Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • Trailer Time: The Japanese stream should be live at 2:30 am PST Friday. Probably time for another new map or a bunch of cool fire-themed monsters — there weren't and new ones in the fourth game!

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  • So I'm thinking I'll buy Monster Hunter at release. While I didn't get to spend as much time with the beta as I wanted (maybe shy of 5 hours if you add playtime from both together) I could almost feel like something about World was about to click, and I'm kinda hoping that it finally does for me and this series.

  • It'll definitely take you more than the first sessions to learn maps and where to pursue monsters — part of the mid and endgame of Monster Hunter. The Ancient Forest is the most complex map in the series — I imagine it's probably one of the most complex boss stages in any series. It probably took me 20 hours or more to learn it in the beta.

    Keep in mind the beta was missing the full game's intro and some tutorial elements, so I imagine there'll be a clearer path to learn these things in the full game. Also, there's just 8 hours 'til the event!

  • @Haru17
    No doubt, once I have a more structured tutorial ill probably have some "Aha" moment.
    Ill admit that I'm excited for a entry in Monster Hunter to finally get its hooks into me. Tried MH3 on WiiU, and MHG both I got on sale, and something just didn't click.

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    Trailer time!

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    We are getting closer and closer to the release and I am getting more and more Hyped!

  • Edit: Scratch that, they showed Deviljho later in the presentation. Ended now.

    In case it wasn't clear, you can stop watching now XD. It was just Japanese collaboration announcements after the trailer and demo. The ice/wind monster was Kushala Daora and the fire lion Teostra, they are from Monster Hunter 2 AND THEY FUCKING PUNCH EACH OTHER NOW!!! The Deathwing frog and freaky tongue dragon are new.

  • @DMCMaster Oh right, forgot that there's a final pre-launch beta on the 19th. The Nergigante quest is apparently limited to 15 minutes and the monster is souped up even from the full game, so it'll probably be impossible for most groups.

  • Yeah, I was surprised by the file size as well. It's like Nintendo compression, but with a game that looks like this.

    I'm excited to see how much they add onto the game in real terms (monsters and, later on, new maps). Specifically, I want to see how they retain the ecology emphasis if they're often rotating monsters out of an environment. Will Nargacuga still eat Jagras if they swap Anjanath out of the forest for it, or will it just be thrown into the environment without any detail or thought like monsters in 4 (and in many, many other games that are not Monster Hunter)?

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    Capcom released a Coral Highlands gameplay video where the game capture guy is just having a Bad Day and the voice over guy just won't break character.

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    So, I think you'll get a kick out of this. They made a couple commercials with a Japanese actor named Yamada Takayuki and they're... unique.

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    The last beta is live until 6 pm PST Sunday. The new Nergigante quest is pretty, well, just take a look at the clip.

  • Streaming/ trying to get the hang of MY
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  • @DMCMaster Cool you're playing long sword, that's my longtime main actually. If you would permit me to backseat game for a moment, the R2 + △ and R2 + O are advanced moves new to World, the weapon's core are the △ combo, the spirit combo on R2, and the fade slash on △ + O.

    So basically your normal attacks build up the spirit gauge, roughly a full bar of which can be spent on the spirit combo. If you land the final hit, the roundslash, your spirit gauge will level up and you will get a damage boost for all your weapon actions. You start at colorless and your gauge levels up to white, yellow, and red with each successive roundslash that connects. And of course both the spirit gauge's contents and color level drain over time.

    The fade slash is the most important nuance to the weapon, as it can be performed hopping left, right, or back. It's used for positioning and to keep up aggression against the monster, and can be followed with R2 for an advancing slash that combos into the third step of the spirit gauge combo, right before the roundslash.

    I would suggest learning those instincts to start, and how to use them to pressure a monster. Be a little bit greedy with the end of your combo, as leveling up your spirit gauge is usually worth taking a survivable hit — of course, if you take a hit before you can get the roundslash off, you'll be quite sad.

  • I only played a small amount of the first Beta, and I’m trying to resist playing any more. I want it to feel as fresh as possible, and the launch is so close. I’m amazed at how much fun I had in such a short time, though, even without the whole gathering/crafting/preparing loop, which is arguably the lynchpin of the entire experience.
    Less than a week until we all can hunt together! Send me a friend request on PS4 or Xbox if you haven’t already!

  • Pre ordered the game and exited to jump in, but i have some questions :

    1- Is it hard to change the weapon style mid game?

    2- does the armour pieces have wight stat like souls games?

  • I just tried the beta this weekend and really loved it! It's my first time playing a Monster Hunter game so it's a lot to take in. But I think the game explains things in a good way and it feels pretty accessible. I heard it's not as intimidating as the older incarnations. How are you MH veterans feeling about this latest title? Are you happy about the changes they've made?

  • @A7X458 There is no weight mechanic like Elder Scrolls, or anything that changes your evade speed or how fast your character moves like Nioh. Armor only differs in skills, defense, elemental resistance, and appearance.

    For your question about switching weapons type, besides actually crafting a current tier weapon, it's all down to instinct and practice. There is no character leveling, perk tree, or weapon proficiency stat. Depending on the kind of player you are though, it may be beneficial to play through much of the game with one kind of weapon to build up your instincts with it. And more related to your other question, some weapon types have different movement speeds and evade animations while drawn.