"

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  • I...I feel so used right now

    I guess we know why they didn't go in between Ubisoft and Sony now, but I feel like it needed to be even later for me to find that funny and it's 1:30 AM for me right now.

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  • Might have been better for me if they had actually, you know, talked about their games more.

    Some of the bits were funny, but some of them went too long and it felt a little too try hard for me. That seems to be the sense of humour of Devolver though. A problem is gonna be, for the people who don't like that sense of humour, that is now gonna be tied to any Devolver games they see. Could hurt them. Though this is gonna be meme bait, so it might get more people interested in their games.

    Most importantly this, and Bethesda, should have just been videos released instead of scheduled conferences.

  • They got me and I think a lot of other people with Suda so I suppose well played for that

    Youtube Video

  • @Inustar said in Devolver's "Press Conference":

    Most importantly this, and Bethesda, should have just been videos released instead of scheduled conferences.

    I find this kind of funny, because the former was satirizing the nature of early announcements and availability of pre-orders for non-existent products, and stayed on point by doing little to nothing to validate a press conference (which was pre-recorded).

    The latter did nothing to validate a press conference and did it live, while taking itself seriously the entire time.

    Neither necessitated being watched live, like any of the press conferences. You can always watch them after the fact. Just like our old timey TV shows.

  • I don't mind the humor, but this should be something on youtube, not E3.

  • @Sazime Well you're right, of course. We don't need to watch these live.

    Thing is, it's E3 and some people are excited for new games, and traditionally conferences are when these reveals happen. Seeing those live is cool.
    So Devolver poked fun at that, which wasn't for me, but if it worked for you that's great. For me, it just was disappointing since I've liked Devolver games, and wanted to actually see more of them.

  • @Inustar I can totally understand people hating it, but I loved it because it defied everything about the show.

    Then again, it's not late where I am, I didn't have to stay up beyond my regular bedtime to watch it, etc. That couldn't have felt great to some folks, I'm sure.

  • Bosman is living proof that you can make fun of press conferences and be funny. This was the antithesis of that.

  • It was in poor taste, I get it but it was still in poor taste.

    They probably figured anyone tuning in would've been coming in after bethesda's show so no harm no foul, I wasn't here for it (Picked up a pizza after Bethesda finished) and it was over before I came home, but I saw everyone's reactions when I returned lol.

    But yeah, this wasn't the best idea to do at E3, especially when they really DO have games to show.

  • I chuckled a few times...

  • I didn't stay up to see it, now I'm interested in seeing what the hell it was.

  • I agree with the assessment that a lot of the jokes went on too long, but I appreciate the idea for its novelty. More importantly, some of my favorite EZA crew members took it a little too seriously. A few members just started to ignore it which wasn't the best reaction; you're allowed to be excited over video game conferences while realizing it's a funny idea at the same time.

  • See people trying to find meta, political meaning in this conference or applaud Devolver for "trolling" everyone, but that's giving Devolver way too much credit for their forced comedy, poking fun at E3 quirks that are barely relevant today versus newer ones. Most of it was nonsense for the sake of nonsense wasting everyone who tuned in to see their games' time, but they did pretty much announce ahead of time that this is exactly what this conference would be so fair enough Devolver. In my opinion they failed in two main ways. They should have actually shown off their games more significantly between bits to dangle a carrot to get people uncomfortable with the skits to continue to watch their nonsense, and they should've gone much longer with more skits and games. As it is now, this came off as a dumb publicity stunt that most people hated, and the only people who liked it only like it cause others hate it which says something about those people in itself.

    Then there's the people who are straight up angry right now about this "press conference", which is silly considering as I mentioned above Devolver pretty much gave away they were going to do something like this before it started even. Even if they were oblivious and unaware, they could've simply turned it off the moment it showed to be nonsense, instead of watching the entire trainwreck, and then searched later for any gameplay videos they might have shown off during it. Frankly, these are people who get offended at the slightest thing not to their liking, and we all know these people tend to pretty much completely forget about whatever they're mobbing against after like a week.

    Earlier yesterday in the EZA Discord someone was saying it's a shame Geoff Keighley's E3 show is sponsored by Tostino's® Pizza Rolls, because "Still a very funny way to undercut your plea for games to be taken seriously, by tying it to the classic man-child-in-basement snack", which I disagree with but also now find anecdotally hilarious now considering the show Devolver put on. One would do much more to hurt the image of gaming than the other, if gaming wasn't already pretty much past that point of needing to be taken seriously to break into mainstream culture. The only image hurt by this show was Devolver's own brand, if even that, because again this was so lackluster people are seriously going to forget about this in a week. This is no Konami 2010 Press Conference, no matter how much people want to treat it like the same thing.

  • Wow I'm glad I didn't stay up for that.. I thought the days of serious E3 disasters were over haha

    Honestly I thought it was funny for a little while, but it was really just a waste of time

  • Huber seemed really offended by it, and just wanted to talk over it or shut it off, and I'm not sure why. Yes it was weird, strange and a lot of people don't like it. But I just don't understand why he was so uncomfortable. Ian and Kyle seemed to react better. Discuss it, discuss why it's bad.

  • It is basically what I expected from Devolver, but there is really a certain point when the joke goes from "yeah, that's funny" to "yeah, I get it, please move on". But Huber did seem to overreact to it, there are still people watching it with you on twitch, you don't just shut it down even if it is not good.

  • I loved it! Sure, some of the bits outstayed their welcome, but the satire was on point.

  • @Mbun You can't take down Konami, haha. The funniest part about 2010 was that all of the funniest moments were completely unintentional.