Sony E3 2017 Discussion

  • Am I crazy or was the asylum in The Impatient the asylum from Until Dawn? I jumped up and yelled when the portrait of the asylum appeared on the wall.

  • @Caprica Its by the same developers, so thats very likely.

  • Lame.

    Big SotC fan, and while I was surprised, I really couldn't find a reason to care about a more graphically impressive version of the game.

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    The whole conference could've been the new Spiderman and I'd have been happy.

    It looks amazing and spectacular. Truly the ultimate Spiderman game.

  • We couldn't even get a confirmation for Dragon Quest 11. :(

  • Kinda middle of the road, while some things (mostly the VR stuff bored me) Spiderman looked great, God of War looked like well God of War (with a new camera angle), Shadow of the Colossus remake came out of nowhere, Detroit looks interesting, Hidden Agenda (pre show reveal) looks like a good sequel to Until Dawn, a MvC demo was also a surprise.
    Was also surprised that the PS4 Monster Hunter turned out to be real.

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    Everyone has a beard in the new God of War.

    Even the giant snake had a beard.

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    Shockingly bad when I thought Sony were the most guaranteed to be good. They proimised Japanese games, and it amounted to what? Monster Hunter and a Shadow of the Colossus remake? No RE2 remake, no DMC5, No Shenmue HD, nearly nothing

    You're assuming that they were all showcase games though, the majority was always gonna be specifically on the show floor, like Ni-No-Kuni 2.

    I'm sure there's a bunch of japanese games people are gonna reveal after they've been played tonight.

    wont make this conference any less boring

    To each his own, EA and Ubisoft had zero titles I want. Other than Far Cry 5 and MAYBE Ass creed. Microsoft spent more time hyping games I can already play this very second on PC.

    Bethesda eh...I want to like Wolfenstein but I had an awful time with Wolfenstein the new order with bugs and their horrible checkpoint system, so I'm hesitant to care about a new game.

    That's it for me so far, yet sony has had everything I'm excited for, except VR and Detroit.

    @Art said in Sony E3 2017 Discussion:

    The whole conference could've been the new Spiderman and I'd have been happy.

    It looks amazing and spectacular. Truly the ultimate Spiderman game.

    I know everyone is bitching about it but I actually LIKE how it plays so similarly to batman, and it LOOKS great. Not keen on Yuri Lowenthal voicing spidey but whatever...and I could do without all those QTEs, I thought we were past this by now.

  • @Ringedwithtile I know it's a pipe dream, but what if they finished the game as intended? There were originally supposed to be 48 colossi. There's locked areas in the game that never got finished and designed colossi that never got into the game...

  • @TokyoSlim Oh for sure, that would be incredible. But it's Bluepoint, I'd really doubt that.

    I think we'll get some extras here and there though.

  • @TokyoSlim
    I seriously doubt they would add all 48, maybe one or two, but not the rest.
    Also I hope they redo the audio for SotC, it can't quite put my finger on why though

  • @Ringedwithtile that's true. Lol

  • I wanted to like Spiderman, but it looked super scripted, which really took me out of it.

  • God of War looks fun but it seems like it's missing the gore. Orange blood isn't what I signed up for. I hope there is more eye gouging and head ripping in this one.

    Spider-Man looks good but a bit QTE heavy, and a lot of watching when you could be playing.

    Days Gone looks absolutely awful.

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy looks VERY fun and I'm surprised I am as excited for it as I am because I thought I was all Uncharted out.

    Shadow of the Colossus looks pretty.

    Detroit: Become Human looks a bit cheesy but if the decisions are exciting enough then I can see past it.


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    @ZyloWolfBane I don't care about the QTE. I've had to put up with Activison's crap for the longest time and FINALLY we get something good.

  • First and foremost: This wasn't a bad show. HOWEVER, this was the most underwhelming press conference Sony has had in five years. I see it as an 8.5/10, 4/5, but Ubisoft, and I can't believe I'm typing this, was the best conference for me this year.

    Don't get wrong: Sony started off fantastic: Live performance with a waterfall setting up Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, and the Days Gone demo really appealed to me. Sadly, with the exception of a great God of War trailer after the VR block, that's where personal appeal ended.

    Monster Hunter World is a MAJOR get for Playstation, but with no real interest and certainly no history with the series, I can only say I'm happy for those looking forward to it.

    Shadow of the Colossus was THE best spot of the show. And I HATE that game. But I really appreciated the shock of the announcement and I believe it rivals Beyond Good & Evil 2, if not surpass it, as the most surprising game announcement from E3 2017.

    I'm not into fighting games, but I like all of the announcements packed into Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite with a release of September 19, a story demo now, and the reveal of characters.

    The expected Call of Duty trailer was pretty but not for me... so... as... expected.

    The PSVR block was a miss for me partly for what was shown and partly how I do not own and have never experienced VR. However, two notes: 1.) WHY, and I repeat, WWWWWHHHHHYYYYY is there ANOTHER Final Fantasy XV side project?!? 2.) What. Isn't. Skyrim. On.

    Detroit was copy and paste in terms of its trailer structure from last year. Different and compelling scenario sure, but I feel those who are interested are in, and those like me who don't care, are not ever going to be.

    Destiny 2 trailer touting exclusive content, like CoD, was expected, but unlike CoD, unnecessary.

    Spiderman demoed great. I don't like Spiderman. Therefore, good on ya Spiderman. Like Shadow, happy for the people the game is for.

    And the one thing, more than anything else, that actually ANGERS me about this presentation: The incessant crowd shots. Microsoft committed this sin last year. Show what you're there to show, not people seeing what you're showing.

    I'm both shocked and got what I was expecting sans Shadow of the Colossus: Shocked for being underwhelmed, expecting a LOT of games shown last year.

  • I can't find the Marvel vs. Capcom demo on the PS Store, did anyone get it?

  • Sony was pretty underwhelming as a conference but they still showed a lot of stuff I'm looking forward to.

    I'm excited to jump into the Ni No Kuni and Monster Hunter franchises as well

  • @Axel I think it'll be similar to the Resident Evil 7 demo from last year; advertised as available that night but not available for anyone to find. I've scoured the store and nope, can't find it anywhere.

  • Yeah, RE7 Beginning Hour wasn't available to download till much much later.