Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

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    I am not even slightly worried about Capcom adopting any sort of egregious microtransaction model for Monster Hunter, or any of their games really.
    A lot of the hatred of Capcom is more over poor decisions over the direction of games regarding stylistic choices and marketing to specific audiences.
    Street Fighter V actually has a pretty great model for DLC. If you've played even semi regularly since launch should have easily been able to afford the vast majority of DLC characters, stages, and costumes. The ire of SFV is more focused at the decision to pander towards the eSports crowd and Fighting Game Community, over the casual player who enjoys more singleplayer content in their fightans.
    There is the whole Dante's hair debacle in DmC: Devil May Cry. Despite being better than half the other games in the series from a mechanical, character, and story perspective, people were too invested in the whole Uncle Dante meme to accept the new game.
    Then there is stuff like MvCI where, unless you followed the game closely and knew that the game was made in under a year and with (not even exaggerating) less than the budget of a Street Fighter V Season Pass, and under the strict rule of Disney who, until the VERY recent acquisition of most of Fox were hellbent on killing off any and all things X-Men/Fantastic Four, you would just think that Capcom were lazy and wanted to cash in on the brand.
    Don't even get me started on RE7. RE fans have no fucking clue what they want. They shit all over RE6 for being too actiony, yet the game is the best selling in the entire series, yet when RE7 is the truest to form RE since even before RE4, they bitch and moan about the game being in first person. Like seriously just fuck off into the sun.

    But yeah. I am totally confident that MHW will be a solid and fulfilling experience. Maybe some costume shit, or a few expansions, but I would bet money there won't be anything even remotely resembling EA or Activision style lootbox bullshit.

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    BETA TIME! Or perhaps, more appropriately, beta times. The test is up for three solid days from 9 am PST on the 9th to the same time on the 12th for anyone who has a PS+ subscription (or trial!). Preloading starts on the 8th, but the beta is only 5 gb so don't worry too much.

    The beta includes all weapons, the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste, Great Jagras, Anjanath, Rathalos, Barroth, Jyuratodus, and Diablos. Beating the beta's three explicit quests will net you a special face paint pattern that'll probably be available later somehow to Xbox players who can't test.

  • It's already available on PS Store!!
    Any allies that want to want play together can add my ps id : LauJzo

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    The 'Third Fleet Trailer' revealed that Lavasioth (from Freedom Unite) and Uragaan (from Tri) are returning in a new volcanic map. Oh, and there's a Mega Man collaboration for Palicos.

    More importantly, the beta starts tomorrow at 9 am! Ben's streaming on Sunday, and Huber is joining him on Monday.

  • If anyone's for playing later just drop me an add: KYUBICHIGO

    Never got into Monster Hunter seriously due to lack of friends into the series (I had the second one on psp I think and never got past the opening missions) so I'm excited to check this one out.

  • I'm bard91r for anyone also interested in teaming up, I'll be playing for a while today for sure.

  • I'm gonna be playing the beta this weekend. This is gonna be my 2nd attempt to get into the franchise. My first one was with MH Tri on the Wii. I could see the potential, but the controls felt too clunky and the inventory management was tedious. I'm hoping this one improves on those aspects.

    PSN : Whiskeyjack98

  • I meant to post impressions after I played the beta so I'm a little late.

    I have zero experience with Monster Hunter. Hell, I thought it was an open world you explored until I jumped into the beta and found out that wasn't the case. I know I saw some complaints about weapons feeling sluggish but... that just never happened for me. Granted, I only fooled around with the gun lance, long sword, and dual blades, but everything felt snappy and responsive. There were so many tools to play around with (many I never actually used) that it quickly became apparent these systems have a lot of depth behind them. Plus, I hopped into some hunts with @Billy and it was a jolly time!

    Most betas convince me the game in question is not something worth a purchase for myself but this did the opposite. Day one purchase in January.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm glad you were into it! A lot of people don't get on with the sorta grounded movement speed and the firmness of the animations, but I think that makes it really thrilling to be low on health, trying to sheathe your weapon and drink a potion but having to make decisions about whether you should roll first, then sheathe, etc can be really thrilling.

    But more than all of that, I find hitting things in Monster Hunter feels about as satisfying as games can get, and I like to see the monsters they make for you to hit.

    And I know what you mean about betas. The Destiny beta convinced me that they should have stuck with Halo, and the Nioh beta was really fun but tired me out so much that it put that game at the very bottom of my backlog. For context, I've played like a day's worth of the MH4U beta when it came out, as well as a large amount of World's.

  • @Haru17 Despite being relatively fresh, watching Ben's stream helped me with some of the basics (and hey, I saw you on there as well!) and the sense of community really does help make this even more of a sell. The fact the franchise has kept a lot of mechanics (albeit refining them) means there's a lot to learn from experienced players and that promise of weekly hunts - whether it be with Ben or others - should really help make this game something special within the community. Just the combat felt satisfying and then there's the whole world of crafting and gathering resources as well? This just seems like the perfect time to hop in.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Despite how you acted as a veritable magnet for the Diablos, it really was great! Looking forward to hunting and discovering much more with you in January!

  • Beta weekend 2 runs from the 22nd at 9 am PST to 9 am on the 26th. Four days this time, it does not require PS+ for either online or offline, and still no word on a chance for Xbox players. But, if trends continue, there might be another beta period they can get in on.

  • @Haru17 Have they mentioned if there will be any differences in the newer beta? I highly doubt it, but hey.

  • @SabotageTheTruth No, it's just more time for the same content. And you can redo the Anjanath quest — if Rathalos isn't on the map, than Pukei-Pukei (a Great Jagras-tier monster not normally available) will be from what I've heard.

  • Surprise: They added Kulu-Ya-Ku and Pukei-Pukei to the beta.

  • @Haru17 Seriously? Gah, and I'm stuck at work...

  • @Billy They're pretty fun, especially Kulu. I can't wait to fight the peppy little bird in the full game.

  • More beta thoughts: The wall jump attacks are all really well done. In fact, Insect Glaive can just stick into a wall like Mario and fling off back into an aerial combo.

    The slide attacks are some of the coolest shit I've done in a video game and feel great. However, they can be inconsistent in how soon you can perform them when sliding. Sliding itself can feel confusing, with certain diagonal paths not allowing it while others have a tiny little patch where you can slide.

    Also, some weapons have unique wall jump attacks, some slide attacks, and some unsheathed wall jump attacks. However, a lot of weapons just use their standard aerial attack, so it can feel incomplete. I hope a complete set of slide and wall jump abilities are added in the Ultimate release.

    World's satisfying hit feedback can't be overstated. That's perhaps why mounted finishers and the Switch Axe's zero sum discharge feel so blah to me. It's probably only bugging me because you can't directly control your hunter's positioning or aim during a mounted finisher, but I don't know why we still can't juat cling onto a medium sized monster's hide and use one or two attack animations.

  • Playing with friends is so jolly! Diablos bursting out of the ground and creating a sinkhole to fall into is one of my gaming highlights of the year.

  • Will this game be fun solo?