Anthem (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • I played the beta, really enjoyed it (I did have two friends playing with me) even though we ran into crashes and bugs. Really just enjoyed the combat, using the different special weapons and towards the end got use to the gunplay. My biggest weird hangup with this game has been these iron man mechs using guns. I kinda think it looks stupid to have to carry these weapons around, Im more of a war machine fan where the weapons are mounted on shoulders or wrist but i got over that. The story/fort stuff seems real meh but I'm really there to wreck stuff as a cool mech suit person,thing. I'm looking forward to it, I don't play any one game for too long so by the end of March I'll have probably moved on but im excited to give the full game a whirl with a couple buddies.

  • This makes me sad.
    I wanted to play this, but the beta confirmed for me that this was just an okay game.
    Sure there were a lot of bugs in that beta, but I can see some of those being fixed by release, but it didn't interest me past some decent gameplay. I wanted a more interesting world and story.

  • From what I've read, the game has 21 story missions that take around 10 hours to beat. After that, it moves to end game content which currently consists of the equivalent of three Destiny strikes and no raids. Along with no PvP, that is a shockingly low amount of content. Considering I haven't read a single bit of praise for the story they're crafting here, I think it's safe to say this thing is going to bomb initially. Since they're sticking to the Destiny formula, maybe it will be worth playing next year?

  • I do wonder for those that played the beta and didn't enjoy it, were you playing with friends? Obviously opinions will be all over the place with anything but I enjoyed the beta, warts and all, and I wonder if having friends to play with smoothed some of the rough edges for us. From the low review scores it seems like more warts are abound but I had enough fun flying around, bombing shit that I'm still excited to play this. I do expect to bounce off once some of the heavy hitters come in March but till then I hope I'll have some fun shoulder cannon so weird aliens.

  • We are going to look back on 2013-2019 and ask ourselves why we ever played these types of games.

    What sense is there playing a shallow and short game void of any worthwhile story? What is our excuse to justify these games that usually improve in a year? My coworkers who used to play Destiny just say "it's fun" but I never found it fun.

  • @dipset

    You might be asking yourself that, I'm mostly in the same camp as your co workers. I have no idea what the hell was going on in Destiny but that gunplay was really good and I'm not a huge FPS gamer. That being said, fun gameplay will only last me so long. I dropped off of destiny one after the credits and didn't even get to credits in Destiny 2. I think I'll enjoy Anthem, even with its problems, because I've enjoyed the actual game play but I don't think I'll be sticking around long enough to see if EA every makes the improvements it needs to make for this game to be critical success down the road.

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    I'ma defend loot shooters/gear grinders.
    I have put an inappropriate amount of time into the Destiny franchise this generation. The same goes for Diablo 3.
    Both of these games have a relatively boring "core" to them. I would not begrudge anybody for giving up on Destiny 2 after experiences the godawful opening hours of that game, or somebody wondering why anyone played through the easy modest of easy mode games that is Diablo 3's first run.
    For me, meta is life.
    For me, not much else beats finding that perfect combination of gear and skills that let's me melt the face off of previously difficult enemies. I've got a Barb in D3 that shoots out tornadoes when I use my Whirlwind ability, and those tornadoes shoot out lightning, all which culminates in a Torment 10 destroying Elder God of destruction that I spent several hundred hours grinding to achieve.
    Destiny is the same. I'm about 9 Powerlevel away from getting my Warlock to 600, and I just got a Godroll The Last Dance which is a sidearm that allows my bullets to ricochet off of surfaces at oblique angles. It melts a considerable amount of faces in Gambit, especially with the Freehand Grip mod I installed so I'm running up on bitches like Revolver Ocelot.
    Destiny also gets a little extra leway thanks to that sweet, sweet Bungie gameplay. I seriously know of few other devs that can so consistently make their games just FEEL good to play. There are hundreds of guns in Destiny 2, and they all give me a half chub everytime I pull the trigger.

    The problem with Anthem, at least from my understanding, is that it isn't trying to compete in the loot shooter space today, but six years ago. It looks like shit compared to Destiny or Division because it is. You're entering into a genre where fans have already had to put up with Destiny having a shitty first year TWICE so they aren't exactly chomping at the bit to wait for Anthem to play 6 years of catch up to the king of the genre, and at least from the small amount I played, it doesn't have the sexy gameplay like Destiny to alleviate the grind until it DOES get better.

  • @el-shmiablo
    I think theres a bit more to it then just that.
    Hell I think I've said it hear but Anthem is the conceptual dream game me my brother and cousin imagined back in middle school, but none of us have any interest in it.
    Then again said concept was more so a sequel to PSO, which would of had more then enemies that just shoot at you and the occasional monster

  • @el-shmiablo

    I hear what you're saying defending the loot shooters. They just have to do more to convince me personally. I'd be more inclined to play a loot shooter like Anthem if they did something interesting to the core gameplay every once in a while.

    I just beat Titanfall 2 and that game is like Half Life where it introduces a new and interesting mechanic then throws it out the window just as fast as it came. It's cool because it makes levels in the game feel distinct.

