Sony E3 2017 Discussion

  • The conference doesn't start for a long time, but I wanted to go ahead and create a thread where we can discuss predictions, hopes, dreams, real-time reactions, and post-conference analysis about today's events!

    Sony is my most anticipated show as for me, they have had very few down moments since before their 2013 show. With so much announced, will we something new? Or is today nothing more than a constant update on projects? What do you want to see?

  • I know Kojima said Death Stranding wouldn't show up this year, but that makes me MORE paranoid that it's gonna show up knowing him.

    Yeah, I think we are gonna spend a good amount of time updating on things from last year and giving dates, especially God of War, Detroit, Spider-Man and Days Gone, which I'm all alright with. I really wanna see what they're doing for Days Gone and if they're gonna show how it's distinct from other zombie games. Also Spider-Man, cause it's Spider-Man.

    I'm not 100% positive, but I think there's a chance we see Last of Us Part II. That's also me just dreaming since I just finished the first game a week ago and really wanna see where they're going with the next one.

    Sony is definitely one of the conferences I'm most excited for, but also most nervous about since they have been so on fire lately, so they have the most potential to not live up to expectations. But I still do think we'll have some new announcements to see. I have no idea what they could surprise us with after the past couple of years, but I'm still optimistic.

    If Sly Cooper 5 is announced, it'll be a 10/10 conference.

  • I want something big from SEGA, like a new Valkyria Chronicles

    edit: the second I posted this

  • Maybe it's just me but I feel like we're going to see something from Rocksteady right after Spiderman
    Youtube Video

  • This will most likely be the strongest show at E3 2017. Even if they just showed more of what they did last year it would be stronger. I bet we see a lot more new stuff here from addons such as Resident Evil 7 to the rumoured Japanese games and a few other surprises. I don't think its likely but i would like to see FF7 of course. However, I need to keep my expectations in check or else it will ruin the conference for me lol.

    Ppl want to see FF7 so badly that it alone would make the conference memorable.

    Maybe just maybe (this is more then likely not gonna happen) we get that todd howard game that should have been revealed lastnight lol.

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    I am really excited! Yet I am not really sure what to expect!

    All I REALLY want to see are more from Final Fantasy VII Remake.
    As well as Darksiders 3. Everything else is just a bonus

  • I'm hoping Atlus shows up with something sweet. Hell, just play the Persona 5 trailer again if you want Atlus, I don't mind.

    Overall though, I'm really hoping Sony or Nintendo pull through with... something. I actually thought Microsoft had a good press conference but nothing that really blew me away. Maybe I'm spoiled by the previous two years being especially good for E3, but I just haven't gotten that level of hype I expect by this week of goodness. The Evil Within 2 trailer has been my favorite bit but that was leaked ahead of time and lost some steam.

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    @Sieghardt I don't think they are going to announce another Valkyria when Revolution isn't even out yet

  • @El-Shmiablo And after Revolution I'm imagining they are gonna either put it to sleep if not kill it straight away, I really hope that is not the case.

    Sega did say they are reviving an old big franchise so we'll have see about that.

  • @SabotageTheTruth chances of Atlus are almost zero I think, they had already announced they would be showing 13 Sentinels, Strange Journey Redux, Radiant Historia PC, and Etrian Odyssey 5.

    I would love it if Sony for once acknowledge Persona on their conference, but I doubt that'll be the case.

  • @bard91 Let the dreamers dream!

  • Spyro Trilogy Remaster or GTFO!

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    @Yoshi I would like that very much.

    Except for the whole skateboarding thing from the 3rd game. Fuck that.

  • Well so far this E3 was very bad imo, but I'm still excited for Sony.

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    The question is now.. nap so I can stay up during the late night to watch it live, sleep and watch it tomorrow when I get back from work or play some games until it starts?

  • @Lotias
    Take a quick POWER NAP, set an alarm about a hour and a half before the show

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    @DMCMaster Yeah, Im setting alarm! I did nap a little during the PC. But setting alarm now! :3

  • No naps, I'd be off my rails after those at these hours. It's now 1 AM in Finland, Sony starts at 4 AM. But of course I'll jump back in already at 3 for the Allies. Super pumped after Ubisoft, and of course as a Sony fanboy I'm expecting them to deliver even better.

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    Will there be a black woman with a fro at Sony's conference?

    alt text

    Which fro is best?