Persona 3.

  • When I was looking into getting into the Persona series, most everything I read said that the series really started with Persona 3, so it's totally worth it.

  • Persona is my favorite series and the third game is actually my favorite installment. I'm going back and playing P2: Innocent Sin on my Vita right now so I've been thinking some of the same things as yourself but I took the plunge and it definitely has been rewarding so far. One thing to remember is the games you'd be "missing out on" aren't going anywhere, they will still be there when you're finished, and they'll be less expensive. My wallet has greatly been thanking me into clearing out the backlog.

  • Persona 3 was my favorite game ever, until I played 4, a lot of the things that you liked in 4 will be in there, and as has been said the story is really good. But keep in mind that most of the mechanics and specially the supporting characters are not as well implemented as P4 so you'll definitively notice a difference and that can be a little rough.

    But yeah if you are interested I'd say definitively go for it, there's a lot to love (and honestly a little to hate) in Persona 3.

  • I've decided to play Persona 3!
    I'm hoping to fit it in between I am Setsuna and The Last Guardian, or after The Last Guardian.
    Thanks for the feedback guys!

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    If you can, play Persona 3 Portable. It streamlines a lot of things for the better (and sometimes worse) if you're really short on time. Otherwise grab FES and pick easy so you can enjoy the story without too much battle related agony

    @Sheria said in Persona 3.:

    It's all about how you play it. Persona 3 in no way demands 80 hours in order to finish it.

    I say go for it, just choose your difficulty setting wisely and don't try and be the completionist.

    @Michster said in Persona 3.:

    Persona 3 has pacing issues

    But the story is incredible and I would definitely recommend you play P3 FES. Don't let the overal length scare you off. Also, if you're just in it for the story and non-combat-related gameplay -> just pick easy difficulty since it cuts out a lot of grinding.

    P3-is a solid like... 60-200 hours depending on how much battling, grinding, and sidequests you choose to take on. Between it and Persona 4 there is a much much much higher emphasis on combat as the central dungeon tartarus has more than 200 floors, and the bosses are much harsher than P4.

    Still. If you go forward with it, you'll know what it truly means to burn one's dread.

  • I finished persona 4 just 2 weeks ago and i gotta say i like P3 better. The characters, The arcs they have, the surprises, the ending and overall plot was all better in p3 in my opinion.

  • Oh gods, yes! Play Persona 3 FES. Definitely. It's so good!

    I get that you're worrying about choosing it over other important games, but don't forget, even if it's old, this is still a main series Persona game we're talking about. That alone puts it on par with everything else.

    The Persona 3 gameplay isn't as refined as in Persona 4, because obviously it came out a few years earlier. However, I personally liked the story and characters in P3 better than P4. It definitely has heavier themes than Persona 4.

    But yes, without a doubt worth playing.

  • @Ochi there is no reason to play the game on easy if he's played P4G before. So long as you take on every shadow on a floor and fuse regularly there is no reason to grind. However, I agree that it doesn't necessarily have to take 80 hours to complete, but that all depends on how rapped up someone can get if they want the full experience of the game.

    @Fridge-man, you should have no problems of beating the game way before The Last Guardian comes out all the way in October, and P5 doesn't come out until February anyway. I actually think you'd have time to beat all the other persona spin-offs out there if you're interested (i.e. Persona Q, Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax, and Persona 4 Dancing All Night). But yeah, good call holding off on the movie until beating the game. I LOVED the movies, but they are definitely best appreciated by those who have played the games already (same deal with the Persona 4 anime and Golden anime).

  • @DarkenRaul1
    I have some games going on right now and then there's also I am Setsuna that I'm gonna get which no one knows how long it is. But since I am Setsuna is a JRPG it probably won't be that short!

  • I'd reckomend giving it ago. I got abit fed up of the combat because I felt Tartarus was a bit too samey but the characters and darker story really pull you along.

    If the time investment is really an issue might be worth playing P3P instead if you have a PSP or Vita, despite not having the extra FES content (but you could just watch the story bits on YouTube after) as it's abit more streamlined and its easier to pick it up and put it down around other things.

  • Sadly if you want the full experience there's nothing you can do but put in the time. I'm a strong believer that the more time you put into a game the better the payout is.

    But I also believe that you never have all the time in the world to play all the awesome games out there.

    Really the two versions of the game have pros on cons
    P3 FES: has cinematics and the ability to explore the town on foot like persona 4.
    The bonus FES chapter is long and a real grind.
    P3P: You can control your party like in P4. You can play as a girl (who is best protagonist) half of her social links are different. unlike male she can social link the entire party. other small conveniences and options.

    If you are strapped for time I recommend playing P3P and later watching the cinematics and FES chapter on youtube.

  • Just like Adam Jensen, you didn't ask for this. But I decided to share that I just began playing Persona 3 FES. So far, sooo good!

  • Play it! I like it more than 4, granted it was my first, and the combat isn't as good (depending on your version), but I found the story and world to be more enjoyable because of its darker tone

  • I'm like 30 hours in and it feels like there's no end in sight! Enjoy it, preferably with no guide, you can always search for tips but the guide will totes dictate your game and there's so many things that can happen! At least that's what some people tell me while I'm streaming it.

  • @KiloAlphaTaco I'm going to enjoy this the same way I enjoyed Persona 4, going in blind and feeling my way forward!