Devolver's "Press Conference"

  • Huber seemed really offended by it, and just wanted to talk over it or shut it off, and I'm not sure why. Yes it was weird, strange and a lot of people don't like it. But I just don't understand why he was so uncomfortable. Ian and Kyle seemed to react better. Discuss it, discuss why it's bad.

  • It is basically what I expected from Devolver, but there is really a certain point when the joke goes from "yeah, that's funny" to "yeah, I get it, please move on". But Huber did seem to overreact to it, there are still people watching it with you on twitch, you don't just shut it down even if it is not good.

  • I loved it! Sure, some of the bits outstayed their welcome, but the satire was on point.

  • @Mbun You can't take down Konami, haha. The funniest part about 2010 was that all of the funniest moments were completely unintentional.

  • @FallenBlade This is exactly the way I felt. I love the hell out of Huber, but bow out if you hate it so much.

  • @tyler-travis None of them were enjoying it at that point. Should they all have bowed out and just left an empty desk? lol

    It's like previous years where they've gone for bathroom breaks during sports stuff that overstays it's welcome, or that first PC show that was making everyone super sleepy.

  • I had to bow out before it started because I was already staying up way too late for the day I had tomorrow (well, today) to catch Bethesda's press conference but after catching it on youtube just now I gotta say it wasn't very good. Not in a "this is insulting and I'm offended" way but in a "these jokes either didn't land or went on too long and ruined themselves" way. Except for the bit about early access I was rolling on the floor from it.

    I appreciate the effort at least. It's not really that far from what I expected outta Devolver when I heard they were doing something for E3.

  • @Mbun You've summed it up perfectly.

  • This was fun for a while, but it wasn't neccesary at all. Hopefully this won't happen again, because it will only get worse.

  • The part I enjoyed the most was that all Devolver said afterwards was a winky face on their Twitter lol