Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

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    @zylowolfbane I can't really say anything to past games, since the last time I played was Monster Hunter Freedom way back in 06 when I was studying in Sapporo..what better way to study Japanese? lol

    Maybe it's just my experience, but overall I've had really good luck with the multiplayer hunts, including tempered elder dragons.

    Yeah definitely lucky then lol. Even when I was farming Nerigigante there's always that one guy that gets OHKO'd by a dunk from full health, so of course on a tempered elder it's like that...but for the whole team.

    Worse is Vaal Hazak is easy as pie, people still try to brute force it without dodging >.>

  • Hey can someone invite me to the EZA squad? PM me and I’ll share my PSN name. Thanks! Excited to fight the gold guy with y’all!

  • Wanted to post this here too, Japan has an exclusive event "USJ Blazing Azure Stars!" till Friday this week. It's only available outside of Japan if you manage to join a SOS while searching only for Event Quests (super rare and fill up extremely quickly) or find a Online Session that is focusing on Event Quests (searchable). The only complication with the latter method is alot of people are grouping up to raid Kulve Taroth and not USJ. I found out the "easiest" way to get your Azure Gems is to search twitter for USJ MHW and get lucky enough to join a new session that someone creates to farm the USJ quest. You gotta enter these farming groups quickly cause they will fill up within minutes. There is also someone in Japan selling invites on Twitter, which is reprehensible to me and I ignore it out of principle. Good luck and be patient, it took me a long time just to get 3 gems and you will need 5 for the full armor. And a spare 2 to upgrade the Long Sword (NYI?) Wiki Page

  • Any allies still playing this game? If a EZA squad is still going, I'd love to join.

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    Hey can someone invite me to the EZA squad? PM me and I’ll share my PSN name. Thanks! Excited to fight the gold guy with y’all!

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    Any allies still playing this game? If a EZA squad is still going, I'd love to join.

    Unfortunately, the only way to join the EZA squad is to be invited by Ian himself. And the only time I think he ever plays anymore is during the Weekly Hunts that he is able to attend. Someone else might be able to come up with something for the pc version though?

  • So who's jumping into World on PC? I have it but haven't started yet so know pretty much nothing about it.

    Is there an EZA Guild or something like that to join or is that just on the day of hunts?

  • I'm kinda surprised this topic is kinda inactive. I assumed a few PC players would pick it up.

    Anyway, I've put about 12 hours in so far and after a tough time figuring out how online works and being overloaded by menus, I've been having a blast with the game. It's absolutely perfect for playing with a group of friends and doing bounties, main quests, investigations etc.

    I decided to go with the long sword and after checking out a tutorial I've got a much better idea of how to actually use the most powerful attacks with it.

    It has to be said that the way online works is pretty awful at times. Having to watch cutscenes and restart quests and the only proper way to join a session is through that session id. I'm sure there are others but it's pretty rough for a newcomer.

    I'd a really great time playing with Ben and chat in the Weekly Hunts. On Thursdays, I usually do a multiplayer related stream (generally fortnite or Overwatch) but I think I'll do one for Monster Hunter this week so if anyone wants to play or join, come along!

    And is anyone else playing right now, whether it be PC or console?

  • Been a while since I've posted on MHW. Well since my last post I've hit credits and I think I'm around hunter rank 45-46.

    I have to say that I've enjoyed this game a lot more than I had expected. In my head I was thinking this could turn into a real grind (and I will get into a moment where I did feel that) but really I've just had a lot of fun fighting the different monsters as each fight just feels fresh. The co op element of that, switching gear and weapons, the scenario the monster is in.

    I do think the two main story monsters are a bit weak in Zorah and Xeno'jiva. I find both fights to be pretty boring overall and just a lot of hacking away. But every other monster has had something interesting about them that I like the fights.

    I've found myself moving to the Insect Glaive and Hammer but I've used the dual swords and long sword too and this is where the game is so fun. After I hit credits, I wasn't sure how I felt as I didn't get any new quests. After hitting a few more Hunter Ranks you do get another which is to fight some tempered monsters and that's it for about 20 levels. At that point I was thinking, okay I loved my time with this game but I think I'm done.

    But I kinda realised the next day that the game was never really about progressing the main quests, it's always been about hunting for new weapons and gear and once I realised that I've gotten into playing the game every so often to get whatever I want in my wishlist and again I've been having a really good time just checking in and doing some bounties or targeting a specific monster.

    We also got the Devilhjo patch on PC which was nice to see and I do hope they continue to optimise the game as there are parts that are a mess (last area with Kaosha Daora absolutely kills my fps) but to end things, this is a game I really loved and will probably continue to play here and there.

    If anyone needs some help on PC, let me know and I'll probably be able to help! :D

  • Some things were announced today - Geralt is coming to MHW

    Youtube Video

    And there is an expansion coming in Autumn next year called Iceborne

    They'll all be coming to PC too but I don't think they committed to any dates for that.

    Also there is a trial version of MHW between the 11th-17th if anyone wants to try out the game

  • If I can play MH as Gearlt and not a Skin I'm jumping back in.