Anthem (PS4/XB1/PC)


    Release date Fall 2018.

    The initial hype is great.

  • Does it even have an offline singleplayer story mode?

  • From the small amount of information that's come out so far, no I don't think there will be an offline single player campaign. They seem to be pushing it as their Destiny.
    It's certainly an interesting direction for Bioware. I look forward to seeing more of this as the year(s) go by, to see how Bioware might put it's own swing on this genre.

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    @Musou-Tensei I really doubt it.

    ME was supposed to satisfy that itch, but we all know how that turned out.

    This is EA's Destiny.

  • I just watched the trailer again not streamed in a tiny window and I forgot how GOOD this game looks. Let's be real: I hate advanced tech, open worlds with a lot of dead time, gunplay, and MMOs, but I'm still excited for this. A couple of things;

    The world looks incredibly dense just visually, like next gen. It's super wild, which I love, and has underwater areas, which I absolutely love!

    The town area was show in first-person, with the gameplay in third. That's a good way to create a vibe in the more populated area. Plus that FORGE within this wild world gives me HUGE Monster Hunter vibes, and I love that kind of setting.

    Finally, I like how it seems to be four-person parties and not giant mobs of players like an MMO. That's again just like Monster Hunter, and could make for some interesting boss fights. I just hope the beasts you're hunting down are well-designed, because none of the combat or character designs I saw so far were interesting.

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    It does look great.

    Either Bioware became technical wizards surpassing both Dice and Naughty Dog since the release of Inquisition or it's all pre-downgrade.

  • @Art It's X footage and this is the main Bioware team. Obviously the people who just released Mass Effect didn't turn around this big open world new IP in two months.

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    @Haru17 I know what team it is.

  • @Art Good. It didn't seem like it.

  • Drew Karpyshyn has been confirmed to be working on Anthem

    This is good news, especially for people worried about story in this game. It doesn't relieve all concerns, sure, but it is a good sign

    Considering he was lead writer on Mass Effect 1 and 2, I'm pretty happy with this news.

  • This looks like you just run around a lush world and shoot stuff and collect stuff.

    I know a million games can be categorized that way but this shooting looks about as thorough as Mass Effect and that isn't a compliment.

    Is this supposed to be the codename "BOB DYLAN" game from Bioware? Cause I'll bet nobody is gonna remember this after 16 months let alone generations.

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    @GoTaco It has really pretty graphics.

    Your argument is invalid.

  • @Art

    Seasoned fans know its bout the icy graphics.

    I retract.

  • I'm hungry for Bioware to astound me again like they did with KotOR and Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I'm getting good vibes from this game, and I'm willing to place faith in them (after seeing reviews, of course). I'd welcome the chance to fly through the air and blast things alongside you wonderful people.

  • I was interested until I saw the loot system.
    It's so overused nowadays and almost no one even attempts to address the issues tied to it.

  • I'd get this game immediately, but its MMO aspects (like Destiny) throw me off. I don't play MMOs at all, and this would not appeal to me. Destiny was the same way for me.
    I love Mass Effect and Dragon Age. But I wouldn't want to play them as a MMO.

  • I don't think we know enough about this game to really decide. How much of a grind it is will be the deciding factor for me. I have too many singleplayer games to really let myself ding into an endless loot grind.

    The thrill of jetpacking around won't last too long. Especially with Spiderman to compare it against.

  • It looks pretty and I feel could have potential depending on how fun/difficult the combat is and if there is a decent story/purpose. The only videos I've seen is the reveal trailer at EA and then the gameplay trailer at Microsoft. I could not get into the gameplay trailer because they just nuked the few enemies they saw and I couldn't actually get a feel for what the combat is like. I'm not sure if there is any other gameplay videos that I missed but so far I'm not super into it.

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    The trailer had no tension to it, because the first time they encounter an enemy it becomes very apparent how vastly overequipped they are. It served as nothing more than a vessel for cool explosions.
    The one bit of tension the trailer COULD have bad was glazed over when they decided to actively avoid the one enemy that looked like it could be a challenge.
    Another thing that worries me about this game is traversal. Flying around looks neat an all, buy how long will the novelty last? Is there a fuel limit? Can I fly endlessly? If the latter, will I ever ever need to engage enemies outside of mission objectives, or can I just fly over everything straight to my destination?

    My hopes...
    Stuff like the mortar and cluster missles are on a HUGE cooldown. Make those cool attacks actually mean something, and give the player a reason why they will want to "save" it for special occasions.
    There is a fuel limit, or restrictions on jetpack travel. Don't create a gorgeous world just so I can fly over the vast majority of it. My dream is that jetpack fuel will be treated as a resource that can only be refilled at certain places in the world, giving you a reason to convserve jetpack use, but f there even IS a limit I'm sure it will be something like regenerating over time.

  • @El-Shmiablo So yeah, I kinda hope if there is unlimited flying it's something you have to work for, like it's hard to get. I think it's a cool reward to have in there.
    I think you have the right idea about those special attacks though, they should be something you don't use every five seconds.