Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • I played probably around 10ish hours of it and i'm loving it. Currently Maining the longsword (used to almost exclusively main greatsword). Its really interesting to see the changes they made to make it more accessible and just less tedious like making whetstones infinite,and making sprint infinite outside of battle. also at first i was weary of the firefly mechanic but playing it now i see its necessary for a high density HD environment. Without it you wouldn't be able to spot pretty much any resources because how the plants and stuff all blend together.

    Ergoknight1 on Xbox One if anyone wants to hunt together

  • I gotta say... for all the times Diablos killed me in the beta, it feels REALLY good to smash him in the face with an ice hammer.

  • I just started playing this game. I normally don't play games like this because I normally hate gameplay loops (i.e. MMOs, Destiny, Borderlands, etc), but the combat and how the environments affect combat looked intriguing enough for me to pick it up and give it a go.

    I'm so lost. I have sooooo many materials I don't know what to do with them. My fights can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes and I'm never sure if I'm hurting the monster because they don't get beat up or react much to my attacks until they start limping near the end. Not saying I won't like it, but I feel like I'm attacking a wall with these creatures.

  • @DIPSET Monsters have a chance to flinch out of an attack animation when hit by any attack. During long hunts (or if you hit them with exhaust Switch Axes or bullets) they'll start panting and not attack for a few seconds, signaling that they've run low on stamina. What's more, hitting the legs of a monster has a chance to knock it over for a few seconds.

    Also, keep in mind that you can knock down flying monsters by equipping a flash pod (auto-crafted from flashbugs) and blinding them while they're flying. It won't work if the monster is looking the other way or has landed though. Flash pods can also stun ground monsters so they attack slower. Hitting flashflies with any attack or effect has the same effect, they're just stationary.

    Oh, and it's just generally useful to use a whetstone when your sharpness dips below green!

  • @Haru17

    Thanks for the tips.

    See this game is so deep I can't wrap my head around so many systems. I'm getting better and ended up mopping the floor with a few monsters since making my last post. I'm using the Insect Glave (Bone III). I love the moveset and the way it controls, but I still haven't fully comprehended how to use my insects to my advantage. I know I'm aiming and shooting them out but I'm never fully sure if I'm doing anything because these purple bugs linger afterwards and I feel like I can do something with them. One of my bugs deals damage and the other apparently heals me but I don't know how to discern which ones I'm controlling.

    I've screwed around in the practice room and still haven't fully figured out how to control the bugs.

    I've never been so confused with a game since Demon's Souls (which later became one of my favourite games of all time) so hopefully I can start to figure this game out and add it to my list of games I'm passionate about. My main problem is that I always feel like I'm not doing something properly.

  • @DIPSET If it makes you feel better, it took me a solid week before I felt I "got" it and everything just clicked into place in a really beautiful way. You can always browse weapon tutorials online or hell, maybe try mixing it up with another weapon to see if that makes more sense to you. I haven't dove into the "complicated" weapons yet, mostly just Dual Blades, Long Sword, and Hammer, and even if they are what some would deem as simple, they have a lot of nuance that becomes more apparent the more you use them.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    I'm already starting to get it a lot more. I was actually farming the Ajarath (Trex guy) by responding to SOS Flares for 2h and the host died in every single session I played in. It was beyond frustrating because I have no rewards for absolutely destroying this monster time and time again.

    In the end I realized I'm actually pretty good with my weapon right now. But some people I've played with online have been causing environmental incidents to occur like making boulders fall down a hill and I have absolutely no clue how to do those kinds of things.

    I sorta want to learn everything myself, but I also see time as something precious and I may watch some tutorials to skip the learning curve.

  • @DIPSET Crazy, you're not the first person on here to mention how terrible it has been playing with randos, yet I've not had that experience. I spent a long while helping with SOS flares for Tobi-Kadachi and Anjanath and we captured those suckers every single time... guess it does just boil down to sheer luck with matchmaking.

    Since you mentioned not wanting to be outright told to make some of the environmental effects happen, I'll just mention that your slinger is pretty useful.

  • The environmental stuff works almost exactly how you'd expect. It's not very complicated at all.

  • I responded to an SOS investigation for Rathalos once, and they were fighting both Rathian and Rathalos at the same time, and we somehow managed to take them both down, and Rathian wasn't even the objective, lol. Guess it's practice for this nasty sounding power couple quest.

  • The power couple one has a really important reward. Same with the capture quest chain with the dialogue box icon, don't skip them!

  • Follow up. I just discovered there is a Weapons Guide in the main menu. I've been using my weapon COMPLETELY WRONG. Surprised I've made it this far. I can fire my insects to do damage, which is what I was doing, but they can also buff me to make me faster and stronger! I never realized this. It's completely changed the way it's played. I wish this info was in the practice mode instead of inside a menu that isn't even the tutorial menu.

    As per the environmental stuff, sure I can see where it's possible to drop a boulder on the Anjanath, but I have absolutely no idea how to do it. Shooting rocks/knives doesn't do the trick and some are so far up that I can't reach them. The only person in MANY online sessions I've seen do anything environmental was a gun user.

  • @DIPSET Barrel bombs, all attacks and shots, and slinger ammo all work. Heavier environmental stuff (not the boulders) will take two barrel bombs. Keep in mind though that only select environmental elements are destructible.

  • Finally have a chance to play this again, plan to be on around 10pm est (hopefully)

  • Man, Nergigante is a pushover as a hbg user.

  • Just curious but... is there some lore based reason why Kirin is considered an elder dragon? I mean... It's a great design, fun fight, but why in the world is a unicorn called a dragon?

    Also, it feels real good to convince a friend to jump into the series for the first time and they also fall in love with Monster Hunter. Plus, it just gives me more opportunities to mess around with different weapons on those low rank hunts.

    Also, much love @Haru17 , I would have skipped that Power Couple quest for awhile but you were right, that reward is immensely important!

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC):

    Just curious but... is there some lore based reason why Kirin is considered an elder dragon? I mean... It's a great design, fun fight, but why in the world is a unicorn called a dragon?

    The game states that things that can't be classified are filed under "elder dragon". Also IRL a Kirin is generally portrayed with dragon like features, in the game the Kirin even has scales. A Kirin is not a unicorn (as in a horse with a horn).
    But basically elder dragons are rare and powerful mystical creatures with no exact origin.

  • I want to know how many teams lose to Nergigante every day, today i tried 6 times with a full team and won once!!

  • @a7x458 Y'know, I beat him on my first try for my own storyline, grouped up with a bunch of random people, and we didn't even come close to failing. Yet, I've been trying to help my friend pass it for his story quest and.. we just can't. Maybe it's bad luck, bad groups, the stars haven't aligned, but whatever the case is, I know he's been getting super frustrated with it.

    I'm personally a little tired of the double Bezelguese fight, but looking around online, it looks like I'm not the only one. Just gotta keep trying I guess. And I'll be working on getting some blast resistant armor.