    Anthem's story and lore seem to conceptually give the game free reign to mix it up with the gameplay missions kinda like TiF2 did, but for some reason the missions are about collecting bullshit and defending against hordes of enemies. I'd grind out a few horde missions or collect junk missions if it mixed it up with a cool new mechanic every now and again.

    Hell, even The Witcher 2 and 3 which are two of my favourite RPG games ever have lots of bullshit missions where you collect stuff and bring it back to somebody. But those games mix it up here and there with a castle siege, giant battle, monster fight, performing in a play, etc, etc.

    Something about these loot shooters are so plain that it irks me.

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    @dipset I think that you should take a look at what Destiny's meta involves. The raids are conceptually something that even more complex MMOs aren't really approaching. There are puzzles in the Last Wish raid that people are STILL trying to figure out.
    Exotic quests also often have you completing some pretty obtuse tasks that can only be solved by reading about the game's lore in item descriptions.

    I feel like somebody who says they don't like Destiny because they played the opening is like somebody saying they don't like the entire MCU because they watched the first half hour of Doctor Strange.

  • Not sure why Joe's review needed to be sooooo long this time around but I watched it. He at least backs up what he is saying with video examples. Not sure this game should be on-par with Fallout 76 which was described as broken and unfinished by most critics. Anthem seems functional but thoughtless in many regards.

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    @dipset Isn't nearly an hour about the average for an AJ video?
    The man raises good points but goddamn he needs to edit.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Usally 20-30 minutes is his average legnth.
    Personally I think he needs to cut live stream segments that dont show anything he's talking or complaining about

  • Played for probably around 10 hours over the weekend and I've been enjoying my time with the game so far. I think the criticisms are fair, the game has more then it's share of issues but under all that is a pretty fun shooter.

    The game's art design/animation are top notch, controlling the different javelins not only feel great but also different from each other. The different abilities are interesting and it's fun playing with friends. Basically there's more fun to be here then most 60 games on metacritic.

    However, if things like long and frequent load times, crashes and bugs are unacceptable to you I'd at least wait on this game for a little bit. Also, speaking of the meta, it seems like this game and others like it in the genre doesn't really get going till the end game. Most of the loot you pick up pre end game are mostly the same, just better versions of the same weapons with different boost.

    Personally for me, the meta and design choices aren't hindering my enjoyment. I came to run around in a cool iron man suit and kick ass with friends and that's what we've been doing. I hope EA really does invest the time/money to make this something special down the line, even though realistically I will have moved on by that point, but there is something fun and special here.

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    @themarcv I see this following the exact same path as Diablo, Destiny, and Division before it.
    The first year will be absolutely abysmal. They'll offer small quality of life changes over time to bring it up to what it should have been at launch.
    They will the announce a fuckhuge patch or paid expansion that will actually make the game enjoyable.

    I'm going to screencap this post and come back next year to see how right I was.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Honestly I hope that is the case, I think the alternative is the game just didn't sell well enough in EA eyes and they just drop support for the game entirely. Those examples kinda of prove that these type of games are hard to get right out of the gate but can improve as long as the devs/publisher are willing to put forth the time and money to do so.

    I think you're right though, EA would have know up front this game, as a living service, will need additional time/funding to improve and add more content. We've also seen public opinion change over time if the game does improve and get better. There's a lot of good cool stuff in Anthem, it would be a shame if it didn't get the time funding to really let that stuff shine.

  • While I'm sure the game will be in a much better state in a year, I personally am getting tired of the list growing where a game launches with a small amount of content and the audience has to wait around a year for things to feel "complete". Diablo 3 and Fallout 76 were mentioned in this thread and I feel they don't fall in this category - Diablo 3 had a large campaign at launch, Fallout 76 I've dropped close to 50 hours into and haven't seen a large majority of the map still. The content is there in both cases, it just either has bad mechanics wrapped around it or bugs galore - I'm okay with both situations because that to me is the point of ironing out wrinkles. BioWare has told us this game was in development since before the first Destiny dropped - so how is the campaign just 10 hours? There's three end game "strikes" you can do (one which is recycled from the campaign) and.... that's it. The raid is far off, there's no PvP to speak of, and from my understanding, a lot of the gear really isn't all that different/worth the grind.

    On paper, I love looter/shooters. I like getting shiny drops, watching the numbers go up, looking at my character get more and more badass.... but I can't/won't make excuses for games that come out with hardly anything to do with a promise that "more is coming". Even if this game does turn around next year, the market is becoming saturated with games just like this, that look better, that play better, and that have more things to them. Anthem could have easily waited a year to flesh out every aspect of the game and yet here we are, with a shell of a product.

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    @sabotagethetruth Diablo 3 was completely broken at launch by way of the auction house. It was so incredibly obvious how the game and it's various systems had been changed, from the way skills work to the itemization itself, to play directly into an economy based entirely around the auction house.
    Diablo 3 is an odd duck for me in that it has simultaneously been my most hated and disappointing videogame purchase, and also one of my most played and beloved games of the past two gens.

  • @el-shmiablo I agree, it had bad mechanics wrapped around it that broke the experience but once that was removed, the game was better for it and had tons of content already there to dig right back into. Anthem's lack of content can't be fixed in the same way and looking at their roadmap, it's still pretty lacking in comparison to its contemporaries.