Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

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    Oh baby, Capcom is a leaky sieve! A UK community manager is confirming all sorts of things on Twitter.

    Namely that ALL 14 weapons, potions, stamina, sharpness, and the roasting music will be returning. It's literally a whole Monster Hunter game transposed into an open world environment. You can even see Rathalos soaring overhead in real time while the new toad monster gulps down that Aptonoth.

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    Here's some more art with a shot of the lance.


    So there's an extended cut of trailer that gives a much better picture of the game. Just environmental noise, no music. It definitely looks a little early, but I think that's just Capcom being honest more than anything. They still have to play with some of the animations and sound effects.

    The underwater clip they showed is only an area transition, hopefully there are true underwater areas besides. But that flood of water is this sick area transition of it spilling over and — you just need to see it.

    At 1:17 you can see some sort of town way off in the distance. Perhaps that's the Guild's foothold in this new land? There are sharper, craggy mountains inland from the forest region shown — perhaps that's a mountain area? I think the forest with the giant Avatar Home Tree is like one 'area' in a traditional Monster Hunter game, and they'll expand out from their with a few more larger biomes based around a certain theme; plains, volcano, tundra, ocean, etc.

    Edit: Dammit, the extended trailer got taken down! Anyway, you can see the town a little bit in the normal trailer.

    Edit 2: I found the extended cut trailer again! Please watch that water clip, it's so, so good...

  • looks like i'm going to need to make some friends

  • @orgnoxv You can search the forums for the link to the EZA discord, or just use Worlds' SOS beacons to call in random hunters from around the globe!

  • It seems like they made it open world but kinda not? There are still different areas and you can move from one to another using transitions like sliding /ropes/using the monsters.

    It also seems that alot of people are mad, but as a fan since the first game. I think this is a step in the right direction even if MH5 will be a different game.

  • @The-Last-Villain That's the best thing about it — it's open world but not empty and flat. I imagine the world will feel more like that if there's a plains area, but this is a forest: It should feel dense and vertical exactly like this. This screenshot is from the more open beachfront area, but I really like the scale it provides. There are dense forest zones all up that great tree, and many up in its canopy.

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  • @Haru17 yea the area didn't feel empty and monsters were all over the place too. I like that they finally made the stealth useful and how the monsters can chase you between areas and not always have to fly to reach it. + i may be alone in this but the graphics dont look as realistic as people say which is a good thing imo.

    My only fears are not related to the difficulty because generations is already too easy as it is. but what i worried about is the possibility of making the tracking too easy. That and shooting/killing monsters from other areas (although that would actually be hilarious)

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  • I just saw the allies reaction during the conference and you can clearly see Kyle has no idea how Monster Hunter works xD

    also, the more I see the more excited I get, the rumor still makes me nervous with the "westernization" talk, but I do see a lot of things that can be streamlined without making the game feel "dumbed down"

  • Oh geez. So apparently Sony also paid for 'exclusive content' on Playstation 4. Hopefully it's just some shitty Horizon armor or something.

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    What did he mean by this?

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  • @Art Unsure, but please the thread I created for that game to reduce cross-talk (heh).

    Anyway the series producer Tsujimoto just gave an interview set to some new footage of a fight with the lizard monster and explained a few things. The translator said that they "aren't removing anything" but rather building on the existing combat system. Also the thing on the hunter's arm that fires SOS flares is called the slinger. It comprises both the grappling hook and the bomb-thrower. Hunters can now pick up rocks, nuts, and other things to sling them at monsters for unique effects.


  • Here is the video of the new interview and gameplay of the lizard monster from earlier.

    Youtube Video

  • Was sad to see no XX announcement but still pretty excited for this. This holiday/Q1 2018 is shaping up to be pretty awesome.

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    Compare the reveal trailer of World to the original concept trailer for 4. Notice anything? This is the same concept: Monsters chasing hunters between areas, climbing across large spaces to travel between regions, monsters sliding off of sloped areas, and monster vs monster combat.

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    I'm so glad the next main entry to the series made by the main development team is looking so good.

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  • @Art What's interesting about that shot and the one of the hunter wall jumping over flames and swinging his great sword is that you see the hunter glow and pulse. It isn't as giant and glowy as in previous games, but that is definitely a great sword charge, meaning the aerial charge is included in the great sword at default by now AND that they added a new charge while hunters are mounting a beast.

  • Sorry for all the new updates, but there's a ton of new info in Gaijinhunter's video, and it makes a good recap of everything I've been updating with so far:

    Youtube Video

    Edit: IGN's article contains even MORE stuff: Jose Otero (the host of their Nintendo podcast who actually plays MonHan) got to demo the game and wrote a pretty glowing preview.