Metro Exodus (PC/XBO/PS4)

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    First 2 games were excellent. and this one is non linear semi open world with large maps. it will be closest thing to Stalker 2 we will ever witness.

    Being a huge fan of previous games. Im so Hype for this.

  • Was just thinking of replaying the first two the other day too.

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    The trailer was a little too scripted for my tastes. Will wait for actual gameplay before I get REALLY excited.
    But other than that, yay more Metro.

  • @El-Shmiablo agreed, pretty confident in 4A but this trailer is pretty meaningless.

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    @bard91 Oh I am certain they will make an amazing game, but I've seen too many a pre-canned trailer to be fooled into thinking that was actually representative of real ganeplay.

    I'm really hoping that the Allies were right and the train acts as a mobile save point, and missing it means you have to survive until the next loop around.

  • @El-Shmiablo I'm thinking that it may be more of a travelling towards a specific zone rather than a loop, such as a potentially uncontaminated area of Siberia, but the concept they mentioned could be pretty cool.

  • This trailer looked a little bullshotty to me. This and Anthem were very sketchy.

  • I never played a Metro game but this looked great, I'll keep an eye on it!

  • @Sage-Of-Thyme bullshotty? Spelling error for bullshit I suppose?
    Legitamately curious why you think this and Anthem look sketchy? Like overproduced and scripted? I'm curious about more peoples views on these.

  • @Inustar bullshot is a bit of an old term, though not an outdated one.


  • @DeweyDTruman okay. That context makes sense now ☺ Though I think you could probably swap bullshitty in that context for some people.

  • It was a good trailer and I did enjoy parts of the first game like managing ammo and somewhat varied enemies and somewhat varied levels, but on the whole it was very linear and plain at its core. A more open structure can do wonders for a series like this that has an interesting world.

    I'm into it.

  • Just seen an interview with the developers on Gamespot. They have confirmed that it was all in game playable footage with the hud turned off. They're going for a cross between Stalker & Metro. With regards to the open world question, it will have some linear & sandbox parts. Can't wait.

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    @FutureCorpse I've heard that same line of bullshit before with so many other games.
    If that is pure, uncanned gameplay, they are using some animation blending/predictive animations that very few games have ever even touched upon.

    Still calling shenanigans until I see the game being played live.

  • Looked very impressive. Still looked like a setpiece though, even if it were in-game.

  • @Sheria said in Metro Exodus (PC/Xbox1/PS4):

    Looked very impressive. Still looked like a setpiece though, even if it were in-game.

    Its not gameplay. its trailer in first person as you can see how artyom reloading a weapon.

    Metro does have scripted events however this new Metro is Non linear and more like Stalker.

  • I love Metro games and I'm waiting to see more of this game :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • The recent Game Informer podcast is covering a preview for the game. After hearing their impressions couldn't be more hyped. My most anticipated game of the year.

  • Based on GI information

    All base weapons allow up to 5 attachments

    There are many more weapons

    You can holster your weapon like in STALKER, which means when you meet an NPC you mean no harm

    Biggest open are of last light was 111 meters x 200 meters, in Exodus, open areas are 2000 meters x 2000 meters

    Lots of side quests where you can earn moral points, or gear

    You can craft on the fly by scavenging for resources

    Stealth has been completely overhauled to be more realistic and challenging

    You can find beds in safe places to sleep to regain health, or to use nightfall to stealth a mission

    Engine now has completely dynamic weather, passage of time (day night cycle), etc.

    MANY more enemies, each unique to whatever season\area you are in

    WOW they are turning it into STALKER!!! im glad its not just another open world but a linear game with sandbox design.

    @Sheria what do you think? Metro is back with Stalker vibe. this is Stalker meet Metro.